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There were 26 podcasts in the 2018 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
294 Jan 02 2018 14:54 Bob Smithouser, Heath, Shirley Barrett, and Jesse Florea

The John Avery Whittaker Award honors people who have impact on the faith of those around them. The John Avery Whittaker Award honors people who have impact on the faith of those around them. Heath nominated the Whit in his life: Shirley Barrett. Heath tells his story, how God has used his life, and gives thoughts on how others can act like Whit to people around them. Congratulations to the 2017 John Avery Whittaker Award winner Mrs. Shirley Barrett! Thank you for being a mentor and faith-builder that changed the life of one special student who now travels the world teaching and helping kids through Christ.

295 Jan 17 2018 20:30 Bob Smithouser, Diane Michelle, and Jesse Florea

Diane Michelle voices Alice in “Passages: Fletcher’s Rebellion”, Lillia in “The Tower", and Orpah in “Three Funerals and a Wedding”. Plus, she was Doc Morton for many years and now she’s the Woman from Tekoa in the upcoming “David and Absalom.” She’s been in a bunch of Odyssey episodes, but hasn’t been in the spotlight… until now!

296 Jan 31 2018 16:01 Bob Smithouser, Kay Bess, and Jesse Florea

Kay Bess isn’t new to Adventures in Odyssey. She played a baddie in “Between the Lines” and an elderly Irena Sendler in “One More Name.” But she’s new to the part of Dr. Lily Graham. Learn about her history, her roles on Odyssey, and taking over for a beloved actress and character.

297 Feb 14 2018 16:08 Bob Smithouser, Benjamin Watson, and Jesse Florea

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Waston has been listening to Adventures in Odyssey since the very first episode in 1987 and he recently had the chance to come to Focus and record cameo parts for several Odyssey episodes. Benjamin won this year’s Bart Starr Award and was a finalist for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

298 Feb 27 2018 11:14 Bob Smithouser, Lilly Mae Stewart, and Jesse Florea

Lilly Mae Stewart recently took over as the voice of Camilla Parker. She shares about her crazy schedule, from doing stage acting, singing, dancing, voiceover, Wendy’s commercials, electric guitar, and more.

299 Mar 14 2018 24:49 Bob Smithouser, Andre Stojka, Chris Anthony, Christopher Diehl, Chuck Bolte, Grayson Smith, Jess Harnell, Katie Leigh, Paul McCusker, Phil Lollar, Shona Rodman, Townsend Coleman, Will Ryan, Austin Peachey, Arista (AIOWiki Podcast Host), Naomi W. (Kungfunaomi), and Jesse Florea

Come aboard the Focus on the Family 40th anniversary cruise and see the Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew sign autographs, answer questions, and perform the 30th Birthday Show live on stage. Plus, see birthday greetings from our wonderful fans!

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300 Mar 27 2018 18:35 Bob Smithouser, Grayson Smith, and Jesse Florea

Grayson Smith emerged as one of three finalists from among 2,316 fans who entered the second Get in the Show contest. After an audition with our Adventures in Odyssey cast, Grayson was crowned the winner by fan voting. Last November, he claimed his prize by joining us on the Focus on the Family 40th Anniversary Cruise and performing in the Odyssey live show, signing autographs, and interacting with the actors. Hear about all those experiences and more!

301 Apr 10 2018 14:39 Bob Smithouser, Natalie Lander, and Jesse Florea

Natalie Lander’s dad played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley. Her mom is an actor and photographer. Most of her other relatives are in the arts and entertainment world. Natalie talks about the business, singing as Kevin in Home Alone musical, playing a cheerleader on The Middle, and – of course – playing Zoe Grant on Adventures in Odyssey.

302 Apr 25 2018 10:42 Bob Smithouser, Mike Pence, Karen Pence, Charlotte Pence, and Jesse Florea

Like so many families, the Pences listened to Adventures in Odyssey on long car trips. Second Lady Karen Pence and her daughter Charlotte share with Bob and Jesse about listening to Odyssey, finding kingdom moments, the importance of art, and bunnies (yes, really!). Hear the most unusual Odyssey podcast interview ever.

303 May 09 2018 12:20 Bob Smithouser, Kelly Stables, and Jesse Florea

Actress Kelly Stables has voiced Olivia Parker for seven years now. Kelly shares about balancing life as a mom and actress, changes behind the scenes with the Parker family, and performing with fellow Odyssey actors.

304 May 23 2018 17:02 Bob Smithouser, Rudy Haerr, Sam Suksiri, Diane Ingolia, and Jesse Florea

For nearly eighteen years, Odyssey fans have recorded themselves alongside the actors in the Kids’ Radio attraction in Colorado Springs. This summer, a new script is part of the studio featuring guests interaction with Whit and Wooton. Hear about the creation of this new story from writer/director Sam Suksiri, mastering engineer Rudy Haerr, and hospitality specialist Diane Ingolia.

305 Jun 05 2018 21:52 Bob Smithouser, Nathan Hoobler, Dave Arnold, Sam Suksiri, Phil Lollar, and Jesse Florea

Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Sam Suksiri, and writer/director Phil Lollar answer fan questions about recent albums and preview the upcoming Album 65 and look at future books and releases. Then, Bob and Jesse reveal the nominations in the “Up in the Air” and “Under the Surface” Avery Awards.

