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There were 9 podcasts in the 2006 Podcasts season.
Number Date Length People Description
1 Sep 20 2006 8:01 Jesse Florea, Nathan Hoobler, Courtney Brown, Marshal Younger, and Josh Sheperd Interviews with Courtney Brown and Marshal Younger

Actress Courtney Brown talks about playing the role of Tamika. Plus, producer Marshal Younger takes us behind-the-scenes of the then latest Adventures in Odyssey release "A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities)".

2 Oct 04 2006 9:34 Jesse Florea, Marshal Younger, Dave Arnold, and Nathan Hoobler Producer Q & A

Executive producer Dave Arnold and producer Marshal Younger answer fan questions about the Fall 2006 season of Adventures in Odyssey, including reasons for dealing with divorce, details on Eugene’s search for his dad, and previews.

3 Oct 18 2006 9:11 Jesse Florea, Nathan Hoobler, Katie Leigh, Aria Curzon, and Suzanne Collins Interview with Katie Leigh and Aria Curzon

Katie Leigh talks about her mission trip to Peru, reminding her of Adventures in Odyssey’s interactive games set in Peru. Plus, actress Aria Curzon discusses being a Christian in Hollywood.

4 Nov 01 2006 10:56 Jesse Florea, Marshal Younger, Dave Arnold, Nathan Hoobler Producer Q & A

Fan questions are answered by Producer Marshal Younger and Executive Producer Dave Arnold, including details on why kids leave Odyssey, how old Mr. Whittaker is, and if the website’s “WonderWorld” section will be back up.

5 Nov 15 2006 9:27 Jesse Florea, Paul McCusker, Paul Herlinger, Josh, Nathan Hoobler Interview with Paul Herlinger, Part 1, plus interview with Paul McCusker

Paul Herlinger takes us back to his early days in TV and radio. Plus, author Paul McCusker reveals why fans won’t want to miss the Adventures in Odyssey Novels.

6 Nov 29 2006 7:35 Bob Smithouser, Katie Leigh, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Paul Herlinger, and Jesse Florea Interview with Paul Herlinger, Part 2, plus interview with Mark Christopher Larwence and Katie Leigh

Adventures in Odyssey actors Katie Leigh (“Connie”) and Mark Christopher Lawrence (“Ed Washington”) talk together, plus we hear more insights from Paul Herlinger.

6.5 Dec 07 2006 25:04 Bob Smithouser, Paul McCusker, and Jesse Florea Free Episode: 054: Peace on Earth

As our gift to podcast subscribers, The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast presents this classic Christmas story with the Barclay family“Peace on Earth”.

7 Dec 13 2006 11:36 Bob Smithouser, Christopher Diehl, Jonathan Crowe, Nathan Jones, and Jesse Florea Sound Designer Q & A, Part 1

Sound designers Jonathan Crowe, Nate Jones, and Christopher Diehl, from the Adventures in Odyssey and Radio Theater teams, answer questions about voice editing, mixing... and advice for starting your own audio drama!

8 Dec 27 2006 14:14 Bob Smithouser, Paul McCusker, John Campbell, and Jesse Florea Interview with Paul McCusker, plus John Campbell talks about the AIO theme

Longtime writer Paul McCusker talks about “The Lost Episodes” 4-CD release, featuring Adventures in Odyssey shows never-before-available. Also, we hear from composer John Campbell about the evolution of our music theme.

Number Date Length People Description