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Donna Barclay
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Donna Renae Barclay is one of the best developed characters in the series, but after the Barclay family moved to Pokenberry Falls, the family as a whole was only needed once again, in a two part Christmas special. Donna currently goes to school in California.


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Donna is the oldest (and only girl) of three children. Her younger brothers are Jimmy who is 2 years younger and Stewart, who is probably around 15 years younger, and her parents are Mary and George Barclay. Her Grandfather is Grandpa Barclay. Jimmy is her younger brother who she thinks is annoying. They also have a dog named Normal who is also considered a member of the family.


Donna is rambunctious and going through the typical phases of a teenager. She’s prone to complain and is always trying to keep up with what her friends are doing. She is constantly harassed by her younger brother Jimmy Barclay.


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  • Donna's name was a purposeful reference to Donna Reed, from the film "It's a Wonderful Life." In fact, the names of the entire Barclay family were references to that film, as revealed in an interview released on Album 2, on the first CD in that Album. Numerous others, It’s a Wonderful Life References, appear throughout AIO.
  • In Preacher's Kid, Donna rebels from the expectations of her position, basically bringing up the subject of PKs in culture.
  • Donna had a boyfriend named Kevin (b)
  • In Family Vacation, Donna was complaining about going on a vacation. But in Our Best Vacation Ever, she was complaining about not getting to go on vacation.
  • When Donna was five years old she tried to glue her hair back on her head.
  • When she was six she asked her parents (George and Mary) for her own private phone line.
  • At the age of eight she made brownies and the whole family (Jimmy, George, Mary) had to get their stomachs pumped.
  • Donna also had a crush on Jack Davis.
  • It's said in Living in the Gray, Part 1 that Donna's in law school in California.
  • Donna loves to go shopping at the mall.


Donna Barclay is voiced by Azure Janosky, has appeared in 52 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89%.