Fall 2011 Avery Awards

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Spring 2011 Summer 2012


The Official Site, hosted the fourth edition of The Averys. The winners were announced during an awards ceremony on the Official Podcast on March 7th, 2012. The 4th version of Avery Awards centers around Album 54: Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love.


Fall 2011 Avery Awards Show
The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast


Best Actress:

Shelbie Bruce as young Lucia

Cristina Pucelli as Emily

Kimmy Robertson as Penny WINNER

Kelly Stables as Olivia

Audrey Wasilewski as Katrina Meltsner

Best Actor:

Marc Evan Jackson as David Parker

Adam Wylie as Ryan Cummings

Jess Harnell as Wooton Bassett

Whit Hertford as Jay Smouse WINNER

Will Ryan as Eugene Meltsner

Best Scene:

How to Sink a Sub WINNER

Never for Nothing

Wooton Knows Best

Childish Things

The Amazing Loser

Best Script:

How to Sink a Sub- Kathy Buchanan

Best Sound:

The Amazing Loser- Christopher Diehl

Best overall episode:

Unbecoming Jay