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Wilson Knox
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He is the current pastor at Odyssey Community Church. He worked for a humanitarian aid organization that monitored human right abuses in prisons around the world. The organization got Wilson access into the Sang Wing prison camp in Burmese, under the alias Cho.


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Wilson Knox was married to Whit's sister Charlotte and as a result is Whit's brother-in-law. He also grew up with Whit, Charlotte and Jack Allen.

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Jason Whittaker: Maybe we're getting too hung up on the word fall. Maybe it doesn't mean that one of them is going to fall down a mountain.
Wilson Knox: Yes I thought of that.
Jason Whittaker: I mean falling could mean a lot of things. Somebody falls from grace, or falls from favor.
Wilson Knox: Or falls out of faith

#924: “Higher than Our Ways”

Wilson Knox: It took me a long time to realize that being right isn't always the same thing as being loving.

#808: “No Friend Like an Old Friend”

Zoe Grant: I remember once in Connie’s Bible study, she talked about the Holy Spirit. She said that the Holy Spirit convicts us when we do wrong; makes us feel bad when we sin.
Wilson Knox: That’s true.
Zoe Grant: So if we sin and don’t feel bad about it, it’s a sign you’re not letting the Holy Spirit work in you.

#925: “Triple-Decker Sundae”

Jason Whittaker: huh. But all three of those girls are strong in their faith.
Wilson Knox: I know, but we're foolish if we start thinking that there are people that Satan can't deceive. We should keep our eyes open.
Jason Whittaker: Yes.
Wilson Knox: And pray. We need to pray

#924: “Higher than Our Ways”

Wilson Knox: You see Connie, when people face situations like I did with Ave and Al and like you are with Jules. We love to pray, Lord change them. When what we really should be praying is Lord change me. It's all part of learning to see people through God's eyes.

#808: “No Friend Like an Old Friend”


As per Phil Lollar, Wilson Knox's name is inspired by two Christian theologians: American pastor and writer Douglas Wilson (1953-), and Scottish Reformer John Knox (1514-1572).


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