306 Jun 20 2018 14:37 Bob Smithouser, Whit Hertford, and Jesse Florea

A few years ago, Jay Smouse went to Hollywood to be a zombie in a TV series. The behind the scenes reason was a major change that happened to actor Whit Hertford in real life. Hear the story and what’s happened to Whit (and to Jay) since then.

307 Jul 02 2018 13:20 Bob Smithouser, Karen Ellison, and Jesse Florea

Karen Ellison has been a studio teacher for Adventures in Odyssey for more than twenty years. Find out what she does, what she’s seen behind the scenes, and about her connection to several prominent young actors. Plus, hear a preview of “Charlotte,” this month’s Club adventure.

308 Jul 18 2018 13:18 Bob Smithouser, Allison Sharpe, and Jesse Florea

Allison Sharpe talks about preparing for the role of Valerie, being a “scratch voice,” and the possibility of redemption for the mean girl in school. Plus, she gives us tips on being an artist.

309 Jul 31 2018 18:59 Bob Smithouser, Mark Hancock, and Jesse Florea

This month in the Club, Buddy and Jay join a TrailLife troop in the adventure “Walk Worthy.” Mark Hancock is the president and CEO of Trail Life USA and he tells us about the group, his experiences outdoors, and what he thinks of “Walk Worthy.”

310 Aug 14 2018 15:16 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

It’s a lovely day at the track and we got a lot of great contenders all vying for Avery Awards gold. And who knows? Maybe this year, one of our racers just might take home the legendary Avery Awards Triple Crown! Hear the competitors raced for “Best B-TV Sketch,” “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” “Best Scene,” “Best Place Wooton and Penny Visited,” “Best Villain,” “Best Sound Design,” “Best Script,” and “Best Overall Episode.” Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who voted!

311 Aug 29 2018 17:48 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Phil Lollar, and Jesse Florea

Something sinister happened decades ago to disgrace the Whittaker name. Can young Whit discover the truth – and find the traitor’s treasure – before it’s gone forever? Find out in Young Whit and the Traitor’s Treasure, book one in a new series exploring the childhood escapades of the most beloved character in town. And find out more about the series from the authors, Odyssey legends Phil Lollar and Dave Arnold.

312 Sep 11 2018 17:11 Bob Smithouser, Candi Cushman, Bob Hoose, and Jesse Florea

Celebrate Bring Your Bible to School Day with the Club story “A Predicament of Biblical Proportions,” available for the first time outside the Club on September 22. Hear from writer Bob Hoose and Bring Your Bible to School founder Candi Cushman about the creation of the story. And learn how and why you can bring your Bible to school.

313 Sep 26 2018 41:36 Bob Smithouser, Andre Stojka, and Jesse Florea

Something sinister happened decades ago to disgrace the Whittaker name. Can ten-year-old Johnny discover the truth—and find the traitor’s treasure—before they are gone forever? Find in Book 1 of the Young Whit series. Get a preview of the first three chapters in audio form read by Andre Stojka. Plus, hear a preview of October’s Club adventure: “Beyond Repair.”

314 Oct 09 2018 14:23 Bob Smithouser, Patti Hammonds, and Jesse Florea

Patti Hammonds, senior manager with Angel Tree, tells us how the Club adventure “Beyond Repair” reflects real life and tells true stories from Prison Fellowship. Plus, hear a preview of Album 65: Expect the Unexpected!

315 Oct 24 2018 13:10 Bob Smithouser, Mark Christopher Lawrence, and Jesse Florea

Mark Christopher Lawrence, voice of Ed Washington, returns to Adventures in Odyssey this weekend for the first time in over ten years. Mark tells us what it was like being back in the studio, his advice on stand-up comedy, and all that’s happened to him in recent years.

316 Nov 06 2018 14:32 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Many years ago, Marshal Younger’s three-year-old daughter decided she wasn’t going to eat her breakfast. This set off a multi-hour standoff between father and daughter that later inspired the Odyssey episode “The Sandwich Initiative.” Witness the battle of wills as well as an incredible story from one of our listeners.

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317 Nov 20 2018 17:03 Bob Smithouser, Townsend Coleman, and Jesse Florea

Townsend Coleman talks about recent developments with Jason Whittaker, cruising the Caribbean with the Odyssey cast, and rappelling off a New York City skyscraper with a garden hose (yes, really!)

318 Dec 05 2018 22:40 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, Will Ryan, Nathan Hoobler, and Jesse Florea

Three years ago, Bob Smithouser didn’t want to make waves when his boss Dave Arnold asked him to write an Odyssey script, but he felt like a fish out of water. He was green around the gills in the ways of script-writing and it was sink or swim. Over the long voyage of writing the script, Bob weathered the storm to get to final draft with the help of Phil Lollar and others to keep things on course. Don’t rock the boat as we hear the story of how that happened!

319 Dec 19 2018 27:15 Bob Smithouser, Chuck Bolte, and Jesse Florea

Merry Christmas! "Gone Fishing," one of the early dramas Focus produced, featured two actors who would later become familiar names on Adventures in Odyssey: Chuck Bolte and Hal Smith. Chuck Bolte was executive producer on the show during the majority of its first decade and Hal Smith, of course, became the first voice of John Avery Whittaker. Hear this drama that helped lay the foundation for Adventures in Odyssey, plus some special memories from Chuck.

Number Date Length People Description