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Curt Morse (a)
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Curt Morse is an Odyssey television reporter. He is voiced by an actor with the same name.


Curt Morse appears in Odyssey as a news reporter mostly during Blackgaard Saga episodes. He first appears during #286: “Tom for Mayor, Part 1” and #287: “Tom for Mayor, Part 2” reporting on Bill Jenkins resignation then the preview of the debate between Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone. He then appears reporting on Jason Whittaker's disability adventures in the Imagination Station. The last time we see him he's reporting on the recall election between Tom and Regis Blackgaard. His last report is on the status of Whit's End.


Curt Morse (a) is voiced by Curt Morse, has appeared in 5 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.8%.