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There were 5 podcasts in the 2021 Podcasts season.
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373 Jan 13 2021 21:43 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Kyle’s wife Anni nominated him for the Whit Award with this entry: “At school the person students turn to is Headmaster Kyle. He seeks Jesus in all he does and says. Students and alumni seek Kyle for encouragement, prayer, wisdom and advice.” Hear the story (and the person) behind this year’s winning entry.

374 Jan 27 2021 19:12 Bob Smithouser, Aaron Fullan, and Jesse Florea

Aaron Fullan scored the recent “Always Home” and the upcoming story “The Protector.” Aaron shares how music from Odyssey’s early days inspired him and how his career led him from listening to Odyssey as a child back to becoming a part of the team as an adult.

375 Feb 09 2021 20:09 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Executive producer Dave Arnold shares about the creation and inspiration of this month’s Club adventure – and how he cast writer/director Phil Lollar in a main role.

376 Feb 24 2021 16:07 Bob Smithouser, Luke Guenot, and Jesse Florea

Luke Guenot recently joined the Odyssey team as a new sound designer. He got his start listening to Odyssey while growing up, creating his own radio dramas, connecting with various Odyssey team members, and finally becoming the first sound designer apprentice.

377 Mar 10 2021 17:43 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Perkins family lately in Odyssey. Carla and Wyatt first appeared in “The Sandwich Initiative” and the rest of the family joined soon after. Who are these characters? Why did they come to Odyssey? And are they based on real people? Perkins creator Marshal Younger answers these questions and more.

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