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Archive This is an archive of past discussions. Please, do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current discussion page.
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100,000 Edits · Episodes Project
Cast Organization

Podcast Hosts

What do you guys think about having a separate subcategory for podcast hosts? We have actors, executive producers, writers, all those things...but podcast hosts don't really fit into those categories. People like Jesse Florea, Kevin McCreary, Garrett Vandenberg, Brendon McFarland, and Ryan Matlock are all podcast hosts for whom we have pages, but no specific category related to their podcast hosting. Gooey98 ~ (talk) 11:12, 19 February 2015 (MST)

Search Suggestions Case Sensitive

It looks like the search engine is case-sensitive, as opposed to other MediaWiki sites that aren't. Are we working on fixing this?? Scientific Guy (talk) 16:34, 3 May 2015 (MDT)

Fan Episodes

I was wondering- is there a page where you can see all the "episodes" that were written by fans? You know, like, if someone on the wiki wrote an episode but never got it to FOTF? I was also wondering if you could make a page that shows all the real episodes written by users, such as O.T. Action News: Barack which was written by User:OdysseyFan and ended up as O.T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon. Thanks! I love eugene (talk) 10:54, 15 June 2015 (MDT)

that's a cool idea! I have actually written a few episodes (for myself of course. Focus on the family doesn't even know about them unless they hid a camera in my dictionary or something XD) It would be very interesting, but then it could become like a fanfiction page. Hm. Not good. But that is just a possibility. It WOULD be great to share some episodes. Arista Maxwell (talk) 08:40, 28 July 2016 (MDT)
Sorry, fan episodes don't belong on the wiki. I think The Town of Odyssey forum has a place for this Reddo (talk) 10:16, 28 July 2016 (MDT)

Jay Smouse Page

Non-registered users keep changing the line on Jay Smouse's page that says He may have a crush on Priscilla Peterson, to He may have a crush on Matthew Parker. This is under the facts section. This has happened several times recently. I recommend we lock the page for only registered users. AIOrocks101 (talk) 08:28, 18 June 2015 (MDT)

It looks like this is fixed. Zoe Grant has replaced Priscilla. Scientific Guy (talk) 16:20, 15 February 2016 (MST)
Just actually went back to look at this. Shame on you, That was really stupid; come on. Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 20:05, 17 June 2016 (MDT)

Album 59 episodes not showing up on episode lists, etc

There seems to be a problem with the formatting of the Album 59 episodes; they don't display in the correct order on the album page and they don't show up at all on Episodes sorted chronologically. It appears to be related to the episode numbers, since in [[Category:Episodes in Album 59: Taking the Plunge]] the episode are displayed alphabetically instead of by episode number. I have no idea how to fix it. Gooey98 ~ (talk) 09:22, 22 June 2015 (MDT)

They aren't supposed to show up while they still have the spoiler warning on them, which traditionally comes off after they air on the radio. This was requested by Nathan/FOTF for album 53 and we've just stuck with it, although we could change our policy on that now Reddo (talk) 21:16, 23 June 2015 (MDT)
Oh cool, I never knew that and just assumed it was a glitch. I don't think there's any reason to change it. Gooey98 ~ (talk) 00:27, 24 June 2015 (MDT)

200,000 Edits

As of this writing, we have 199,531 edits logged on the wiki. Bravo wiki editors! Perhaps someone could create a news item when we hit 200,000? Erwin Springer [talk] 07:25, 24 June 2015 (MDT)


Hey. Been a while. I would start editing again if we could get the site to run as fast as it used to, if that's possible. - Sunnys <BIBLE|-- ~Talk~

It's been fixed. I haven't had any problems recently. AIOrocks101 (talk) 00:27, 24 July 2015 (MDT)
For me the pages load really slow. I've even tried multiple computers. I could still edit, though. - Sunnys <BIBLE|-- ~Talk~
All the pages load really slow for me, and sometimes they don't even show up. Junior Mints (talk) 09:54, 13 August 2015 (MDT)
Junior Mints, known issue server side. I believe Shadow Paw is going to look at it this week or the following. If you wait a bit and refresh the pages usually come back up. Stop Wooton' Around (talk) 18:39, 12 August 2016 (MDT)

