Odyssey Community Church

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Odyssey Community Church
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In #546: “No Way Out” it is mentioned that Odyssey Community Church is one of only four churches in Odyssey to have a bell tower.

Odyssey Community Church also has a stained glass window, which was broken during a series of vandalism attacks by the Bones of Wrath in Small Fires, Little Pools.

List of Known Pastors

Pastor Term First Episode
Pastor Williams 1988-1992 #35: “V.B.S. Blues”
Ben Burford 1993 #233: “Thy Will Be Done”
Dean Jackson 1993, 1997-Present #238: “For Thine Is the Kingdom”
George Barclay 1994-1996 #285: “George Under Pressure”
Pastor Brown 2006-2011 #603: “The Family Next Door ”
Pastor Aldin 2012-2016 #718: “For Three Dollars More”
Wilson Knox 2017-present #808: “No Friend Like an Old Friend”


People who are/have attended Odyssey Community Church include: