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Julie Zeeke
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Julie Seeke plays volleyball and likes jazz, and her best friend is Heather. According to Heather, her grades were very high back in elementary school. Julie also thinks that Liz is bossy and that she whines a lot.

She once made up that she spent 85% of her time on chores.


Heather Acuff : He was probably a nice guy.
Julie Zeeke: He didn't deserve better because he was nice. He deserved it because he was a person.
Heather Acuff : Well there's nothing we can do about it now.
Julie Zeeke: Yes, there is.

#412: “A Lesson From Mike”

Julie Zeeke: Yeah, beauty is in the eyes of the uhh... beekeeper.
John Whittaker: Uh, beholder.

#401: “More Like Alicia”

Heather Acuff: And there's some words that she pronounces in a very interesting way. Like, words that end in "a-k-e", she pronounces it like "eck". So instead of "bake", she says "beck", and "cake", she says "ceck."
Julie Zeeke: As if to say, "I never passed third-grade phonics!"

#401: “More Like Alicia”

Julie Zeeke: Congratulations: you're really obnoxious tonight. Just like Alicia.
Heather Acuff: Yeah, isn't it great?

#401: “More Like Alicia”

Heather Acuff: Why don't you go talk to Fred?
Julie Zeeke: He's dressed as a pimple. Everyone's trying to squeeze him!

#401: “More Like Alicia”

Liz Horton: We're gonna get you for this, Jared!
Julie Zeeke: Oh, yeah. You are dead, dead, dead!

#427: “Something Cliqued Between Us”

Julie Zeeke: Yeah, that was real nice, Jared. Can we attack him now, Mr. Whittaker?

#427: “Something Cliqued Between Us”


Julie Zeeke is voiced by Tracy Bassett, has appeared in 7 episodes.

Julie Zeeke has been mentioned in 1 episode.