Podcast Hosts

What do you guys think about having a separate subcategory for podcast hosts? We have actors, executive producers, writers, all those things...but podcast hosts don't really fit into those categories. People like Jesse Florea, Kevin McCreary, Garrett Vandenberg, Brendon McFarland, and Ryan Matlock are all podcast hosts for whom we have pages, but no specific category related to their podcast hosting. Gooey98 ~ (talk) 11:12, 19 February 2015 (MST)

Asked a ? :)

I'm new to AIO wiki I got a account and (sorry) I forgot I had a account but I am here to serve. How can you create a page I am thinking of making a Podcast Page Thanks WhitJay (talk) 18:56, 25 August 2015 (MDT)

wiki Special page error

When trying to view this page I get the following error.

Fatal error: Cannot make non static method SpecialUpload::getDupeWarning() static in class MultipleUpload in /home/aiowiki/ on line 0

Aiow 16:20, 22 September 2015 (MDT)

I've no experience with a wiki but saw the October programs weren't posted. I added a few although it seems I've missed something. When they show up on the the front page (upper right) there are errors. Sorry! Has this been dropped? I can help but need guidance...

thanks, one of the extensions we used to use caused that, I'm not sure how long it was like that for, it's fixed now Reddo (talk) 06:54, 29 December 2015 (MST)

Delete Page Script?

Who's "Delete Page Script" and why did he delete "Category: Characters in 388: Leap of Faith" and Category: Characters in 097: Monty's Christmas"? Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link) (talk) 10:22, 3 November 2015 (MST)

I realize this is old but as an FYI. Delete Page Script is a generic user name we, administrators, can use to delete bulk files. Most likely one of the administrators was going through the unused categories and cleaning them out. Sometimes when running batch deletes we also mess up and delete stuff we shouldn't have. Stop Wooton' Around (talk) 18:43, 12 August 2016 (MDT)

New Format Idea

I have a new format idea for the facts section on characters pages. This is what Penny Wise's page facts look like now:

And here's what the New format idea would make it look like now:

Her eye color is green.
Penny painted a mural of ancient Rome in Connie's kitchen and different themes in her bedroom, including a Jungle Theme and the Sistine Chapel. She also painted a picture of a meadow that hung in Connie's house.
She is 5 feet 8 inches.
Her favorite drink was once raspberry soda.
She was at one point held in protective custody.
She was almost named Miranda.
Her ringtone is "Pop goes the weasel".
She is allergic to salmon.
She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from which her name is derived.
If you put Penny's first and middle names together, it's Penelope.
Jacques Henri took notice of her artistic abilities and put on an exhibition of her work in his gallery, where she now works.
Her trademark is a sweater and a hat.
She once had a fiancee who was the reason she came to Odyssey but he broke up with her over voicemail.

You get the idea. Of course we wll have our work cut out for us finding all the episode sources. Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link) (talk) 08:29, 5 November 2015 (MST)


Should AIOwiki have pages like wikipedia does? Pages that show you what to do, but are humourous? Like BEANS, which is about a mother who told a child not to broom the cat, cut up the couch, or stuff beans up his nose. The beans were the only thing he hadn't tried, so he tried it. When someone tells you not to do something that you haven't already done, it makes the temptation grow. Do you think AIOwiki should have pages like that?

By the way, don't click the spoiler.

See what we mean? You know, there used to be a really good image here, but unfortunately, by clicking the spoiler you destroyed it completely from AIOwiki. Just goes to show you shouldn't stuff beans up your nose.

recent downtime

Hi, sorry for the recent downtime, and for my lack of presence here recently. As some of you may know I haven't been around much as I'm getting ready to move as a missionary down to South America for a few years and getting ready for that, and trying to finish my house, and work a full time job just doesn't leave me much time.

Back to the wiki, our hosting company took us down twice recently and I'd just like to explain that. They said we're using too many resources on the server, so over the past week I've made a lot of optimizations that should fix all of that. Then they took us offline again, in talking to them and some of my own research I found that over half of our visits come from two IP's they've been hitting our wiki with over 70,000 requests a day, that's almost 1/second all the time. These requests are an attempt to spam us, the spam is failing because of the safeguards I've set up but them trying to spam us is the cause of the wiki being slow and sometimes going offline.

