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There were 27 podcasts in the 2011 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
112 Jan 12 2011 18:53 Bob Smithouser, Todd Busteed, and Jesse Florea

In this packed-to-the-gills podcast, first hear from sound designer Todd Busteed, then hear all of the nominations for this season's Avery Awards. Finally, hear a scene from the first episode of "The Green Ring Conspiracy."

113 Jan 26 2011 16:57 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Dave and Paul answer your probing questions, such as "What is the title of Album 54?" "Who is the Stiletto? "What are the appropriate ages for Album 53?" "When will Katrina return?" and "Why don't the episodes in Album 53 have titles?" Plus, hear another exciting preview!

113.5 Jan 31 2011 4:08 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Diane Ingolia, and Jesse Florea

Watch a special video announcement about the Album 53 release!

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114 Feb 09 2011 12:15 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Diane Ingolia, Katie Leigh, Paul McCusker, Will Ryan, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse host the Avery Awards, including awards for Best Sound Design, Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Episode! Plus, a few special surprise visitors. Thank you to everyone who voted!

115 Feb 23 2011 9:37 Bob Smithouser, Terry Virts, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse interview astronaut Terry Virts who took Adventures in Odyssey into space with him last year.

116 Mar 09 2011 7:26 Bob Smithouser, David Selby, Keith Ferguson, Lenny Citrano, Lori Tritel, Phil Proctor, Robby Bruce, Zach Callison, and Jesse Florea

We're ready to release Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy! Watch this video and celebrate with Bob and Jesse as they take us behind the scenes of Album 53! See Jesse's one on one interview with Zach Callison, be introduced to our new characters and actors, and watch just how busy Jesse is when he visits California!

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117 Mar 23 2011 13:37 Bob Smithouser, Cristina Pucelli, and Jesse Florea

Cristina Pucelli chats with Bob and Jesse about voicing Emily Jones, how she got started in acting, and more.

118 Apr 06 2011 11:34 Bob Smithouser, Chad Reisser, and Jesse Florea

Monty Whittaker is back in Odyssey and he's voiced by Chad Reisser. Chad has been voicing Monty since 1987 and today he shares the story of how he started on the show, plus the inside scoop of the other parts that he's played.

119 Apr 20 2011 12:14 Bob Smithouser, Jonathan Crowe, and Jesse Florea

Jonathan tells the amazing story of his bike wreck, hospital stay, halo fitting and eventual recovery. Plus, hear calls from the comment line and a preview of the next episode of the Green Ring.

120 May 04 2011 N/A Bob Smithouser, Townsend Coleman, and Jesse Florea

Fan favorite Jason Whittaker has returned to Odyssey, so actor Townsend Coleman gave us the background on Jason Whittaker. Plus, hear a preview of the next episode!

121 May 18 2011 N/A Bob Smithouser, David Selby, Robby Bruce, and Jesse Florea

David Selby (voice of Mr. Skint) and Robby Bruce (voice of Buck Oliver) talk about acting on Adventures in Odyssey and being a part of The Green Ring Conspiracy. Plus, hear a preview of the final episodes!

122 Jun 01 2011 11:49 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Christopher Diehl, Evan Reedall, Nathan Jones, and Jesse Florea

In breaking news, "The Green Ring Conspiracy" reached a dramatic conclusion with the release of Part 12 last weekend. Newscasters Bob and Jesse relay fan reaction to this news, reactions from the crew, and behind the scenes footage from the recording session. Also, they reveal that an episode of the TV series 19 Kids and Counting will feature Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family on the June 14 edition.

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123 Jun 15 2011 13:46 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Diane Ingolia, Evan Reedall, Kevin McCreary, and Jesse Florea

When the Green Ring Art Contest entries go missing, Jesse recruits a team of savvy crime fighters to find them. Along the way, they discover a trail that leads to a familiar conclusion. Plus, see the crazy lengths that the sound designers go to get just the right sounds for Mr. Skint's truck in Album 53.

