Fall 2014 Avery Awards

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Fall 2013 2016

This round of the Avery Awards takes place at Odi-con, an Odyssey fan convention. See the winners for “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” “Best Scene,” “Best Sound Moment,” and “Best Overall Storyline.”


Fall 2014 Avery Awards Show
The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Best Actress

Audrey Wasilewski as Katrina Meltsner
Barbara Niles as Rhonda Adelaide
Kimmy Robertson as Penny Wise
Katie Leigh as Connie Kendall
Odyssey awards.png Shona Kennedy as Jules Kendall

Best Sound Moment

Sound Moment
Whit uses the Train set as an object lesson and all the kids participate.
Buck gets beat up by Vance's friends in McAlister Park.
Harlow and the kids are surprised that a ghost town is filled with zombies.
Odyssey awards.png Wooton and Penny visit Comic-Connelsville and see many displays.

Best Actor

Andre Stojka as John Whittaker
Will Ryan as Eugene Meltsner and Harlow Doyle
Odyssey awards.png Robby Bruce as Buck Oliver
Jess Harnell as Wooton Bassett"
Chad Doreck as Hadley Bassett"

Most Surprising Moment

Whit's End is vandalized by the Vigilantors.
Jules Kendall shows up at Comic-Connellsville.
Odyssey awards.png Wooton's House burns down.
Whit collapses at the Odyssey Business Association meeting.
Jules Kendall is the Perilous Pen's informant.

Best New Character

Ben Parley
Randall Edgeworth
Dee Grant
Odyssey awards.png Hadley Bassett

Best Overall Storyline

Connie finds a trunk that her mom left behind.
The kids investigate Hangman's Hollow and find a ghost town.
Miss Adelaide and Whit fight over the Let's Get Together festival.
The Perilous Pen reveals Wooton's secret comic creations.
Odyssey awards.png Eugene and Katrina bring Buck Oliver into the Meltsner home.