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There were 26 podcasts in the 2016 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
242 Jan 06 2016 17:28 Bob Smithouser, Joleen Steel, Eldon Babcock, and Jesse Florea

Months ago, Joleen Steel nominated her father Eldon Babcock for the John Avery Whittaker Award. In November, he was chosen as the grand prize winner. Hear from Joleen how her father is like Whit and hear stories (and voices!) from Eldon himself.

243 Jan 20 2016 14:42 Bob Smithouser, Ann Ault, and Jesse Florea

From creating a wacky movie named The Green Slime in Japan, to playing Robyn and Melanie’s mother on Adventures in Odyssey, to voicing car parts in North Carolina, Ann Ault tells us about her journey of faith.

244 Feb 03 2016 16:20 Bob Smithouser, Kathy Buchanan, Liz Duckworth, and Jesse Florea

On the latest edition of “Candid Conversations,” two new hosts step into Connie’s chair. They take calls from listeners, interview Kathy Buchanan (author of the Candid Conversations book series) and Liz Duckworth (the editor of the series), and hear a preview of “Walk This Way.”

245 Feb 16 2016 17:01 Bob Smithouser, Steve Saint, Marianne Hering, and Jesse Florea

In January 1956, five American missionaries travelled to a remote part of South America to contact an isolated tribe then known as the Aucas. The story of their deaths and what happened between the families of the fallen men and the tribe who killed them is told in a new Imagination Station book: “In Fear of the Spear.” Steve Saint (son of one of the missionaries) and Marianne Hering (author of the new book) tell how they told this incredible story through Adventures in Odyssey.

246 Mar 02 2016 18:23 Bob Smithouser, Jared DePasquale, and Jesse Florea

How did Jared DePasquale start creating music? How does he create themes that underscore Adventures in Odyssey episodes (and Radio Theatre dramas)? And what exactly are an “oud,” a “duduk,” and a “bouzouki”? The answers to these questions and more on this podcast!

247 Mar 16 2016 14:26 Bob Smithouser, Victor Brandt, Carol Mansell, and Jesse Florea

Wooton and Penny recently travelled to Pittsburgh to meet Penny’s parents. The actors behind Frank and Eleanor Wise (Victor Brandt and Carol Mansell) tell us about that first meeting, creating the characters, and working with Jess and Kimmy.

248 Mar 19 2016 13:05 Bob Smithouser, Dale Inghram, and Jesse Florea

Wooton’s twin brother Wellington is his opposite in almost every way. Hear from the actor who brings Wellington to life — Dale Inghram. Dale has lent his screams to video games, his voice to commercials, and his hobbit feet to Samwise Gamgee. Learn about his acting jobs and the creation and the reappearance of Wellington Bassett.

249 Apr 13 2016 8:50 Bob Smithouser, D.J. Harner, and Jesse Florea

DJ Harner has been acting on our show from before it was called Adventures in Odyssey. She appeared in the very first Focus drama called “Spare Tire.” She was later cast as Whit’s daughter Jana and recently returned as the same character in “Between the Lines.” Hear how she was cast for Odyssey, her experiences with Hal Smith, and how she actually held the same job as Jana in real life.

250 Apr 27 2016 18:46 Bob Smithouser, Kurt Bruner, Al Janssen, and Jesse Florea

Kurt Bruner and Al Janssen both worked with Adventures in Odyssey in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, they work with Open Doors, this month’s featured ministry in the Odyssey Adventure Club. Kurt and Al told us about working at Whit’s End, whether “Sunset Bowlawater” fits in Adventures in Odyssey, and a soon-to-be-fan-favorite bailiff character. Plus, they tell us what Open Doors is doing around the world and how the Club episode “When One Door Closes” fits into that mission.

251 May 11 2016 16:00 Bob Smithouser, Dave Arnold, Nathan Hoobler, Kathy Buchanan, and Jesse Florea

The writers and producers answer your questions like: “Why wasn’t Eugene in album 60?” “Where is Wooton’s house?” “Is Janna moving to Odyssey?” “What’s the name of Album 61 (and 62!)?” “Will any of Wooton’s relatives return?” “What is Old Tricks about?” “Will Jason have a big role in upcoming shows?” “How was Bernard Walton in Pinocchio?” “Did Jack Allen have any children?” and more. Plus, Bob and Jesse reveal the nominations for the Avery Awards for “Taking the Plunge” and “Head Over Heels.” Vote today!

252 May 23 2016 15:24 Bob Smithouser, Natalie Babbitt, and Jesse Florea

In a new feature, Bob and Jesse interview Natalie Babbitt, the voice of Jenny Roberts. Jenny starred in episodes like “Pen Pal,” “The Perfect Witness, Parts 1-3,” and “Count it All Joy.” Hear her memories of her time on Odyssey and what she’s up to now.

253 Jun 08 2016 10:56 Bob Smithouser, Amy Pemberton, and Jesse Florea

Listeners meet Renee D. Carter in this month’s OAC episode. Renee is an intern at Whit’s End and she’ll be appearing in several future episodes. Hear from Amy Pemberton, the voice actor behind Renee, on today’s podcast. Plus, hear a preview of “Things Not Seen.”

254 Jun 22 2016 23:11 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

Bob and Jesse hand out awards for two Adventures in Odyssey albums! Hear the winners for “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” “Lesson Learned-est Moment,” “Best Host,” and “Best Overall Episode.” Be sure to listen for several surprise (and surprised!) guests. Thank you to everyone who voted!