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124 Jun 28 2011 11:54 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Dave and Paul answer your questions, including 'Will Buck ever come back?', 'Where do the ideas come from?', and 'How long have you been growing a beard?!'. Plus, hear the very first preview of Album 54: Clanging Cymbals and the Meaning of God's Love!

125 Jul 13 2011 16:06 Bob Smithouser, David Hohn, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse call the winners of each category in the Green Ring Art Conte$t. Plus, Imagination Station artist David Hohn reveals his tricks of the trade.

126 Jul 27 2011 10:29 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Kevin McCreary, Robby Bruce, Kimmy Robertson, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Brock and Bob are on their way to the Avery Awards ceremony for the "Green Ring Conspiracy" when Jesse arrives with bad news — a plane has crashed into the awards venue.

127 Aug 10 2011 16:52 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse announce the release of Album 54 for digital download on August 15. They also release the first twelve minutes of the first show, “Wooton Knows Best”, along with the trailer for Album 54: Clanging Cymbals and the Meaning of God's Love!

128 Aug 24 2011 25:32 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Watch a full Pop-upisode of “A Name, Not a Number, Part 1”, one of the episodes in the new compilation album: "The Blackgaard Chronicles." The Blackgaard Chronicles contains 30 episodes from Adventures in Odyssey's first big story arc. This collection also includes a half-hour video featuring an interview with Paul McCusker and Phil Lollar about the creation of Dr. Regis Blackgaard.

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129 Sep 07 2011 44:52 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, and Jesse Florea

In this Odyssey classic, Jimmy Barclay goes on his most incredible adventure ever when he meets a gentleman named Mr. Nagle on a World War II bomber. After the show, be sure to listen as Odyssey co-creator Phil Lollar talks about the early days of the show and the story behind Jimmy’s greatest adventure.

130 Sep 21 2011 18:22 Bob Smithouser, Chris Anthony, Dave Arnold, Bob Luttrell, Kevin McCreary, Mark Jones, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse venture into the Odyssey Vault to unearth a slideshow created in 1989 about Adventures in Odyssey. They also watch a fan-created music video of the Communicate rap from “Lights Out at Whit's End”.

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131 Oct 05 2011 11:42 Bob Smithouser, Kimmy Robertson, and Jesse Florea

Kimmy Robertson talks about joining the cast of Adventures in Odyssey as Penny Wise in Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy and her continuing adventures in Album 54: Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love!

132 Oct 19 2011 13:12 Bob Smithouser, Lucki Wheating, and Jesse Florea

Lucki Wheating moved to the United States when she was nine years old. We hear her story and how it eventually led her to play Grandma Lucia Ortega on Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, hear a preview of this weekend's show “Anger Mismanagement”.

133 Nov 02 2011 13:46 Bob Smithouser, Gatlin Green, and Jesse Florea

Gatlin Green tells the story about growing up on a tour bus with the music group Sierra, her brother Cooper acting on Adventures in Odyssey, and playing Barrett's friend Priscilla.

134 Nov 16 2011 9:33 Bob Smithouser, Kelly Stables, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse chat with Kelly Stables, the voice of Olivia Parker in album 54 and beyond. Plus, they hear a sneak peek of this weekend’s show “Never for Nothing”.

135 Nov 30 2011 12:26 Bob Smithouser, Bob Hoose, and Jesse Florea

Bob Hoose has been working on Adventures in Odyssey since 1989. He’s acted, written shows, directed sessions, and served as producer. Here, he tells us the stories of “Emily the Genius” and “Unbecoming Jay

136 Dec 14 2011 14:39 Bob Smithouser, Andy Pessoa, and Jesse Florea

Andy Pessoa talks about voicing Barrett on Adventures in Odyssey, doing voices, and more. Plus, hear fan reviews of album 54 and a preview of the season finale.

137 Dec 28 2011 29:10 Bob Smithouser, Jeff Parker, and Jesse Florea

In this episode from 1989, Donna gets a crush on her ski instructor while on a vacation with her family. Her dad realizes that his young daughter is quickly growing up. After the show, writer and co-star Jeff Parker talks about this episode and his cameos on Adventures in Odyssey over the years.

Number Date Length People Description