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There were 28 podcasts in the 2007 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
9 Jan 10 2007 12:28 Bob Smithouser, Christopher Diehl, Jonathan Crowe, Nathan Jones, Will Ryan, and Jesse Florea

"The 3 Musketeers" as they say — Jonathan Crowe, Christopher Diehl, and Nate Jones — are back to answer more of your questions. Plus, an exclusive preview of 'Eugene Sings!' with 17 fun songs by (who else?) Odyssey's ukelele musician Eugene!

10 Jan 24 2007 9:02 Bob Smithouser, Hal Smith, Katie Leigh, Corey Padnos, and Jesse Florea

The actors behind Whit, Connie, and others aren't always perfect — don't miss these fun bloopers. Also, tune in for all-new clips from Adventures in Odyssey's Spring 2007 episodes (3 minute preview!)

11 Feb 07 2007 11:38 Bob Smithouser, Lauren Schaffel, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Actress Lauren Schaffel ("Liz") talks about her own adventure of heading off to college, her favorite Odyssey stories and what Liz should do in the future. Plus, Paul McCusker gives a behind-the-scenes look at our Underground Railroad Pack and Radio Theatre's Amazing Grace.

11.5 Feb 08 2007 30:18 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Enjoy the half-hour story of John Newton in Odyssey's “Amazing Grace” episode. Our hosts for The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast also talk about how to learn more about Radio Theatre's Amazing Grace, and the film.

12 Feb 21 2007 9:16 Bob Smithouser, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Adventures in Odyssey producers gives updates on whether Mitch will come back, how to see pictures of the actors, Odyssey’s new villain and lots more…

13 Mar 07 2007 8:04 Bob Smithouser, Rachel Fox, and Jesse Florea

After some exclusive clips from the new release ‘Into the Light’, we speak with the voice of new ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ character “Kelly”. Plus an important bit of news.

14 Mar 21 2007 13:44 Bob Smithouser, Walker Edmiston, Bob Luttrell, Chris Anthony, Dave Arnold, Katie Leigh, Paul Herlinger, Paul McCusker, Steve Burns, and Jesse Florea

Actor Walker Edmiston (1926-2007) has performed as “Tom Riley” and dozens of characters since ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ began. Tune in as Steve Burns, Chris Anthony, Katie Leigh, Paul McCusker and others remember their dear friend.

15 Apr 04 2007 8:46 Bob Smithouser, Christopher Diehl, Jonathan Crowe, Nathan Jones, and Jesse Florea

Part 3 of the three-part questions-and-answers session with "Adventures in Odyssey" sound designers... they answer questions on favorite sounds, hardest sounds to create, and why episodes have commercials.

16 Apr 18 2007 10:34 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Stephanie Younger, Shari Van Turen, and Jesse Florea

A recent ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ intern tells what it’s like to work with the team and write a script from scratch. Then, Marshal Younger and his wife Stephanie share about their family’s choice to care for foster kids… and how that inspired the story of new ‘Odyssey’ character “Kelly.”

16.5 Apr 25 2007 24:32 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

It's another free half-hour adventure, this one starring Cryin’ Bryan Dern and swindler Bart Rathbone–who becomes an intern at Whit's End! Get this episode and 11 others in Album 46: A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities).

17 May 02 2007 11:02 Bob Smithouser, Jess Harnell, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

In this exclusive interview, actor Jess Harnell tells how he started with ‘Odyssey’, performs a few of his other fun voices, and more — with clips from our ‘American Idol’ spoof “Odyssey Sings!

18 May 16 2007 10:37 Bob Smithouser, Dave Madden, Jonathan Crowe, and Jesse Florea

Window washer Bernard Walton has been in dozens of ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ episodes… now, just as the Spring 2007 Season finale begins, voice actor Dave Madden tells all.

19 May 30 2007 13:34 Bob Smithouser, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

“Will Wooton get married?” “Is a new Odyssey guidebook coming?”… just a couple of the questions that ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ producers answer in this podcast, also with hints on upcoming Fall 2007 shows. Jesse and Bob stop by the real Whit’s End in Colorado Springs–a fun destination for your family vacation!

20 Jun 13 2007 29:06 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

What does Laffie the Wonder Dog and science-fiction show “Star Trip” have in common? They’re TV show spoofs as only Odyssey can do! In addition to the free half-hour show, writer Marshal Younger recounts all the fun of creating this comic episode.