In an attempt to fix this I've done several updates and reconfigurations like I said above, I've disabled all editing for users that are not logged in, I've also been looking into ways to try and block people them from the server that have too many page hits so that if the spammers do try to hit us they just get a page not found error instead of taking time to load our pages.

Thanks for your patience and continued editing hopefully I can put and end to this quickly Reddo (talk) 06:52, 29 December 2015 (MST)

Thanks a lot Reddo. AIOrocks101 (talk) 07:51, 29 December 2015 (MST)
Thanks for all of your hard work Reddo! That sounds like a frustrating problem. If it's helpful at all here are a few things I've noticed that are not working quite right:
Will you be around to work on the site when you leave for South America? If you are ever seeking assistance with the back-end of things, I might be able to help. Erwin Springer [talk] 15:37, 29 December 2015 (MST)
If it helps, these pages are down:
Thanks. AIOrocks101 (talk) 13:22, 3 January 2016 (MST)

The Significance of Between the Lines

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to point out the interesting connections between Between the Lines, Part 2 and numerous other episodes(Chip Off the Shoulder, Castles and Cauldrons, The Ties That Bind). Just my thoughts. Apologies for the mistake of scurvy. Scientific Guy (talk) 18:31, 14 January 2016 (MST)

It's good to point out connections between episodes in the notes section. But, the facts should not be added until the new episode(s) being referenced have actually aired on the radio. It's ok to add facts to the page of a new, unaired episode, since the only people who will be looking at the page have either heard the episode early on the OAC, or just can't help themselves. If someone has not heard an upcoming episode, but consciously decides to look at it's page anyway, and something gets spoiled for them, that's their problem. But, if someone is just browsing the site, and they happen upon a spoiler for an upcoming episode, on an already released episode's page, then that episode has been ruined for them. The note you added to The Ties That Bind's pages is a very significant spoiler. It's best to just refrain from referencing unaired, upcoming episodes on any page except that episode's page itself. This way, people who don't want to be spoiled, hopefully, won't be. Remember, the majority of AIO fans don't have the OAC. AIOrocks101 (talk) 19:38, 14 January 2016 (MST)
DOH!! Scientific Guy (talk) 16:05, 15 February 2016 (MST)
I never seem to get these editing things right... Scientific Guy (talk) 16:17, 15 February 2016 (MST)

File Deletion

Hey, I know this was kinda dumb of me (partly because there wasn't a good reason for doing it) but I uploaded this file a while back and I think it should be deleted. Can someone do that for me? Scientific Guy (talk) 16:30, 15 February 2016 (MST)

Unreleased Episodes Showing up on Actor Pages

Episodes from Album 61 and episodes from OAC season 3 that have not yet been released are showing up on actor's pages. For example, Andre Stojka. I don't know why this is happening. Can someone fix it please? Thanks. AIOrocks101 (talk) 17:24, 3 March 2016 (MST)

Check.svg Done Turned out to be pretty annoying but it's fixed now Reddo (talk) 16:06, 4 March 2016 (MST)

Episodes That Take Place Away from Odyssey page

The page says that the Camp What-A-Nut episodes take place away from Odyssey. However, the Camp's wiki page says that its location is in Odyssey. Should I remove the episodes from the list? Scientific Guy (talk) 15:26, 13 March 2016 (MDT)

Also I found the line "Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.0.8: Warning: No results." printed several times in the "Quotes" section on the Jill (b) page. Any fix? Scientific Guy (talk) 15:34, 13 March 2016 (MDT)
This is also appearing on other character pages like Nagle and Mrs. Kramer. Looks like a universal bug to that kind of page. Scientific Guy (talk) 15:38, 13 March 2016 (MDT)
In Camp What-A-Nut, Part 1, this exchange is made:
John Whittaker: So, what do you think of the place?
Ned Lewis: It's far out.
John Whittaker: I'm glad you like it.
Ned Lewis: No, I mean we're really far out! That's some drive up here.
John Whittaker: Well, that's the idea. You wanna pick a place that's remote so kids can get away from civilization for a while.
Ned Lewis: Well, couldn't they get away from civilization a little closer to the city?
Considering these comments, it wouldn't make sense if Camp What-A-Nut was in Odyssey. AIOrocks101 (talk) 19:04, 13 March 2016 (MDT)

