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There were 20 podcasts in the 2020 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
346 Jan 01 2020 25:55 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Nathan Hoobler, Phil Lollar, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, and writers/directors Phil Lollar, and Marshal Younger look back at Album 67: More than Meets the Eye and look ahead to Album 68.

Bonus: Hear an audio preview of Album 68!

347 Jan 15 2020 18:29 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Joy wrote that her dad was “not only the kindest father ever but he’s also a pastor and basketball coach! He’s taught me how to love others more than myself and he introduced me to my Father in Heaven, God.” Hear from Joy and her dad about the qualities that Lawrence and Mr. Whittaker share. (Plus: The announcement of ANOTHER special award!)

348 Jan 28 2020 19:28 Bob Smithouser, Jared DePasquale, Nathan Jones, and Jesse Florea

The Club adventures “Unsinkable, Parts 1 & 2” pretty much defined the word “epic.” Hear from the post-production team — sound designer Nathan Jones and composer Jared DePasquale — about how they met the challenge.

349 Feb 11 2020 27:03 Bob Smithouser, Luke, Jamie, Lisa, Joe, Taanya, and Jesse Florea

We have Adventures in Odyssey Club members in 83 countries and territories. Today Bob and Jesse set off to visit a few of those places – countries with only one club member!

350 Feb 26 2020 29:00 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

We have Club members in 83 countries and territories – all over the globe! Last time, Bob and Jesse visited a few countries with only one member. After the Imagination Station is fixed, they set off to visit even more (and hopefully, find their way back home!).

351 Mar 10 2020 7:46 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, Kathy Buchanan, Abigail Geiger, and Jesse Florea

Host Bob has appeared in a number of Adventures in Odyssey. But Jesse has never had a speaking part on the show…until now! Jesse’s grand debut is featured in Album 68. We had to document such a monumental event. Plus: A lightning round Q & A about the upcoming Album 69!

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352 Mar 25 2020 19:23 Bob Smithouser, Adam McArthur, and Jesse Florea

This month on the Adventures in Odyssey, Renee Carter is desperate to improve her chemistry grade and so she lets Horus help her prepare for the final exam. But the “chemistry” between them may be problematic. Hear from Adam, the voice behind Horus, and from Bob Smithouser, writer of the episode.

353 Apr 07 2020 14:52 Jared DePasquale

Composer Jared Depasquale takes us into his music studio to show us how he created the music for the epic adventure “Unsinkable.” Plus, announcing “Focus @Home,” a free trial for the Adventures in Odyssey Club, and Family Time.

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354 Apr 20 2020 13:15 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, Christopher Diehl, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

It’s another round of the Avery Awards, but this time, the Odyssey team gives their favorite scenes from the history of the show. (Length: 13 minutes)

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355 May 06 2020 18:45 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Rudy Haerr, Phil Lollar, Dave Arnold, Christopher Diehl, Nathan Hoobler, Katie Leigh, Townsend Coleman, and Jesse Florea

The Odyssey team gives their favorite moments that happened in the studio between takes.

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356 May 19 2020 35:35 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Nathan Hoobler, Phil Lollar, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Can Connie’s dad and Wooton’s father become believers? At the end of “Always Home,” Connie gets a call from an old friend. Who was it? What is the name of Album 70? Can you give us any hints on what’s going to happen in “The Rydell Revelations”? Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, and writers/directors Phil Lollar and Marshal Younger answer these questions and more in the latest Team Q & A.

357 Jun 03 2020 15:08 Bob Smithouser, Keely Marshall, and Jesse Florea

Until now, most Perkins episodes have focused on Wyatt. But this month in the Club, the spotlight turned to his older sister, Bridget as she starred in “Bridget, Redefined.” Hear from actress Keely Marshall about Odyssey, music, and more. Plus, a preview of “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles.”

358 Jun 17 2020 22:22 Bob Smithouser, Maurice Diaz, Joe Oppelt, Thomas Jeffries, Vio Burdin, Kelly Sargent, and Jesse Florea

Dozens of Focus on the Family employees have voiced roles in Adventures in Odyssey over the year. It’s time to hear a few of their stories!

359 Jul 01 2020 16:48 Bob Smithouser, Erik Passoja, and Jesse Florea

Erik Passoja has played three different bad guys on Adventures in Odyssey, but he’s actually a really nice guy. Erik talks about his background and surprising talents. (Plus: Hear a preview of “Millstones” and vote in the Averys!)

360 Jul 15 2020 23:39 Bob Smithouser, Paul McCusker, Gaia Marchette, and Jesse Florea

This month’s Club adventure features the character of Connie’s friend Pamela, last heard in 1990 in “Pamela Has a Problem.” Writer/director Paul McCusker (with the help of a surprise guest) explains why Adventures in Odyssey decided to address the sensitive topic of abortion in that early episode. (Plus: Hear a preview of “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1.”)

361 Jul 27 2020 9:33 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Phil Lollar, Rudy Haerr, Nathan Hoobler, Bob Smithouser, Abigail Geiger, and Jesse Florea

The Odyssey team shares their favorite lines from the history of the show. Plus: The official cover reveal for “Album 70: Finding a Way”.

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362 Aug 10 2020 19:00 Bob Smithouser, Patti Garibay, and Jesse Florea

American Heritage Girls executive director Patti Garibay talks about how AHG connects to Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, a preview of this month’s Club adventure: “Badges of Honor

363 Aug 25 2020 23:42 Bob Smithouser, Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, Townsend Coleman, Gregory Jbara, and Jesse Florea

In May 2020, Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) and Greg Jbara (voice of Wilson) recorded a new Adventures in Odyssey episode – from their own homes. Hear how they did it exactly – and how the experience compares to working in the studio.

364 Sep 08 2020 19:09 Bob Smithouser, Rudy Haerr, Townsend Coleman, and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse are trapped in the podcast studio and forced to reveal the winners of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Scene, Best Sound Design, and the ultimate prize – Best Episode! Don’t miss this exciting podcast!

365 Sep 23 2020 14:29 Bob Smithouser, Cristina Pucelli, and Jesse Florea

Emily Jones’s latest investigation uncovers the truth about Morrie Rydell. Cristina Pucelli tells us about playing a mystery-solver for over a decade and gives clues about upcoming adventures.

Number Date Length People Description