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15 Arista Maxwell is 15 years, 2 months, and 24 days old
as of October 22, 2018.


Hullo, mah fiends! I'm Arista, or online, Alsa Balsa, and I’m 14 years old. Welcome to my simple page! I am co-host to the AIOWiki Podcast with Lee, and I am also part of the AIO Street Team. I don’t do much on the wiki anymore, due to school and life, really. I’m a YouTuber in my spare time, and all the other time I have is filled with highschool and mounds of art. What I would give to be an animator or professional illustrator!

Random Fact Of The (until I decide to update this again): I’m hopelessly in love with three things: Richard Maxwell, a certain YouTuber whose name will not be disclosed to save me from embarrassment, and Hamilton.


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Arista Maxwell writes AIO fanfiction

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Arista Maxwell believes in AIO conspiracies.

Arista Maxwell puts Adventures in Odyssey on an iPod.

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Arista Maxwell owns the Blackgaard Chronicles.

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Arista Maxwell subscribes to The Ceiling Fan Podcast.

Arista Maxwell is a Geek.

Arista Maxwell owns Album 5: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes

Arista Maxwell owns Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn.

Arista Maxwell wants Richard Maxwell to return

Arista Maxwell owns Album 27: The Search For Whit.

Arista Maxwell owns Album 41: In Hot Pursuit

Arista Maxwell owns Album 34: In Your Wildest Dreams.

Arista Maxwell owns Album 17: On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

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Arista Maxwell records the episodes they listen to.

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Arista Maxwell owns episodes that are on cassette tapes.

Arista Maxwell creates userboxes.