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The Best Scene was an award given out during the End of Season Awards, starting in the 2001-2002 Countermoves Season Awards, and Avery Awards. The closest predecessor to this award is the Best Moment award in early End of Season Awards (see Miscellaneous Awards)

2001-2002 Countermoves Season Awards

The chase scene between Bennett Charles and Jack Allen in #485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”

2002 Battle Lines Season Awards

Finding out Mitch is alive in #495: “The Unraveling” .

Winter 2003 End of Season Awards

The "Rocky" Montage: #513: “Do or Diet”: Wooton, Bernard, and Whit learn to exercise from their coach Connie under music similar to Rocky.

Spring 2003 End of Season Awards

The Proposal: {ep|Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Part 2}} : Mitch proposes to a shocked Connie, but before she can answer, AREM pops up on the screen.

Fall 2003 End of Season Awards

Like a Daughter to Me: #534: “Something Blue, Part 2” Connie and Whit talk about her upcoming wedding (and whether she's ready). Connie asks Whit to walk her down the aisle.

Spring 2004 End of Season Awards

Jimmy and George's farewell: #536: “Living in the Gray, Part 2” Jimmy Barclay talks to his dad in the airport security line. He finally admits that he "wants to come home."

Fall 2004 End of Season Awards

The Chicago Job: #557: “A Lamb's Tale” Nick confronts Mike Mulligan about the real reason he gave up the job in Chicago—for Nick.

Spring 2005 End of Season Awards

Eugene returns to Adventures in Odyssey in #564: “A Most Intriguing Question” .

Fall 2005 End of Season Awards

Not Last in a Long Line: #574: “Prisoners of Fear, Part 1” Eugene puts together the pieces and realizes there is a chance his parents may still be alive.

Spring 2006 End of Season Awards

Mandy Visits Liz: #592: “Now More than Ever” Mandy rushes to the Horton house needing someone to speak to about her parent's separation.

Fall 2006 End of Season Awards

Secrets Revealed: #602: “Mum's the Word” Trent, Mandy, Liz, Max, and Connie debate who to blame while accidentally revealing a string of secrets over the airwaves.

Spring 2010 Avery Awards

Deaths in the Family: #660: “For the Birds” The Parker family discusses all the pets they have had and their unfortunate demises.

Fall 2010 Avery Awards

Clock Tower Meetings: #667: “The Mystery of the Clock Tower” The story of the secret clock tower meetings.

Spring 2011 Avery Awards

  • no award for Best Scene

Fall 2011 Avery Awards

Katrina's class screaming and changing seats in #700: “How to Sink a Sub”

Summer 2012 Avery Awards

  • no award for Best Scene

Winter 2013 Avery Awards

Connie, Wooton, and Penny reunite with Jason in #724 – #725: “Home Again”

Fall 2013 Avery Awards

Eugene and Katrina yelling romantic thoughts over a loud singer in #731: “More Than a Feeling”

Fall 2014 Avery Awards

  • no award for Best Scene

2016 Avery Awards

  • no award for Best Scene

2017 Avery Awards

Wooton and Wellington play Good Cop/Bad Cop with an elderly woman in #805 – #806: “A Very Bassett Wedding”

2018 Avery Awards

Dion meets the mother of his heart donor in #829: “Have a Heart”

2019 Avery Awards

Jay chokes on jellybeans on a live show in #850: “The Shame About Fame”

2020 Avery Awards

Jillian and Jason pretend to be a married couple at a wedding rehearsal in #878 – #879: “Nightmares by Constance”

2021 Avery Awards

Whit challenges Morrie to tell the whole truth in #898 – #900: “The Rydell Revelations”