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There were 24 podcasts in the 2009 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
60 Jan 14 2009 11:04 Bob Smithouser, Steve Burns, and Jesse Florea

After over 18 years on Adventures in Odyssey, the actor who's played Robert "Mitch" Mitchell and Rodney Rathbone shares his favorite episode, which character is more like him, why his kids love "Odyssey", and more!

61 Jan 28 2009 33:17 Bob Smithouser, Bob Hoose, and Jesse Florea

First up, enjoy the full-length episode “Called on in Class”… when Trent DeWhite has to present in front of his whole class, the mayhem he imagines is earth-shattering! Then, writer/director Bob Hoose joins us to discuss how Trent got his name, his experiences working with Adventures in Odyssey actors, and lots more.

62 Feb 11 2009 9:25 Bob Smithouser, Danielle Judovits, Jerry Houser, and Jesse Florea

One of Adventures in Odyssey’s favorite father/daughter pairs – Ben Shepard and his daughter Aubrey – talk together in this joint interview with actors Jerry Houser and Danielle Judovits. Learn why the episode “Always” is special to Jerry, what Danielle is doing now, other acting roles they’ve done, and more!

63 Feb 25 2009 12:47 Bob Smithouser, Danielle Judovits, Jerry Houser, and Jesse Florea

Two stars from "Adventures in Odyssey" – Jerry Houser and Danielle Judovits – continue their conversation together, with insights into their other acting roles, what it's like inside the recording studio, what inspires them, and much more. Plus, don't miss the long-awaited "Library Rap" from podcast host Jesse!

64 Mar 11 2009 13:27 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

You've got questions, they've got answers! During this Q and A with executive producer Dave Arnold and writer/director Paul McCusker, find out when new "Passages" audio dramas will be releasing, whether any new adventures with the Washington family are in the works, what the live show DVD will look like, and more replies to what you wonder about "Adventures in Odyssey".

65 Mar 25 2009 12:15 Bob Smithouser, Bob Luttrell, John Fornof, Kathy Buchanan, Marshal Younger, Paul McCusker, Rob Jorgensen, and Jesse Florea

Presenting all sorts of random secrets from Adventures in Odyssey: Novacom Saga! Writers Kathy Buchanan, John Fornof, Paul McCusker, and Marshal Younger share about mapping out the Novacom conspiracy, Jared’s exit from Odyssey, and more with plenty of wacky rabbit trails along the way! To get in on the act, sound designers Rob Jorgensen and Bob Luttrell reveal a few embarrassing incidents that got them the perfect sounds to create dramatic scenes.

66 Apr 08 2009 12:05 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Paul McCusker, David Griffin, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse are back with more "Random Secrets from the Novacom Saga that You Never Knew Existed and Can’t Possibly Live Without"! This time, they’ve got never-before-heard tales about the actor who played Arthur Dent (Christopher Snell), "the Timothy Center Effect," where David Griffin ("Jimmy Barclay") shows up in the saga, and other off-the-cuff stories. It’s all to celebrate the exciting 10-CD release of "Adventures in Odyssey: Novacom Saga".

67 Apr 22 2009 15:21 Bob Smithouser, Carol Rusk, Christopher Diehl, Dave Arnold, Jonathan Crowe, Paul McCusker, Rudy Haerr, and Jesse Florea

In the third-ever "Adventures in Odyssey" video podcast, Bob and Jesse take a tour of what's happening in the Odyssey Team's offices. Sound designers Jonathan and Chris share clips of what they're working on – one of the first scenes in "Passages: Darien's Rise" (coming this fall)! Among other surprises, you'll see a new clip from "Adventures in Odyssey: Live!!" Finally, Paul McCusker reveals even more about the next Odyssey episodes coming in 2010... and executive producer Dave Arnold gives a quick teaser of "Radio Theatre: The Screwtape Letters" releasing in October 2009.

