EIO: A Visit to Pokenberry Falls

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EIO: A Visit to Pokenberry Falls
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"EIO: A Visit to Pokenberry Falls" is a story arc in the Elsewhere in Odyssey Comic Series.


In "A Visit to Pokenberry Falls," Connie arrives in the picturesque town and is warmly greeted by the Barclay family, including Donna's fiancé, Derek. However, tensions arise when Derek's musical style clashes with the church's traditional views on worship, prompting Donna to grapple with her desires for family closeness and her fiancé's aspirations. Ultimately, a surprising opportunity arises for Derek to share his music and faith in a new way, leading to a heartwarming resolution as Donna walks down the aisle on her wedding day, surrounded by loved ones.

Main Characters

Connie Kendall
Barclay Family
Derek Barkley


John Whittaker
Lucy Cunningham-Shultz
Robyn Jacobs
Jessie Morales
Jack Davis
Paul McCusker
Phil Lollar
Thiago Del Ponte
Evan David

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  • Connie's hair changes length toward the beginning of the story. An extra comic panel was created to humorously explain this continuity error.
  • This story is the first appearance of Donna's husband, Derek Barkley.

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