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There were 18 podcasts in the 2022 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
399 Jan 12 2022 24:23 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Writer/director Phil Lollar and executive producer Dave Arnold share how Dr. Seuss, the math problem 2+2, and the author of “A Christmas Carol” all connect to this month’s Club adventure.

400 Jan 25 2022 9:18 Bob Smithouser, Kevin McCreary, and Jesse Florea

Tour the town of Odyssey and get to know its people and businesses through this unique video feature, soon to be a new feature on the fully revamped Club website. (launching in the coming weeks!)

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401 Feb 08 2022 22:51 Bob Smithouser, Jonathan Crowe, and Jesse Florea

Jonathan Crowe takes an adventure that no one on the Odyssey team has ever taken.

402 Feb 22 2022 17:19 Bob Smithouser, Megan Rolofson, and Jesse Florea

New Odyssey coordinator Megan Rolofson shares her Adventure to Odyssey.

403 Mar 09 2022 25:19 Bob Smithouser, Bob Hoose, Zach Schneider, and Jesse Florea

Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer apprentice Zach Schneider (a newcomer to the podcast and team!) discover Drake’s softer side in this month’s Club adventure: #936: “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton”.

404 Mar 21 2022 26:51 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Spoiler warning! Showrunner Marshal Younger looks back at the beginnings – and the ending – of the Olivia's faith story arc.

405 Apr 05 2022 23:46 Bob Smithouser, Kathy Buchanan, Luke Guenot, and Jesse Florea

If you haven’t heard “As Buck Would Have It”, don’t listen to this podcast and go hear Album 72. If you have listened, join writer/director Kathy Buchanan and sound designer Luke Guenot to hear how this adventure was created. Note: This podcast includes both touching moments and morgue freezers.

406 Apr 19 2022 22:14 Bob Smithouser, Shona Rodman, Robby Bruce, and Jesse Florea

Robby Bruce (voice of Buck) and Shona Rodman (voice of Jules) share the latest developments in their characters and their own lives. Plus, what they think of the idea of Jules and Buck getting together.

407 May 03 2022 16:39 Bob Smithouser, Andre Stojka, and Jesse Florea

Andre Stojka recently set a record – he’s played the role of John Avery Whittaker longer than either of his predecessors. Andre looks back on his time as Whit – and forward to more adventures.

408 May 17 2022 25:46 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Phil Lollar, Kathy Buchanan, Nathan Hoobler, and Jesse Florea

Showrunner Marshal Younger, writer/director Phil Lollar, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, and line producer Nathan Hoobler answer your questions about recent episodes (including the Olivia arc and “As Buck Would Have It”) and look ahead to stories in Albums 73 and 74.

409 Jun 01 2022 13:37 Bob Smithouser, Trish Burgess, Alicia Trivett, and Jesse Florea

Trey finds that he has something not just to teach but to learn on this month’s Club adventure: “Results May Vary”. It’s not just medical professionals like Dr. Joseph who make connections with Global Health Outreach. Find out more from Trish Burgess and Alicia Trivett.

410 Jun 15 2022 32:14 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Chuck Bolte, Kathy Buchanan, Robby Bruce, Townsend Coleman, Jim Daly, Mark Drury, Jess Harnell, Diane Ingolia, Steve Harris, Nathan Hoobler, Rob Jorgensen, Chris Anthony, Katie Leigh, Phil Lollar, Bob Luttrell, Paul McCusker, Phil Proctor, and Jesse Florea

The Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew remembers Will Ryan (voice of Eugene Meltsner, Harlow Doyle, and others) who passed away on November 19, 2021. Voices include executive producer Dave Arnold, executive producer Chuck Bolte, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, actor Robby Bruce (voice of Buck), actor Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason), Focus on the Family president Jim Daly, sound designer Mark Drury, actor Jess Harnell (voice of Wooton), Focus on the Family Guest Relations director Diane Ingolia, co-creator Steve Harris, writer/director Nathan Hoobler, sound designer Rob Jorgensen, host Chris Anthony Lansdowne, actor Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), co-creator Phil Lollar, sound designer Bob Luttrell, executive producer Paul McCusker, actor Phil Proctor (voice of Detective Polehaus), actor Shona Rodman (voice of Jules), actor Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), and actor Audrey Wasilewski (voice of Katrina).

411 Jun 29 2022 22:53 Bob Smithouser, Evan David, Brian Dawson, and Jesse Florea

Comic creators Evan David and Brian Dawson take us Elsewhere in Odyssey.

412 Jul 15 2022 4:25 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Robert Smithouser shows young Jesse many swell features of the new Club experience, including Playlists, Characters, Badges, enhanced audio quality, and Whit's latest invention: the Randomizer!

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413 Jul 27 2022 17:29 Bob Smithouser, Brennley Brown, and Jesse Florea

The voices behind best friends Molly and Allison talk about Odyssey, singing on The Voice, healthy social media, and connecting with others.

414 Aug 10 2022 16:57 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Executive producer [Dave Arnold] plucks an obscure character from 2 Samuel 6 to star in a "Book of Speculations" adventure.

415 Aug 24 2022 13:47 Bob Smithouser, Andrew Nedimyer, and Jesse Florea

Lexie nominated her coach and teacher Andrew Nedimyer for the Whit Award, sharing how he cares for his students, faithfully teaches God's word, and takes the extra time to help any kids who are stuck. Mr. Nedimyer also grew up listening to Odyssey and even dreamed of opening his version of Whit's End. Hear their stories and learn how to find Godly mentors of your own.

416 Sep 07 2022 17:58 Bob Smithouser, Ivan Chambers, and Jesse Florea

Ivan Chambers has coached football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track, and more. He tells us about the emotions, the drama, and the lessons behind the scenes of sports stories like "The 18-Yard Line."

Number Date Length People Description