Intros/Wraps New Idea

Hey y'all. I've been pondering this for a while, and I think a section or two could be added to the Episode Infobox Template. The intros and Wraps aren't really discussed in the episode pages, and I'd like to keep better track of the content in them. I thought we could put in two new lines, like this:

By Any Other Name
(Normal info)
Intro: Skit
Wraps: Skit

So that gives a little leeway. "Skit" is interchangeable, like this:

Do or Diet
Intro: Character (Connie)
Wraps: Normal

Something like that. It gets more complicated with stuff like this:

The Present Long Ago
Intro: Prologue/Character (Whit)
Wraps: End Scene

Or this!

Unbecoming Jay
Intro: Normal
Wraps: Character (Jay)

Like I said, these things are interchangeable depending on the content of the episode. I don't have the expertise to edit the template myself (nor do I quite want to) so, Reddo, or someone like you, if you think this is a good idea, tell me and I'll give more info on what to do. Thanks! Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 19:13, 6 April 2016 (MDT)

Still no reply on this? Just waiting... Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 18:00, 16 April 2016 (MDT)
I think it's a good idea. AIOrocks101 (talk) 21:17, 16 April 2016 (MDT)
Alright. I'm going to move this conversation to (Template_talk:Infobox_Episode_Information). (Sorry, I know I goofed above by calling it "Episode Infobox" when it's really "Infobox Episode Info.") Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 18:11, 20 April 2016 (MDT)

Check.svg Done/X mark.svg Not Done I finished all the information on the Template Talk page, so you can go ahead and start putting it in! Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 10:44, 30 April 2016 (MDT)

I've begun the long and gruesome task of inputting all the data into the episodes! You can try to help, but be vewwy vewwy careful. I'm kinda picky. Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 14:33, 8 May 2016 (MDT)

The OT Theory

Hey all. I've finished writing The OT Theory, so for anyone interested, head over, read, and tell me what you think. I know there are flaws and holes, but note them and I'll fix them. Thanks. Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 19:17, 16 May 2016 (MDT)

site features

i think I fixed all the broken gadgets and that side bar that didn't collapse, let me know if anything else is broken. You may have to do a hard refresh of the site in your browser to get rid of the broken code Reddo (talk) 09:32, 31 May 2016 (MDT)

I Want My B-TV!

Shouldn't that be the page title? For some reason, I can't move I Want My B-TV because the other page is a redirect. Shouldn't it have an exclamation point? Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 18:19, 4 June 2016 (MDT)


Would you consider making another tab on the left (below videos maybe) to cover Products? I would really like to see this expanded to include the large database of products like the OdysseyScoop has (including Lifestyle & Quarantine) and is only minimally available on the Wiki at this time: ie: Dog Tags, Calendars (I Expanded that Category Recently, but would like to try to standardize/organize with manufacturer/distributor info, Retailer info, and maybe even begin to expand to the promotional items that were sometimes but not always sold, but are significant to collectors, like posters, pens, animation Cels, trading cards, etc.

this would include currently available items (although very few) at CBD: (Comment by Odysseyfan, originally appeared on Scientific Guy's talk page)

Sure, let me know what links you want under it and I'll add it Reddo (talk) 20:20, 5 June 2016 (MDT)

Well right now all you have on the wiki is the calendars and dog tags, but like I said all the previous merchandise listed on the Scoop, and other referenced products from the AIOHQ or my FB page, maybe I can do better pictures but not sure what we need to reference, a UPC code for merchandise and just a clear photo for Memorabilia? Hats, T-Shirts, water bottles. --~ OdysseyFan (talk) 07:20, 12 June 2016 (MDT)

So, looking at the template for the NAVBOX? any idea how I can create a new template for the "Products" category? I can edit it once it is created, just not sure on creating from scratch... --~ OdysseyFan (talk) 10:32, 21 June 2016 (MDT)

