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2019 Last Avery Awards to Date

Avery Awards: Team Edition is an Official Podcast-exclusive spin-off of the Odyssey Awards series. Like the current Averys, it is hosted by Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea. Rather than the traditional process (established in the second edition) of selecting the "best of" a particular season based on viewer voting, Team Edition centers around members of the Adventures in Odyssey team selecting their favorite moments from across the series' entire history. Team Edition and Winter 2013 Edition are the only seasons of the Averys to be released in video form.


Participant Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Writer/director Phil Lollar Yes Yes Yes
Producer Nathan Hoobler Yes Yes Yes
Writer/director Marshal Younger Yes Yes Yes
Podcast host Bob Smithouser Yes Yes Yes
Sound designer Christopher Diehl Yes Yes No
Executive producer Dave Arnold Yes No No
Sound designer Rudy Haerr No Yes Yes
Writer Abigail Geiger No No Yes


As of July 2020, three episodes of Team Edition have been released. The first episode, honoring the best scenes across AIO history, aired on April 22, 2020 as Official Podcast 354. The next episode, which focused on the cast and crew reliving their favorite studio moments, aired on May 6, 2020 as Official Podcast 355. It features an appearance from the remote team working on future AIO episodes. The third episode, centered around the show's best lines of dialogue, aired on July 27, 2020 as Official Podcast 361.

Best Scene

Participant Favorite Scene
Phil Lollar Two of Phil's favorite scenes occur in the episode #12: “The Tangled Web”. The first one is when Jeremy Forsythe's lie spreads around Odyssey, a moment inspired by Norman Rockwell's painting The Gossips. The second one is the ending scene where Whit explains to Connie that even if she "gets away" with her lie, both her and God will still know the truth, ultimately leaving it up to her whether she wants to go through with the lie or not. Phil praises Bob Luttrell's audio work in both scenes.
Nathan Hoobler Nathan Hoobler's favorite scene occurs at the climax of #334: “The Final Conflict”, as Jack Allen attempts to convince Regis Blackgaard to accept Christ, despite Blackgaard's assertion that his soul is irredeemable.
Marshal Younger Marshal Younger's favorite scene is Eugene and Connie's (fake) romance in #440: “I Slap Floor”. He said hearing the final audio version of the scene was "satisfying as a writer because it was so much better than what was on the page."
Bob Smithouser Bob Smithouser likes the final scene in the club episode #838: “Rewinding the Big Picture”, in which Maisey's dementia-patient grandfather, George, remembers her. He praised the moving performance of Monte Markham as George as being the main reason for his vote.
Christopher Diehl Christopher Diehl's favorite scene occurs in the episode #813: “One More Name, Part 1”, which follows Irena Sendler as she helps children escape the Warsaw Ghetto. In Diehl's opinion, both the sounds of Holocaust trains in the background and the confrontation by the a Nazi guard heightened the emotional intensity of the scene.
Dave Arnold Dave Arnold's favorite scene is Eugene's conversion to Christianity in #330: “The Time Has Come”, specifically the part where Eugene sees the events of his life played before him in the Imagination Station. Arnold credited the relatability of Eugene's character in the scene as being responsible for converting several listeners to Christ.

Best Moment In The Studio

Participant Favorite Moment In The Studio
Marshall Younger Younger's favorite studio moment occurred during the recording of #490 – #491: “The Black Veil”. To create background noise that resembled a television broadcast, Jess Harnell, Townsend Coleman, and Jack Blessing ad-libbed an Alaskan talk show, which the crew found hilarious.
Rudy Haerr Sound designer Rudy Haerr's favorite behind-the-scenes moment happened in the Foley studio during production on #639: “The Triangled Web, Part 2”. To make the sound effects for the scene where Jimmy Barclay is jokingly "beat up" by Curt Stevens and Jack Davis, Haerr, the smallest and lightest crew member available, had to be held upside-down inside a garbage can.
Phil Lollar Lollar liked how Walker Edmiston, Will Ryan, and Hal Smith would spontaneously begin singing after every cut. Another one of his favorite moments was Gregory Jbara's "brilliant" performance as Wilson Knox in the unreleased episode #895: “The Martyr and the Rooster”.

However, his overall favorite was Alan Young's performance as Jack Allen in #353: “A Question About Tasha”. The episode sees Jack explaining to Connie about how he'll never know if his wife became a Christian or not because she suffered a stroke before he could convert her. The reason Young's performance was so convincing was that he had just lost a close friend.

Bob Smithouser Smithouser's favorite moment in the studio happened during the recording of the club episode #775: “Take It on Trust”. When Kelly Stables couldn't make it on time, Smithouser filled in for her as Olivia Parker, acting opposite Natalie Lander as Zoe Grant. Later in the day, Kelly recorded her lines for Olivia, opposite Dave Arnold filling in for Natalie.
Christopher Diehl Diehl's pick was a moment from the on-location Foley recording for #679 – #690: “The Green Ring Conspiracy”. One of the other crew members had borrowed a truck from a friend to create the sound for Skint's truck. Nate Jones recorded the truck's sound effects from the hood. When Diehl suddenly started driving (as the script required), an unprepared Jones had to hang on to the truck for dear life.
Nathan Hoobler Hoobler's favorite production moment happened during the taping of the 30th Birthday Live Show. Hoobler, who served as stage manager, led the Westcott girls in a rendition of "O Come, All Ye Faithful." As thousands of audience members joined in, Hoobler said he felt like he was experiencing a "preview of Heaven."