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68 May 06 2009 13:36 Bob Smithouser, Dan Cathy, and Jesse Florea

What's going on in the background of scenes? Find out as Bob and Jesse visit the Odyssey vault. Plus, Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A tells us how Adventures in Odyssey wound up in their kids' meals.

69 May 20 2009 34:05 Bob Smithouser, Bob Luttrell, and Jesse Florea

Enjoy a free episode from "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" (album 17), plus hear Bob Luttrell talk about bringing actors to the show and stepping behind the microphone himself.

70 Jun 02 2009 11:57 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Robert Skeed, and Jesse Florea

Marshal Younger talks about the Kidsboro book series and introduces a surprise guest who inspired the books.

73 Jul 15 2009 6:21 Bob Smithouser, Mark Christopher Lawrence, and Jesse Florea

A fan tells a story inspired by the show, and the Snowflake Incident is explained at last!

74 Jul 29 2009 7:00 Bob Smithouser, Kendre Berry, Mark Christopher Lawrence, and Jesse Florea

The Washington actors answer questions from fans submitted on the blog, including questions about their families and their favorite episodes.

75 Aug 08 2009 17:52 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Hal Smith, Katie Leigh, Paul Herlinger, Walker Edmiston, and Jesse Florea

Learn the history of the voice of John Avery Whittaker, from Hal Smith to Paul Herlinger and beyond to the future.

76 Aug 26 2009 30:07 Bob Smithouser, Rob Jorgensen, and Jesse Florea

Hear the first part of the epic story "Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion," plus hear an interview with Rob Jorgensen, sound designer for the program, on his first production.

77 Sep 09 2009 29:21 Bob Smithouser, Rob Jorgensen, and Jesse Florea

Hear the concluding episode of the epic story "Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion," plus hear an interview with Rob Jorgensen, sound designer for the program, on behind the scenes in-jokes in the show, his love of microphones and more.

78 Sep 23 2009 12:24 Bob Smithouser, Jim Cummings, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse interview Emmy-nominated actor Jim Cummings on his voice-over career. Jim talks about Darkwing Duck, Bump in the Night, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and more. Jim was also involved with Odyssey back in the "Family Portraits" days.

79 Oct 07 2009 11:58 Bob Smithouser, Pete Reneday, and Jesse Florea

Pete Reneday, voice of dozens of Adventures in Odyssey characters, talks about recording Passages, his favorite characters, and his voice in DisneyWorld.

80 Oct 21 2009 14:40 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul Herlinger, and Jesse Florea

Actor Paul Herlinger and executive producer Dave Arnold talk about acting in New York, escape from Europe, the mysterious process of vocal foley, and surprise listeners on a train.

81 Nov 04 2009 6:42 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

In this special video edition, Bob and Jesse look at the finalists in the Darien's Rise art contest.

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82 Nov 18 2009 17:57 Bob Smithouser, Brock Eastman, Dave Arnold, Nathan Hoobler, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Come along as Brock steals the camera and tries to escape Bob and Jesse while showing top secret video and secrets behind the scenes of Album 51.

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83 Dec 02 2009 20:32 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

You sent in over 500 questions and the producers answered as many as they could!

Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold answer your questions about the upcoming season including juicy tidbits about the Inspiration Station, the Parker family, Eugene and Katrina's baby plans, the future of Tom Riley, story hints, which characters will appear in the new season, and much more.

84 Dec 16 2009 11:45 Bob Smithouser, Torry Martin, and Jesse Florea

Hear from Torry Martin, creator of Wooton Bassett about a new Wooton page in Clubhouse Magazine, his grandma's influence on his writing and more.

85 Dec 30 2009 37:37 Bob Smithouser, John Fornof, Rob Jorgensen, and Jesse Florea

Enjoy a free episode from "The Encore Collection," plus hear writer John Fornof and sound designer Rob Jorgensen discuss the production of this popular show.

Number Date Length People Description