So, as you can probably see I started the long process of converting merchandise over to the Wiki. The Categories are working fairly well and I did a products template to keep it organized. Still a lot of empty pages, and I'm not even sure if I want to do individual pages or expand every individual item out (water bottles prob the biggest in terms of numbers) some may be able to be condensed on the template, but expanded out to individual pages to include individual info instead of just a gallery. I made over 100 edits just yesterday, but see it as maybe 1,000 needed. Most wanted pages have a link or image available on the scoop or HQ or my site, if anyone wants to help out... ~ OdysseyFan (talk) 12:52, 6 July 2016 (MDT)

Work Continues, still need a product template but getting closer with an infobox for sub sub pages so Category:Products has 5 main groups, Apparel, Gear, Games, Calendars & Collectibles the individual pages Tested first on Moose Mail Cap would link to the sub-genre ie Apparel > Hats, or Gear > Water Bottles ~ OdysseyFan (talk) 15:24, 16 August 2016 (MDT)

promo/sample audio player

Our current audio player for the previews of episodes uses flash, and it's about to be killed off, so I've started development of something new to replace it. it can be viewed here I don't have the flash back up done yet for browsers that don't support html5 but I'll add that soon. What are thoughts on this so far? I've tried to reproduce our current one as closely as possible Reddo (talk) 18:13, 9 June 2016 (MDT)

I added the custom colors this morning Reddo (talk) 08:18, 10 June 2016 (MDT)

Looks great. Much better then having flash on every page. Kinda crazy how the web has changed so much, to the point that now we are shunning flash. Aiow 18:57, 11 June 2016 (MDT)
I've put it live for now, it seems kind of slow to load to me right now, not sure why that is, there's also some styling issues I'm going to try to work out Reddo (talk) 17:56, 14 June 2016 (MDT)
We have a problem... I'm sure that this will be eventually fixed, but I was looking at episodes and noticed that the arrow is aligned wrong in the infobox (on the top it's pulled down; in the links tab it overlaps the buffer bar). I didn't put two and two together until I saw your project. This is gonna be fixed eventually, right? Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 15:53, 15 June 2016 (MDT)
Yes, I'm working on fixing it, it's all just some css that I'm trying to figure out, on the file pages it loads perfectly, but not in the infobox Reddo (talk) 17:57, 15 June 2016 (MDT)


Hey, Wiki and Reddo and such. I took it upon myself to see that though I have ingeniously designed a cataloging format for the intros/wraps of episodes, no engineering has taken place for Shorts. Therefore, "Shorty" and "Shorties" are now dubbed "Short" and "Shorts." They are now available in the Infobox Episode Information Template under the pretense short or short2 or short3. Whenever the AIO radio schedule rolls around again to album 32, I'll be on the alert. By the way, who first called these bits "Shorties?" A lot of them had colons where there should have been dashes; I'm fixing them. Alert me if I goofed somewhere. Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 18:40, 12 June 2016 (MDT)

I have now added a feature that puts "an Odyssey Adventure Club exclusive" in the Lead Section of all OAC episodes. Eugenius! Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 17:18, 15 June 2016 (MDT)

What is the difference between the two Album Infoboxes? What parameters are different? It's really confusing me. Scientific Guy (talk) (The OT Theory) 13:07, 19 June 2016 (MDT)

looking at the page for John Whittaker, and the Last Ep seems to be a glitch, something to do with the Voice by actor or the character appearances template? maybe I can't find in the code where that would be... should be the latest episode "Things Not Seen" (OdysseyFan)

I think I fixed it, I'll say how when I'm sure it's fixed Scientific Guy (talk / 20,000 edits!) 17:06, 1 July 2016 (MDT)
Check.svg Done: here's why: I put John Whittaker{{!}}Young Whit in the character list for "Manatugo Point" without realizing that it would sort that episode last on his list (something to do with "Y" going after numbers, too long to explain). Scientific Guy (talk / 20,000 edits!) 17:21, 1 July 2016 (MDT)
That would make that bug out a bit, I also noticed in his episode list it stops at 500 episodes, I think that's a problem on the server that I'll look into, a major extension we use has a new author and they broke a bit of our code and I'm fixing it as I find it but the wiki's such a huge place it takes a while to find everything Reddo (talk) 09:40, 2 July 2016 (MDT)