Another Chance

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#332: “Another Chance”
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Exodus 23:1

1"Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.

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Another Chance

“Another Chance” is episode #332 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on September 23, 1995.


Rodney Rathbone tells Richard Maxwell about a laptop computer that may contain valuable information about Blackgaard's plans for Odyssey.


Word has gotten out that the soil under Whit’s End is unsafe, and Jack is accused of hiding that information from the townspeople. Blackgaard takes advantage of the situation. He says he wants to protect the children of Odyssey from problems like this, but he almost collapses in the middle of his press conference.

Even worse, though, is that Bart Rathbone’s Electric Palace was vandalized, and Bart claims the Israelites did it.

Eugene is still trying to find out Whit’s End’s history through the Imagination Station. After the power outage, he tries to salvage what he can from the Station’s data banks. Now Eugene is willing to try anything. He accepts Richard Maxwell’s help in attempting to sort out the code. All they can replay from the conversation with Reverend Andrew is that the local Indians called the mineral “the Silent One.”

While this is happening, Richard has another brief confrontation with Tom. Unfortunately, Tom is still unwilling to forgive Richard, even though it’s obvious that Richard is just trying to help.

At the same time, Rodney is furious that Jellyfish is running the Bones of Rath without consulting him. Jellyfish is also keeping a record of all that’s happening on a laptop computer, just in case things go wrong. Jellyfish pulls the Bones together for a meeting. Rodney interrupts Jellyfish and unsuccessfully challenges his leadership. Betrayed, Rodney storms out of the meeting. Later, Rusty tells Rodney about Jellyfish’s laptop. Rodney, in return, tries to get revenge by making a deal with Richard Maxwell to get Jellyfish’s computer.

Richard and Rodney sneak into Whit’s End and overhear Dr. Blackgaard talking with Professor Bovril and Philip Glossman. There’s a close call as Blackgaard demands Jellyfish’s laptop so the professor can finish some calculations. Certain that Blackgaard will find Jellyfish’s files, Richard creates a diversion so Rodney can escape. Richard gets caught by Blackgaard. The professor and Jellyfish drive away, determined to dispose of Richard, but Richard throws himself out of the car! Jellyfish and the professor panic and quickly leave. But Richard is not left on the road for long. Jack drives by on his way back from Trickle Lake and finds Richard by the side of the road. He’s taken to a hospital, where he slips into a coma.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why didn’t any of the Bones of Rath stand up for Rodney against Jellyfish?
  2. Why do you think Rodney and the Bones were having so many problems with their leadership?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Bart Rathbone Walker Edmiston
Professor Bovril James Greene
Curt Morse Curt Morse
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Gene Prior Will Ryan
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
Myron Horowitz Jerry Houser
Man in the crowd Will Ryan
Philip Glossman Paul McCusker
Regis Blackgaard Earl Boen
Richard Maxwell Nathan Carlson
Rodney Rathbone Steve Burns
Rusty Gordon (Malone) Shawn Svoboda
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston
Woman in the crowd Unknown

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
John Whittaker Richard Maxwell
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz Jason Whittaker
Jack Allen Jason Whittaker
Reverend Andrew Jamison Eugene Meltsner


PARENTS: This series, known as “Darkness Before Dawn,” gets extremely intense in places and is therefore not recommended for younger listeners.



Rodney Rathbone: Are you crazy?
Richard Maxwell: Yes! Now get out of here!

Jellyfish: Well, well, well, Sleeping Beauty is waking up. How did you like your little shock, huh?
Richard Maxwell: It wasn’t half as bad as waking up and seeing you. Having a good time, Myron?
Jellyfish: Not as good a time as I’m gonna have!
Richard Maxwell: Mind if I give you a piece of advice?
Jellyfish: Why not?
Richard Maxwell: When you're doing something like this...
Jellyfish: Yeah?
Richard Maxwell: Make sure you lock the door! (jumps out) See ya!

Jellyfish: Ya see, Rusty, when you've been around for as long as I have, you learn to do a little thing called CYB.
Rusty Gordon: CYB?
Jellyfish: Yeah. Cover your bases. That's what this computer's all about. A little insurance policy.

Bart Rathbone: Starting tomorrow we'll be having a slightly-damaged merchandise sale!