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14 Arista Maxwell is 14 years, 2 months, and 19 days old
as of October 17, 2017.


Hullo, mah fiends! I'm Arista, or online, Alsa Balsa. Welcome to my simple page!

About Me

So I have been Homeschooled my whole life and I am a pastor's daughter. I am 13 years old. I am a PROFESSING Christian. I started listening to AIO almost a year ago. Since then, I have heard almost all of the episodes. My favorite episodes are Another Chance, To The Ends Of The Earth, and any episode that has a parent warning thing. I only like these because there is a little more suspense than normal.

What I Am Working On

  • Transcribing the entire Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn album so I might be able to act it out with my friends
  • Writing a fiction book or three AND AIO fanfiction
  • BEATING Scientific Guy TO THE GROUND IN THE GET IN THE SHOW CONTEST! (No hard feelings, I promise ;D)
  • Theorizing about anything AIO
  • Getting all the recordings in and put together for "Stories of Odyssey" my radio radio based on Odyssey in 1985
  • Getting my hands on that Blackgaard Book Series.... (OMGOODNESSOMGOODNESSOMGOODNESS)
  • Figuring out a fairly scary/adventurous/awesome theory about the town of Odyssey! I will explain in my talk page if you want to know about it XD

What I Like

  • Schoology and Veritas Press Scholars Academy
  • Adventures in Odyssey, duh
  • Youtubing!
  • Richard Maxwell (hence, my name.)
  • You don't not knowing, because then you do know! And if you know that the answer isn't no, then you know that there's no way you can know I broke the window! (Broken Window) Point in case! (Oh, Not point in case! CASE IN POINT)
  • Being crazy. I also like that.
  • Being Homeschooled!
  • (my name is Alsa Balsa or @duh171 on there if you wanna check it out)

Random Notes

  • I love playing the bad guy
  • I get to be in a big play for JUST homeschoolers every single year! [1] The Best Part is... it is all Christian!
  • I DO NOT like the color pink.
  • I am thinking about being a Comic book artist or a web comic artist or a Pixar animator when I grow up.
  • I am an army brat!
  • I don't like writing stories with happy endings.....
  • I wrote a story version of "A Stranger Among Us".


So, there you go. I. Am. Weird. XD I am also part of the AIO Volunteer Team. Yay! Well, now I must bid you Adieu. See ya! (jumps out of car) AristaMaxwell (talk) 19:30, 31 July 2016 (MDT)


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