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There were 3 podcasts in the 2023 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
425 Jan 11 2023 20:18 Bob Smithouser, Evan David, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Content creator Evan David and showrunner Marshal Younger unpack the mysterious concept of "canon" and why the comics are considered canon, but the video series is not.

426 Jan 25 2023 16:53 Bob Smithouser, Jesse Kellum IV, and Jesse Florea

Jesse Kellum IV grew up listening to Odyssey and now he's writing (and directing!) for the show. Hear the story of how he got to Odyssey, his first show "Legally Wooton," and traveling to California to record.

427 Feb 08 2023 24:09 Bob Smithouser, Rudy Haerr, Ray Morgan, Brian Krause, Debbie Smith, and Jesse Florea

Follow the links in the chain, plot the path on the map, and meet the unsung heroes of Odyssey as we follow an episode from a sound designer's computer to your ears. Along the way We'll meet mastering engineer Rudy Haerr, satellite operator Ray Morgan, media syndication manager Brian Krause, digital support specialist Steve Christakis, and senior marketing director Debbie Smith. Join us!

Number Date Length People Description

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