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The Best Episode was an award given in The End of Season Awards and is now given in The Averys.

Fall 1999 End of Season Awards


Fall 2000 End of Season Awards

The Great Wishy Woz


Red Herring



The Odyssey Awards equivalent of a Best Picture Oscar ended in a tie between "The Great Wishy Woz" and "Red Herring", two of the best reviewed episodes of the season. While there's no denying that "The Great Wishy Woz" was probably the most "unique" and different episode, "Red Herring" provided us with a lot of questions and new kid character. If I had to personally pick between the two, I would probably choose "The Great Wishy Woz", though they are both episodes that I could listen to over and over again

2001-2002 Countermoves Season Awards

#485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”

Dominating the best episode category were all four parts of the Plan B episodes. "Collision Course" took the top spot with its car chases and dramatic revelations. Second place went to Resistance, possibly for it's increased emotions, stellar performances by the actors, and excellent writing.

2002 Battle Lines Season Awards


It was a very different season for Adventures in Odyssey, following on the heels of the highly-popular "Plan B" series and with every story dealing in some way with the Novacom story line. In the end, "Exit," the grand finale of the Novacom saga won an easy first place, with its big action scenes and resolution to many story arc plot threads. "The Unraveling" earned second place, with many emotional Connie scenes and a shocker ending. "500," the clip/interview season finale got third.

Winter 2003 End of Season Awards

The Pact

An interesting trend has begun to emerge with the season awards. Not unlike the Oscars, shows airing late in the season tend to score higher in the fan rankings. In this round, the final four shows of the season placed in the top four slots. In the seasons before, #499: “Exit”, the season finale, and #485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”, a very "late" show, won best episode. There are two possible reasons for this skew. One: Fans remember the shows at the end of each season and vote for them because they are fresh in their minds. Two: The shows tend to be better at the end of the season.

In any case, the mystery "The Pact" earned best episode with the comedic "Do or Diet" winning a close second.


Three years ago, people outside of the Internet hadn't even heard of Nathan Hoobler. Today...people still haven't heard of him because they shut off the radio/tape/CD player the moment Chris begins to reiterate the moral of the stories. However, since joining the Odyssey team, no one can deny Nathan has written some of the best episodes in recent memory. "The Pact I & II" is my personal favorite of them all (so far!), and I think it's a tribute to the author's understanding of what Odyssey is, and what the fans want it to be. The music, story, production, acting... everything came together perfect for this episode. The past season got off to a rocky start, with expectations extremely high after the Novacom arc... but "The Pact" proves that Odyssey still has a lot of life left in it.

Spring 2003 End of Season Awards

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Positive reaction to "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?" was muted at the time that Part Three aired (due mainly to some fans uncertainty with the ending). However, the sensational victory of the show in the "Best Episode" award clearly shows it to be a fan favorite. It was an episode that had something for everyone—action, adventure, investigation, romance, the return of long-lost characters, "nice" talks with Whit and Connie, and an ending that left many future stories open. Certainly it's an episode that fans will be talking about for some time to come. This episode marks the first "Best Episode" award for writer Kathy Wierenga.

Second place went to a very different episode...the hilarious duo of Wooton and Bernard in "Bassett Hounds." Many fans have dubbed this the best Wooton episode yet.

Fall 2003 End of Season Awards

Something Blue

In a repeat of last season, the reaction was sharply divided over the final episode. For Part 1 of "Something Blue," many fans loved the ending because Connie and Mitch were now getting married; many other fans hated the idea and even more hated the idea of losing Connie to Budapest for two years. When Part 2 aired, reaction was once again diverse. Fans of Mitch didn't like him leaving Connie behind and wondered about the whole relationship. Other fans were happy that Connie would still be around. And many thought the show was great dramatically. But it was still a very uncertain feeling on the web. "Blue's" victory can be taken as a sign of fan approval or an acknowledgment of the skill that went into crafting the detailed show. Overall, it's an episode that will keep fans talking and debating for some time to come.

Edwin, Malcolm, and Bart's dramatics in "The Taming of the Two" won second place.


I'll be the first to admit I didn't like Something Blue I. Lots of talking, Mitch wasn't being very nice to Connie, the whole marriage thing seemed all wrong. But Something Blue II, blue me away. Hehe, ah, yeah. So overall, my overall enjoyment of Something Blue II was so great that it evened things out, and definitely Something Blue was my favorite episode the season. Oddly enough, I think the order these episodes finished are the same as my own personal rankings.

Spring 2004 End of Season Awards

Living in The Gray

In a change from previous seasons, few of the episodes this season had to do with on-going story arcs. In fact, "Split Ends" and "Stubborn Streaks" were really the only episodes to deal with a continued story — Mandy and Liz's argument. The winner for Best Episode went to a show without much "action adventure" or huge twists. By voting for "Living in the Gray" for Best Episodes, fans are clearly saying that a show doesn't need to be part of a storyline or be action/adventure to be great.

Not that fans are against action-adventure! The strong second place finish of "No Way Out / No Way In" proved that. However, it was also the first time in five seasons that the season finale did not win the award. Will the finale make a comeback next season? Stay tuned!

Fall 2004 End of Season Awards

Sunday Morning Scramble

Last season broke the "Oscar curse" for the Season Awards. Before this time, episodes airing at the end of the always won the award. "Living in the Gray" was the first episode of the season and won the last round. This time, "Sunday Morning Scramble," a popular show from the middle of the season walked away with the award. The show was notable because it primarily featured the Washington family and only smaller parts for main Odyssey characters Tom and Bart. It was also arguably the most "relatable" show of the season with it's "family racing to church" theme.

In another close second, the heartfelt and touching season closer "A Lamb's Tale" gained a quarter of the votes.

Spring 2005 End of Season Awards

Two Friends and a Truck


Fall 2005 End of Season Awards

Prisoners of Fear


Spring 2006 End of Season Awards

A Time for Action


Fall 2006 End of Season Awards

The Chosen One


Spring 2010 Avery Awards

The Jubilee Singers


Fall 2010 Avery Awards

The Mystery of the Clock Tower


Fall 2011 Avery Awards

Unbecoming Jay

Summer 2012 Avery Awards

The Labyrinth

Fall 2013 Avery Awards

Life Expectancy, Part 1


Between The Lines


A Very Bassett Wedding


Find a Penny


The Long End


“Nightmares by Constance, Parts 1 and 2”


The Rydell Revelations