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Valerie Swanson
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Valerie was first introduced in Kidsboro, Part 2. She coerced her younger brother, Nelson to create a pungent liquid and created a scandal to seize the position of mayor. Even though she was caught, she did not learn her lesson.

In Anger Mismanagement, she took credit for a homecoming float despite the fact she did no work herself. She was also arrogant toward Brad Ralph but was later flattered that he had a crush on her. She appeared another time, pulling various pranks on her substitute teacher, Katrina Meltsner to drive her away. When that did not work, she filed a petition to have her removed.

Much later on, Valerie befriended Jules Kendall to get Jules to buy her things on Jules's dad's credit card. When Jules insisted she did not want to rent a limo for her party, Valerie resorted to blackmail to make Jules pay for whatever she desired. She was ultimately caught in her schemes. Even after that, she continued to bully Jules.

After sending all of her FaceBase followers to cyberbully a classmate who insulted her painting, Valerie is punished. Her punishment? A trip in the Inspiration Station to visit her own mind. She learns that she has allowed her mind to be overtaken by lies. Valerie realizes she has been struggling with feeling like a failure, unloved, and worthless. While in the station, she verbally defeats the lies. Whit tells her that bullying other kids will not make her feel better. She decides to pursue her love of painting. Despite the adventure, she, unfortunately, continues bullying others.

Kidsboro Military Information

She is a soldier for the Kidsboro Military.



See Swanson family

Valerie Swanson's brother is Nelson Swanson and she has two parents.


Valerie Swanson: Alright, remember the plan everyone. Whenever Mrs. Meltsner says "class", everyone screams and changes seats. Got it?

#700: “How to Sink a Sub”

Valerie Swanson: Have a nice lunch, kid! Hope it makes you smarter.

#881: “Playing Favorites”

Valerie Swanson: I hate literature. Going to lit class is gonna be like, like going to prison.
Jay Smouse: Yeah! We'll be like inmates on one of those British ships she talked about today-where only one out of every five prisoners survived.

#700: “How to Sink a Sub”

Valerie Swanson: Are you like those twins that have their own language?

#881: “Playing Favorites”

Valerie Swanson: You better get one [court system] because one way or another I'm gonna get my money or Kidsboro is going down.

#644: “Kidsboro, Part 2”


Valerie Swanson has appeared in 12 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Valerie Swanson}}%.

All (12)  · Rochelle Greenwood (2008)  · Paulie Rojas (2011)  · Allison Sharpe (2017-2021)

Valerie Swanson has been mentioned in 2 episodes.