255 Jul 01 2016 10:27 Bob Smithouser, Justin Felbinger, and Jesse Florea

Justin Felbinger took over the role of Matthew from Gunnar Sizemore and Zach Callison, a talented legacy of Matthews. Justin’s bringing his own brand of fun and heart to the character. In this podcast, Justin tells us about his background in acting, being a part of the Parker family, and gives a preview of upcoming episodes “Parker for President,” “The Key Suspect,” and “The Grass is Always Greener.”

256 Jul 20 2016 13:08 Bob Smithouser, Nathan Carlson, and Jesse Florea

Nathan has voiced many characters, from John Mark in “The Imagination Station” to Inspector Cordova in “The Cross of Cortes” to a Mandy and David Straussberg’s dad. But he’s most well-known as bad-guy turned good-guy Richard Maxwell. Nathan chats with us about the craft of voice acting. Plus, hear a preview of Album 61: “Without a Hitch,” now available in the Club.

257 Aug 03 2016 16:34 Bob Smithouser, Aria Curzon, and Jesse Florea

Aria Curzon first appeared as the title character of Clara in episode “Clara.” And then she returned as Mandy Straussberg for nearly ten years. Plus she starred in three Odyssey live shows. Hear about her time on the show and what she’s been up lately! Plus, hear a preview of “The Boat People, Part 2.”

258 Aug 17 2016 16:41 Bob Smithouser, Landon Arnold, Dave Arnold, and Jesse Florea

Landon Arnold played Scrubb Moseley — Rodney Rathbone’s cousin — as well as the role of Cody Carper. And he is the son of now executive producer (then sound designer) Dave Arnold. So Landon grew up in the midst of Odyssey production. Hear about those days years ago, plus a few secrets about Dave Arnold himself. Plus, hear a preview of “A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 2.”

259 Aug 31 2016 29:08 Alan Young, Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, Phil Lollar, Chuck Bolte, Katie Leigh, Will Ryan, Townsend Coleman, Mark Drury, Marshal Younger, Bob Luttrell, Rob Jorgensen, Nathan Hoobler, John Fornof, and Janet Waldo

The Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew remember our friends Alan Young (voice of Jack Allen) and Janet Waldo (voice of Joanne Allen), who passed away this year. Featuring: Dave Arnold (executive producer), Paul McCusker (former executive producer), Phil Lollar (writer/director), Chuck Bolte (former executive producer), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), Will Ryan (voice of Eugene), Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason), Mark Drury (sound designer), Marshal Younger (writer/director), Bob Luttrell (sound designer), Rob Jorgensen (sound designer), Nathan Hoobler (writer/director), and John Fornof (writer/director)

260 Sep 14 2016 18:43 Bob Smithouser, Sage Bolte, Erin Bolte, and Jesse Florea

Sage and Erin Bolte argued and fought as siblings Robyn and Melanie Jacobs on Adventures in Odyssey, modeling their performances after their real-life squabbles. As daughters of then-executive producer Chuck Bolte, they saw the inside story of Odyssey and of Chuck himself.

261 Sep 27 2016 12:29 Bob Smithouser, Stuart Allan, and Jesse Florea

Buddy Norman just moved to Odyssey Middle School and imagines all sorts of terrible things that could happen there – from encounters with gangsters to a journey back to the Old West. Hear from Stuart Allen who plays Buddy in his Odyssey debut. Plus, get a sneak peek of a scene from the adventure.

262 Oct 12 2016 24:02 Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea

It's time to turn the tables! Andrew, JD, and Roy from Audio Theatre Central interview our hosts Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea about their stories. It starts with coming to Focus and leads to their experiences with Adventures in Odyssey and reflections on doing more than 260 Official Podcasts.

263 Oct 24 2016 14:34 Bob Smithouser, Phil Lollar, and Jesse Florea

Writer/director Phil Lollar talks tells us all about how Renee D. Carter was inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series, her similarity to her namesake French philosopher, and why she’s from Scotland.

264 Nov 09 2016 17:13 Bob Smithouser, Atticus Shaffer, and Jesse Florea

Atticus Shaffer voices the mysterious new character of Morrie on Adventures in Odyssey. He tells us about working on TV, auditioning for Odyssey, his struggles, his Christian faith, and more.

265 Nov 22 2016 16:42 Bob Smithouser, Bob Hoose, Nathan Jones, and Jesse Florea

Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer Nathan Jones go deep into the story of the creation of The Key Suspect and reveal more about the new characters Morrie and Suzu. Plus, hear a preview of the upcoming Odyssey milestone: A Very Bassett Wedding.

266 Dec 07 2016 15:39 Bob Smithouser, Kathy Buchanan, Jonathan Crowe, and Jesse Florea

Writer/director Kathy Buchanan and sound designer Jonathan Crowe share stories from the creation of the Odyssey milestone "A Very Bassett Wedding."

267 Dec 19 2016 39:30 Bob Smithouser, Allen Hurley, and Jesse Florea

Merry Christmas! It’s time for a free episode! In this classic story from Album 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen, Wooton Bassett wants to help Edwin Blackgaard with an upcoming production. Liz Horton tries to find something–anything–she can do better than others. Plus, hear an interview with sound designer Allen Hurley.

Number Date Length People Description