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There were 26 podcasts in the 2010 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
86 Jan 13 2010 10:34 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse watch videos from Odyssey fans in the Little Theater, explain the new contest, and take the first look at the cover of Album 51.

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87 Jan 27 2010 10:07 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Diane Ingolia, and Jesse Florea

Join hosts and Jesse to see the new drawings of the Odyssey characters, the new Passages series, and much more!

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88 Feb 10 2010 16:07 Bob Smithouser, John Campbell, and Jesse Florea

Hear from John Campbell, creator of the Odyssey theme and composer for nearly 500 episodes. Plus, listen to the new Adventures in Odyssey theme song and vote on a new podcast theme song.

89 Feb 24 2010 16:48 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Join host Chris Anthony in "Welcome to Whit’s End," a new 11 minute tour of Odyssey. Plus, be the first to hear the opening scene of “The Inspiration Station, Part 1”, the first episode in Album 51.

90 Mar 10 2010 10:37 Bob Smithouser, Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, and Jesse Florea

Andre Stojka talks about his audition for Adventures in Odyssey and Katie Leigh talks about the process of finding a new Mr. Whittaker. Also, hear an exclusive preview of the first scene of “The Inspiration Station, Part 2”.

91 Mar 24 2010 13:50 Bob Smithouser, Christopher Maselli, and Jesse Florea

Christopher Maselli talks about crafting the Emily and Matthew mystery stories in Clubhouse Magazine. Bob and Jesse hear more fan calls in the "Your Chance to be on Adventures in Odyssey Contest." Fans answer the question, "How does Connie inspire me?"

92 Apr 07 2010 15:09 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse are back in the Little Theater to watch the "Act Like Odyssey" contest finalists and ask for your help to pick the winner.

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93 Apr 21 2010 11:08 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Diane Ingolia, Hannah Santoyo, Joseph Santoyo, Grant Beckmann, and Jesse Florea

Congratulations to the winning makers of the winning video -- Broken Window! After their video is played, uncut and in it's entirety, we've got an interview with a few members of the crew who worked on it.

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94 May 05 2010 14:28 Bob Smithouser, Zach Callison, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse interview Zach Callison on his role as Matthew Parker and hear about his work on "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" Plus: hear the title of Album 52!

95 May 19 2010 11:52 Bob Smithouser, Mandisa, and Jesse Florea

Mandisa talks about her experience in the Jubilee Singers at Fisk University and how they influenced her life and career.

Mandisa was a contestant on American Idol in 2006 and has since released several albums including Freedom and True Beauty. She continues to support the Jubilee Singers.

96 Jun 02 2010 18:07 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Hear the finalists for Best Scene, Best Line of Dialog, and others in our end of season voting. Plus, Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker answer probing questions about the new voice of Mr. Whittaker and the many changes to Adventures in Odyssey.

97 Jun 16 2010 11:46 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Diane Ingolia, Jess Harnell, Katie Leigh, Kevin McCreary, and Brock Eastman

Bob hosts the Avery Awards, including awards for Best Sound Design, Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Episode! Plus, a few special surprises. Thank you to everyone who voted!

98 Jun 30 2010 13:47 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Dave and Paul answer more questions from fans, reveal the title of Album 53, discuss Katrina's future role, and talk about their favorite episodes in "Take it From the Top."

99 Jul 14 2010 11:10 Bob Smithouser, Hope Levy, and Jesse Florea

Hope Levy (voice of Olivia) talks about her singing, acting younger than she is, and her favorite Odyssey episode.

100 Jul 28 2010 11:22 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Diane Ingolia, Kevin McCreary, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse celebrate one hundred episodes over almost four years of podcasting.

101 Aug 11 2010 17:11 Bob Smithouser, Chris Anthony, Dave Arnold, John Fornof, Jonathan Crowe, Katie Leigh, Mark Herlinger, Marshal Younger, Nathan Hoobler, Paul Herlinger, Paul McCusker, Will Ryan, and Jesse Florea

The Odyssey cast and crew reflect on the life of Paul Herlinger, voice of Whit. Guests include Katie Leigh, Will Ryan, Chris Anthony, Paul McCusker, Dave Arnold, Jonathan Crowe, Marshal Younger, John Fornof, Nathan Hoobler, and Mark Herlinger.

102 Aug 25 2010 13:12 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Join Bob and Jesse as they watch more clips from "Act Like Odyssey" contest entries.

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103 Sep 08 2010 37:49 Jesse Florea and Duane Harms

When Jason Whittaker encourages his Sunday School class to be encouraging, Julie takes on Dwayne as a project. But when she encourages him to be funny, the results may be catastrophic! After the show, be sure to listen as Duane Harms tells stories from behind the scenes, plus a surprise.

104 Sep 22 2010 12:35 Bob Smithouser, Sydney Shiotani, and Jesse Florea

Jesse interviews Sydney Shiotani, voice of Camilla Parker, the youngest guest ever on the podcast. Also, hear an exclusive clip of “The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part 1” and a trivia tidbit about Album 52: Cause and Effect.

105 Oct 06 2010 16:33 Bob Smithouser, Andy Sirkus, Bob Waliszewski, Dave Arnold, Nathan Jones, Paul McCusker, Philip Glassborow, and Jesse Florea

Jesse steps out of a wardrobe with a story about Focus on the Family Radio Theatre being back on the air, a new series of books on the Imagination Station, and a preview of Album 52! Come along!

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106 Oct 20 2010 14:12 Bob Smithouser, Marianne Hering, and Jesse Florea

Author Marianne Hering talks about the Imagination Station books and shares stories from editing the Official Guide. Hear Bob and Jesse share previews of this weekend's show “Stage Fright” and a special online feature called a Clickbook.

107 Nov 03 2010 12:30 Bob Smithouser, Kathy Buchanan, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse celebrate “Opposite Day”, by doing the opposite of what they would normally do. They don't preview “Opposite Day” and they can't chat with writer Kathy Buchanan...or can they?

108 Nov 17 2010 12:15 Bob Smithouser, Adam Wylie, and Jesse Florea

Adam Wylie tells about performing in Adventures in Odyssey and Last Chance Detectives. He also answers what it's like working in Kidsboro, basketball, and the challenges of voice acting.

109 Dec 01 2010 13:16 Bob Smithouser, Kari Wahlgren, and Jesse Florea

Kari Wahlgren tells the story of her surprise appearance in “Camp What-A-Nut” and her long journey to return after many years later in this weekend's show “An Agreeable Nanny”.

110 Dec 15 2010 10:47 Bob Smithouser, Whit Hertford, and Jesse Florea

Whit Hertford talks about Jay, the creation of a bully, and singing in “A Thankstaking Story”. Plus, we hear a preview of “Grandma's Christmas Visit” and submit your nominations for the Avery Awards.

111 Dec 29 2010 34:31 Bob Smithouser, Brandon Gilberstadt, Kris Kachurak, and Jesse Florea

Jared and Dwayne take their favorite computer game Gloobers to the next level when they get a chance to play the game "for real" in the Room of Consequence. After the show, be sure to listen as Brandon Gilberstadt (voice of Jared) and Kris Kachurak (voice of Dwayne) tell stories from behind the scenes and share their favorite memories.

Number Date Length People Description