Official Podcast 149

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Official Podcast 149
June 13, 2012
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Don’t miss this special edition of the podcast, guaranteed to go out with a splash—literally! You submitted more than 600 questions by calling in and posting on our podcast page. In this edition of our “Ask the Producers” podcast, Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold field some tantalizing topics concerning Album 55 The Deep End and the future of Odyssey:

The time has come for the Fifth Semi-Annual Avery Awards! Click the link above to cast a vote for your favorite nominee from familiar categories like Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Sound Design—as well as a few new categories.

Will you cast your “Best Minor Character” vote for Mrs. Kramer, Mycroft Thugg, Red Hollard or one of the other nominees? And when it’s to name your favorite Album 55 villain, will you pick Mr. Grote, Vance King—or even the future Maureen Mitchell? Also included in this election: the chance to voice your vote for the best Odyssey character of all time. Choose wisely!


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