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Odyssey Adventure Club

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Website Name
Odyssey Adventure Club
Date Founded
January 2, 2014
Founder/Main People

The Odyssey Adventure Club (abbreviated OAC) is a subscription service for Adventures in Odyssey fans and their families. It launched on January 2, 2014.


Membership in the OAC costs $15/month or $180/year for 5 accounts. A credit card is required for signup as well as age verification. Billing takes place at the beginning of the month. Each membership includes four additional accounts that do not require the user to be 18 or older to use. This allows for members of a family to maintain their own account with their very own club experience. The subscription fee supports Focus on the Family as well as other world relief and ministry organizations.

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Features on the OAC include:

  • Almost all episodes of AIO available for streaming on a computer or iOS device.
  • Access to additional previously unreleased episodes including: Family Portraits, The Officer Harley Collection and some of the "dusty Episodes" (episodes never released for various reasons)
  • The Adventures in Odyssey video series, the Last Chance Detectives audio series, the Last Chance Detectives video series, and select Focus on the Family Radio Theater titles.
  • A brand-new exclusive Adventures in Odyssey episode each month. The new episode also includes the following bonus content: a real story video documentary about the episode, Web Quests (activities), comics, hands-on projects, a "learning the language" feature, maps, history, games, and more.
  • The ability to save up to five episodes on iOS devices for offline listening.
  • A daily devotional.
  • A monthly subscription to Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Magazine.
  • PopUpisodes: Adventures in Odyssey episodes featuring behind-the-scenes photos and trivia as the episode plays.
  • Information about other ministries and organizations and how they’re impacting the world.
  • Access to all episodes of the Official Podcast.
  • A blog.

Exclusive albums[edit]

Cover Art Title No. of Episodes Average Rating
Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 1 12 TBA
Cover not yet released.jpg
Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 2 12 TBA
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Promotional Codes[edit]

  • OAC, for $5 for the first month.
  • Buck Oliver, for $1 for the first month (until November 1st).

Future Possibilities[edit]

  • There are currently plans to develop an international version of the OAC.