Official Podcast 289

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Official Podcast 289
October 25, 2017
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What do Buddy’s dad, the waiter at a fancy Odyssey restaurant, and Whit’s son Jerry Whittaker have in common? They are all voiced by actor Scott Whyte, who chats with us on the podcast.


Actor Scott Whyte auditioned for Odyssey for years and never landed a role, but he was encouraged by his friend Jess Harnell (voice of Wooton Bassett). Scott finally was cast as Whit’s son Jerry Whittaker and has voiced a number of roles since then including Buddy Norman’s dad. Hear about his journey to Odyssey and how it involved Indiana Jones, The Mighty Ducks, a band named The Scott Whyte Band, and more. Hear Scott in last week’s “Friend or Foe” and the upcoming “Have a Heart”.


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  • Mr. Norman’s first name, Derek, is revealed in this podcast.