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Jimmy Barclay
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Donna's cynical younger brother who has a great imagination and loves to have fun.


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Jimmy's parents are George and Mary Barclay. He has two siblings, Donna Barclay and Stewart Reed. His Grandfather is Grandpa Barclay. In his life, they have had one cat, Ferguson (given to Donna by her friend Karen Crosby before Karen died from cancer), and a dog, named Normal. It is also mentioned that he has a deceased Great-Grandmother Benson in The Family Vacation, Part 1.


Donna’s younger brother is typically adolescent in his outlook on life. He’s had a difficult time with growing up and dealing with the new realm of teenage problems. He’s also a cynic, often directing wisecracks at his family. But he is deeply devoted to his family and a “Barclay" through and through. He loves to play "Zapazoids."

In the two-part series Living in the Gray, Connie discovers that Jimmy's really been living a double life. He tells his family and friends that he works for a big local newspaper and is making good money, when really he's almost a vagrant, relying on his employer for housing. Really he works for a small tabloid.


  • In Jimmy's first episode Family Vacation, Part 1 he mentioned that his third grade teacher's name was Mrs. Adams and got an ice cream sundae and boredom buster at Whit's End
  • Jimmy tried keeping a journal, but it only appears in a few episodes.
  • Jimmy once got a C- on a spelling test
  • Jimmy once ran away from home and spent all of his money on Arcade Games
  • Jimmy's earlobes turn red when he is mad.
  • When his dad lost his job, Jimmy took on a paper route in order to help his family with a little extra income.
  • Jimmy is more than likely in his early 20's.
  • Jimmy has aspired to many vocations over the series, including an actor, a paramedic, and a preacher.
  • Jimmy's name was a purposeful reference to Jimmy Stewart in the film "It's a Wonderful Life." In fact, the names of the entire Barclay family were references to that film, as revealed in an interview released on CD. Numerous other It’s a Wonderful Life References appear throughout AIO.
  • At one time as an adolescent, Jimmy received a mass of unwanted love letters and poems.
  • In one scene of The Vow, Jimmy played basketball with his shorts.
  • Jimmy is the only Barclay child whose middle name is unknown.


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Jimmy Barclay is voiced by David Griffin, has appeared in 63 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 90.1%.

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