A Mission for Jimmy

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#91: “A Mission for Jimmy”
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Romans 10:14-15

14How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

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A Mission for Jimmy

“A Mission for Jimmy” is episode #91 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on October 28, 1989.


Jimmy Barclay dreams about working with Dan Isidro, a missionary to Nicaragua.



Jimmy Barclay is in a bad mood. His dad asks why, and Jimmy responds that he was put in charge of the missionary fund-raiser for his Sunday school class. George says that since Jimmy has to do it, he might as well do his best. But Jimmy's first effort produces a poster, which shows a missionary being boiled in a pot by cannibals. So George gives him some books on the subject - including one by Dan Isidro, missionary to the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua. Jimmy starts to read and soon falls asleep - only to wake up in with Dan in Nicaragua!

Jimmy and Dan are on their way to pick up a sick boy named Pablo and take him to the doctor. But they are met with setback after setback along the way. The battery in their jeep goes dead, they run out of gas, and soldiers threaten their lives. Even though they manage to get through all the problems, the situation is still hopeless for little Pablo. Jimmy is distraught. They have to do something to save him!

He awakens from his dream with those words on his lips and realizes that missionaries do much more than stand on corners and hand out tracts. Jimmy decides to do something to help them. He puts his creativity to work and comes up with the best fund-raiser the church has ever had: a Christmas party for missions. Everyone gives money, the party is a success, and Jimmy is stunned when a special guest arrives - the missionary Dan Isidro!

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why didn’t Jimmy want to be in charge of the fund-raiser?
  2. Why was Jimmy so mistaken about what missionaries do?
  3. Does your church support any missionaries?
    • Have you ever met them?
    • Written to them?
    • Prayed for them?


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Mary Barclay George Barclay


  • In order to give this episode authenticity, Paul McCusker gave the script to the International Ministries department at Focus on the Family, who translated the appropriate lines into Spanish and assisted with the casting.
  • Jimmy mentions the book Child of Peace by Dave Richards: this is likely an allusion to Peace Child by Don Richardson.
  • Whit, George, and Jimmy discuss the events of #54: “Peace on Earth” in the closing scene of this episode.



George Barclay: Well what's the matter with you?
Jimmy Barclay: Nothing, I wanna go home, that's all. I always have to wait forever for you and mom every Sunday morning after the service!
George Barclay: Always, Jimmy? Forever, Jimmy? I mean, do we need an attitude check, Jimmy?

George Barclay: Something happened in Sunday school, right? Mr. Whittaker made you read one of those verses with long names again?

George Barclay: Nice headline. But what's this?
Jimmy Barclay: It's the missionary, of course!
George Barclay: It is? With a plate on his head?
Jimmy Barclay: That's a safari hat. I kinda made it to look like a halo, you know, being like a saint and stuff?
George Barclay: Ah. But, uh, what happened to the rest of him? Is that supposed to be his body there?
Jimmy Barclay: No. You can't see his body, because he's in a pot.
George Barclay: A pot.
Jimmy Barclay: Yeah! And there's the fire at the bottom. Neat idea, huh?

George Barclay: A fire and a pot and...what are all these figures in the background here?
Jimmy Barclay: The cannibals doing their native dance.
George Barclay: Cannibals?!
Jimmy Barclay: Right. See, he's a missionary to them, and they decided they were gonna—
George Barclay: Hold, hold, hold it! Don't—don't finish, I don't wanna know.

Dan Isidro: Where did you get such crazy ideas? <Jimmy's theory about Pablo being infected by the Bubonic plague>
Jimmy Barclay: History homework!
Dan Isidro: Really? They say history doesn't teach us anything anymore!