21 Jun 27 2007 N/A Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

With clips and behind-the-scenes insights, find out how a complex “fire from Heaven” scene is created.

22 Jul 11 2007 N/A Bob Smithouser, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

When Matt Cartwood and his family move from the South Spoon Ranch, can they trust their tenants to take care of the ranch? Hear this Western Adventures in Odyssey episode. In addition to the free half-hour show, writer Paul McCusker talks about the creation of this show and Kids' Radio.

23 Jul 25 2007 N/A Bob Smithouser, Will Ryan, and Jesse Florea

He’s provided the voice for over 100 different characters in Odyssey, but you know him best as the voice of eccentric brainiac “Eugene Meltsner”… actor Will Ryan tells all! Also includes news of a special Call-In show coming soon.

24 Aug 08 2007 N/A Bob Smithouser, John Fornof, Kathy Buchanan, and Jesse Florea

When a window gets broken at Whit's End, where will the blame fall? Connie serves as judge in a seriously funny trial that features Rodney, Sarah, Alex, and Mitch, with a lesson on judging others. After the free episode, go behind-the-scenes with writer Kathy Buchanan and director John Fornof!

25 Aug 22 2007 N/A Bob Smithouser, Jordan Orr, and Jesse Florea

The new album, Moment of Truth, is out now, and we've got exclusive bloopers and other details! Also, actor Jordan Orr reveals the story of his Adventures in Odyssey audition and how he's like "Grady McKay."

26 Sep 06 2007 N/A Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Marshal Younger, Nathan Hoobler, and Jesse Florea

Adventures in Odyssey producers are back to answer YOUR questions. Plus, a 2-minute preview of the new season which begins September 15! The premiere episode, “A New Era, Part 1”, picks up right where the latest CD set, Moment of Truth, left off.

27 Sep 20 2007 31:36 Bob Smithouser, Josh Sheperd, Marshal Younger, Torry Martin, and Jesse Florea

Odyssey's favorite mailman comes to town in this hilarious half-hour adventure. At the end, don't miss out as comedian Torry Martin–who helped create Wooton–talks with producer Marshal Younger about Wooton's origin and other little-known facts.

28 Oct 03 2007 8:09 Bob Smithouser, Gary Locke, and Jesse Florea

Gary Locke, who's illustrated over 50 works of Adventures in Odyssey art, tells us about how he got started, his inspiration... plus details on he and Jesse's new book, "Growing Up Super Average".

29 Oct 17 2007 12:05 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Have you ever played the DVD game Scene It? Now Odyssey has its own version! "Answer That! Adventures in Odyssey Edition" features over 1,000 questions that will quiz your knowledge of Biblical events and Odyssey characters. With audio and video clips that play on your TV, this Family DVD Trivia Game includes Room of Consequence cards, a game board, trivia cards, character play pieces, a Game DVD and more! Listen in as 3 Odyssey fans answer some of the game's Difficult Level trivia... and don't worry, there's an Easy Level where you can start.

30 Oct 31 2007 8:31 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, Townsend Coleman, and Jesse Florea

Actor Townsend Coleman (Jason Whittaker) tells how he first started with Adventures in Odyssey, why he loves the show, and more... plus hear his very first audition!

31 Nov 14 2007 9:23 Bob Smithouser, Aria Curzon, Courtney Brown, Earl Boen, Kendre Berry, Paul Herlinger, and Jesse Florea

Hear listener and actor comments on the show's 20th anniversary, plus hear an exclusive clip of the first broadcast of Odyssey USA.

32 Nov 28 2007 7:31 Bob Smithouser, Chris Anthony, Keith Silverstein, Marshal Younger, Paul Herlinger, Townsend Coleman, Walker Edmiston, and Jesse Florea

In our first-ever video podcast, watch the recording of the Novacom Series finale and find out details of a new contest!

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33 Dec 12 2007 12:31 Bob Smithouser, Chris Anthony, Chuck Bolte, Paul McCusker, Steve Harris, and Jesse Florea

Chris Anthony has been on every episode of Adventures in Odyssey... now hear from her how Odyssey has changed over the years, what her family thinks when they hear her on the radio, and what her favorite episode is!

34 Dec 26 2007 8:57 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Marshal Younger, Nathan Hoobler, and Jesse Florea

The producers answer your questions! Why don't you have pets in Odyssey? Will any of the "old kids" ever return to the show? Will we hear more from Kelly and the Washingtons?

Number Date Length People Description