No, Honestly!

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#189: “No, Honestly!”
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Proverbs 12:22

22The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful.

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“No, Honestly!” is episode #189 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on April 4, 1992.


No one believes Rodney Rathbone when he claims he's discovered a con artist in Odyssey.


It all started outside of Whit's End. Rodney Rathbone is trying to sell Sam Johnson an "original, signed photograph of General Lee." But just as Sam is about to buy it, a stranger named Mark Reed walks up, mistaking the tower of Whit’s End for a local church. He overhears Rodney's claim about the photograph and exposes the signature for the forgery it is. Rodney is upset that his scam was foiled. He investigates this stranger, believing there's more to him than meets the eye.

Apparently, Reed is a representative for a photography company that specializes in church membership directories. He talks to Whit, who promises to introduce Reed to the pastors in the area. Reed thanks Whit and leaves. Rodney again denounces Reed as a fake and a scam artist. Everyone, including Whit, tells Rodney to back down. But Rodney refuses. He sets out to prove his allegations, using a device from his father's shop: a radio scanner that picks up on car phones. Rodney listens in on Reed's calls, and overhears him talking with a partner about how to break into people's homes! Rodney rushes around town to tell everyone what he's learned, but no one believes him! Rodney's past has caught up with him. He's pulled too many pranks to be taken seriously. In desperation, he turns to the only person in all of Odyssey who he thinks will give him a chance: John Avery Whittaker.

Whit takes the chance that Rodney is telling the truth. Whit, along with the police, sets a trap for the gang of thieves. For once in his life, Rodney does the right thing and helps save the day, but has he learned to be honest? What do you think?

Discussion Questions

  1. Why was Rodney suspicious of Mark Reed?
  2. Why was Whit angry with Rodney even after Rodney proved that Mark was out to rob houses?
  3. Why is honesty so important?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Mr. Blake Paul McCusker
Dale Jacobs Phil Lollar
George Barclay Chuck Bolte
Harry Bob Luttrell
Mrs. Hemsdale Unknown
John Whittaker Hal Smith
Neighbor Bob Luttrell
Mark Reed Wendell Burton
Doc Morton Unknown
Pastor Dave Arnold
Police Officer Phil Lollar
Police Officer Donald Long
Rodney Rathbone Steve Burns
Sam Johnson Kyle Ellison
Mr. Thomas Phil Lollar
Tom Riley Bob Luttrell

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Bart Rathbone Rodney Rathbone
Jimmy Barclay George Barclay
Donna Barclay George Barclay


  • This is the only episode that Rodney Rathbone has ever narrated, as well as one of the only episodes where he is actually trying to help someone other than himself. But even though he is actually right in this story, he still doesn't learn a lesson.
  • Rodney says that he's never been to Disney World in this episode.
  • Whit's End's history as a church is briefly discussed in this episode, with Mark Reed noting that from a distance the building still looks like a church.
  • Listen carefully: Tom Riley is portrayed in this episode by Bob Luttrell (with a drawl) rather than Walker Edmiston. This may be because Tom has only a very brief speaking role as his voice is heard over the phone overlapping with other people's voices.
  • Based on Mark Reed's conversation with Harry in this episode, the Jacobs family lives only a block down from the Barclays at house number 2115 (street name unintelligible).
  • In #147: “Where There's a Will...”, George Barclay gives his family's address as 320 Sycamore. In this episode, however, Mark Reed lists their address as 1612 Maple Street. It's established later in #219: “Treasures of the Heart” that the family has lived in the same house since the kids were toddlers, so the family could not have moved since "Where There's a Will." It's a wonder Reed and Harry managed to pull so many robberies up to this point given their poor navigational skills.


Rodney Rathbone: And being the kind, generous, good-natured person that I am, I decided to help him out!

Rodney Rathbone: Please, do I look like the kind of person who would try to profit from my fellow student's misfortunes?
Sam Johnson: In a heartbeat.
Rodney Rathbone: Eh, you know me pretty good, don't cha?

Rodney Rathbone: I plead the fifth commandment!
John Whittaker: Sounds more like the ninth commandment to me: "thou shalt not lie"?

George Barclay: Now let me get this straight. You're telling me that Mark Reed is going to rob my house on Saturday?
Rodney Rathbone: That's right, Mr Barclay.
George Barclay: And at the same time, he's going to be taking our picture at the church?
Rodney Rathbone: Uh-huh.
George Barclay: What is he, twins?
Rodney Rathbone: No, no. He's not gonna do it; his crony is.
George Barclay: His crony is gonna take our picture?
Rodney Rathbone: No. Reed is gonna take the picture. His crony is gonna rob you!

Rodney Rathbone: Oh, I get it. You don't believe me. Is that it?
George Barclay: Well, how should I put this? Uh, no.
Rodney Rathbone: But why? It's the truth.
George Barclay: Rodney, correct me if I'm wrong. But aren't you the guy who forced my son to sell chocolate candy bars door-to-door for a charity called "The Send Rodney to Disney World Fund"?
Rodney Rathbone: Well, uh, I've never been there.

Rodney Rathbone: Not even my pop believed me.

Rodney Rathbone: I got this great little gadget from my Dad's shop, a radio scanner that picks up on car phones.
John Avery Whittaker: Oh, Rodney.
Rodney Rathbone: It's totally legal, and it works great. That's how I know all the times and places of the break-ins.
John Avery Whittaker: You're telling me that you followed Mark Reed around this whole area for several days eavesdropping on his car telephone?
Rodney Rathbone: Yeah, sure.
John Avery Whittaker: And you wonder why people don't believe you.
Rodney Rathbone: But I did. Honest!
John Avery Whittaker: I'm finding a little difficult to believe you know the meaning of that word, Rodney.

Rodney Rathbone: I thought at least you'd believe me. You're supposed to be the guy who gives everyone a chance.
John Avery Whittaker: That's just the point. I have given you a chance, chance after chance. Everybody has. Now you're expecting me to believe that you're trying to be honest by telling me that you did something dishonest. Well, it just doesn't work that way. Trust and a reputation of honesty have to be earned.
Rodney Rathbone: But, how else was I supposed to get the information?
John Avery Whittaker: You still have convinced me that any information needed to be gotten.

Rodney Rathbone: Look, Mr. Whittaker, I admit I've pulled some scams in the past.
John Avery Whittaker: Yes, you have.
Rodney Rathbone: And the reason I pulled them was because I knew there was something in it for me. That's what makes it different. This time there's absolutely nothing in it for me.
John Avery Whittaker: Really? What about revenge? "Robert M. Lee", remember?
Rodney Rathbone: Well, at first maybe I wanted to back at him, but not now. I'm just trying to keep some people from getting their houses ripped off. You gotta believe me, Mr. Whittaker. Please!
John Avery Whittaker: Well, there's no reason why I should believe you Rodney, but since you feel so strongly about this, the least I can do is check into it.

Rodney Rathbone: He's gonna do a big story about me and how I exposed the criminals and saved the town, and should get a medal or something.
Dale Jacobs: Well, Whit?
John Whittaker: Rodney, you've learned a lesson about honesty, how about a lesson on humility?
Rodney Rathbone: Huh? Humility? Haven't I been humiliated enough already?! I mean I had to tell this story to everybody in town...