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There were 29 podcasts in the 2008 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
35 Jan 09 2008 9:30 Bob Smithouser, Chris Anthony, and Jesse Florea

How did you get started with Odyssey? Tell us some stories about doing the voice of Barbie.

36 Jan 23 2008 9:42 Bob Smithouser, Bob Vernon, and Jesse Florea

How did the creation of the Odyssey movies happen? What's your favorite video?

37 Feb 06 2008 30:18 Bob Smithouser, Bob Luttrell, Chris Anthony, Corey Burton, Paul McCusker, Phil Lollar, and Jesse Florea

Hear “East Winds, Raining”, a popular Adventures in Odyssey history episode, plus a behind the scenes look at the creation of this episode.

38 Feb 20 2008 9:08 Bob Smithouser, Alan Young, Marshal Younger, Walker Edmiston, and Jesse Florea

Hear an interview with Alan Young, voice of Jack Allen on Adventures in Odyssey and Scrooge McDuck on DuckTales. Also, hear a special preview of the upcoming season of Odyssey!

39 Mar 05 2008 8:55 Bob Smithouser, Phil Proctor, and Jesse Florea

Listen to Phil Proctor, voice of Leonard Meltsner, tell about the life of a voice actor. Also, hear a preview of next week's show!

40 Mar 20 2008 10:34 Bob Smithouser, Earl Boen, and Jesse Florea

Hear from Earl Boen (voice of the Blackgaard brothers) about Odyssey, acting, and the creation of voices.

41 Apr 02 2008 9:11 Bob Smithouser, Fabio Stephens, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Hear from Fabio Stephens, the voice of Curt Stevens. Plus, enjoy a preview of an upcoming episode.

42 Apr 16 2008 9:42 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, David Griffin, and Jesse Florea

Hear an interview with David Griffin, voice of Jimmy Barclay. Plus, hear about a live Adventures in Odyssey episode coming this summer!

43 Apr 30 2008 10:21 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Donald Long, Genni Long, and Jesse Florea

Hear from the voices of Lucy Cunningham-Schultz and Jack Davis, plus a preview of next week's climactic show!

44 May 14 2008 14:25 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Marshal Younger, Nathan Hoobler, and Jesse Florea

Producers Marshal Younger and Dave Arnold answer questions about the last season, Jason's disappearance, and what's coming up on Adventures in Odyssey.

44.5-1 May 24 2008 25:57 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Hear Part 1 of "Kidsboro," then check out the books available in the Kidsboro series!

44.5-2 May 31 2008 26:04 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Hear Part 2 of "Kidsboro," then check out the books available in the Kidsboro series!

44.5-3 Jun 07 2008 26:06 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Hear Part 3 of "Kidsboro," then check out the books available in the Kidsboro series!

45 Jun 18 2008 4:05 Bob Smithouser, Katie Leigh, Paul Herlinger, and Chris Anthony

Bob journeys into the Odyssey vault searching for deleted scenes.

46 Jul 02 2008 7:36 Bob Smithouser, Katie Leigh, and Jesse Florea

Learn more about the Odyssey Live Show. Hear bloopers, listen in on a read-through, and enjoy one of Katie Leigh's memories from the last live show.

47 Jul 16 2008 12:57 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Nathan Hoobler, and Jesse Florea

Hear a scene from a deleted episode, plus more about Kidsboro.

48 Jul 30 2008 12:57 Bob Smithouser, Sage Bolte, Jonathan Crowe, and Jesse Florea

Sage Bolte (voice of Robyn Jacobs and daughter of Chuck Bolte) chats about her experiences on Adventures in Odyssey. Plus Jonathan Crowe talks about “The Case of the Missing Master Tapes.”

49 Aug 13 2008 8:11 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Learn another behind the scenes “secret” from Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide!

50 Aug 27 2008 15:52 Bob Smithouser, Chris Poon, Sarah Keimig, Kevin McCreary, and Jesse Florea

Hear clips of the Birthday Bash live show from August 16, plus interviews with fans in line.

51 Sep 10 2008 11:15 Bob Smithouser, Chris Poon, Sarah Keimig, and Jesse Florea

Chris and Sarah, hosts of the Unofficial Podcast, jump into the chairs of Bob and Jesse. They interview fans at the live show, plus hear another secret from the Official Guide from writer Paul McCusker.

51.5 Sep 17 2008 20:04 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

A bizarre electromagnetic anomaly catapults the Official Podcast hosts into the Unofficial Podcast. Bob and Jesse review the Live show, talk to fans, and more.

52 Sep 24 2008 17:21 Bob Smithouser, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea

Paul McCusker talks about The Truth Chronicles, a special new album. Hear a special preview clip, plus a surprise interview from the live show.

53 Oct 08 2008 33:57 Bob Smithouser, Dave Madden, and Jesse Florea

The Biblical story of Elisha comes alive in B-TV: Obedience, a FREE half-hour drama from the new Adventures in Odyssey CD set Bible Eyewitness: Hall of Faith. Plus: don’t miss an exclusive interview at the end with actor Dave Madden, voice of “Bernard.”

54 Oct 22 2008 11:57 Bob Smithouser, Janet Waldo, and Jesse Florea

After over a decade on Adventures in Odyssey, actress Janet Waldo talks about her acting roles in “I Love Lucy,” “Battle of the Planets” and other shows, plus learn why she loves playing Jack Allen’s wife Joanne!

55 Nov 05 2008 12:39 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Marshal Younger, and Jesse Florea

Questions like what happened at the end of Album #50: The Best Small Town, why Jack and Lucy’s wedding probably won’t be heard on the show, and new details about the next broadcast season of “Adventures in Odyssey.”.

56 Nov 19 2008 14:02 Bob Smithouser, Marshal Younger, Paul Herlinger, Jess Harnell, Katie Leigh, and Jesse Florea

Get ready for exciting surprises! In a video clip with actor Paul Herlinger (voice of Whit), see if Whit can dance. Enjoy the stirring and silly stories of families who attended the live show. Watch a live-action Adventures in Odyssey video demo, still in-production in India. And watch as Wooton, Connie and others perform a scene from the live show!

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57 Dec 03 2008 29:19 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Not released since first airing in 1989, “You Go to School Where?” features Robyn Jacobs switching places for a day with her home-schooled friend Esther – with hilarious results! Plus, get details on this year's Adventures in Odyssey iPod Contest.

58 Dec 16 2008 9:52 Bob Smithouser, Mark Drury, Chuck Bolte, and Jesse Florea

Revisit the spot-on spoof “It’s A Pokenberry Christmas!” with Chuck Bolte (voice of George Barclay) and sound designer Mark Drury, who share never-before-heard secrets of this 2-part adventure.

59 Dec 31 2008 14:03 Bob Smithouser, Will Ryan, and Jesse Florea

Believe it or not, Adventures in Odyssey has featured many songs over the years. Bob and Jesse countdown the Top 10 songs ever featured on the show, including songs from the musical album “Eugene Sings” plus a few unreleased surprises. Happy New Year!

Number Date Length People Description