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Official Podcast 70
June 02, 2009
"Marshal Younger talks about the Kidsboro book series and introduces a surprise guest who inspired the book!" Listen!


New Collections

May 29, 2009
New information has been added concerning two upcoming collections: Fletchers Rebellion and AIO Encore Collection.


Radio Schedule

May 21, 2009
The 2009 Schedule pages have been changed once again with everything that is currently known.


Official Podcast 69
May 20, 2009
Enjoy a free episode from Album 17: On Earth as It Is in Heaven, plus hear Bob Luttrell talk about bringing actors to the show and stepping behind the microphone himself. Listen!


Darien's Rise
May 12, 2009
The preliminary cover art for the upcoming 9-part miniseries, "Darien's Rise" has been released at CBD.


AIOWiki birthday

May 06, 2009
On April 25th we experienced the second birthday of AIOwiki. In that time we have grown to having over 200 daily visitors from 60 countries around the world, over 1.1 million page views, a complete episode guide, nearly completed cast, crew and character sections, along almost 15,000 pages, over 700 images and being the first fan site to have a user based rating system and character intersection. A huge thanks to all those who have made this site such a huge success.


Official Podcast 68

May 06, 2009
A glimpse at some of the nearly hidden dialog in some episodes, and an interview with the President of Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy Listen!


AIO Live Review

May 04, 2009
Reddo has posted a review of the upcoming Adventures in Odyssey: Live! collection, you can check it out here.


New Rating System

April 24, 2009
As some of you may have noticed we recently changed to a new rating system. It has many advantages over the old system including the ability to generate top episodes overall, by year, and album, as well as outputting each user's favorite episodes. So log in or create an account and start voting today!


August 12, 2009
A new section of the official site has been launched, to promte the upcoming release of Darien's Rise. It can be found here.


Official Podcast 67

April 22, 2009
In the third ever video podcast, more details on the upcoming 2010 Season episodes, a clip of Darien's Rise and a new scene from Adventures in Odyssey Live. Be sure and check it out here


Main Page

April 16, 2009
Thanks to Spiderman for our awesome new main page layout.



April 08, 2009
Our archive of every radio broadcast date since 2000 is finally completed. Go check it out.


Novacom Saga (collection) and Kidsboro (sampler album)
April 05, 2009
Today the is the release of the Novacom Saga collection and there is back cover for the Kidsboro Sampler, which will be avaliable in June.


Official Podcast 65

March 26, 2009
Journey into the Adventures in Odyssey Writers Room! Listen!


Schedule and Novacom

March 17, 2009
The radio schedule for April, May and June have been updated. The audio version of Darien's Rise scheduled to start September 19th with the weekend episodes being filled in with a series of discovering Odyssey, Kidsboro, Washington family and Passages episodes. Also more clips of the bonus disc from the Novacom Saga have been added


Novacom Saga
March 13, 2009
An exclusive preview clip of the upcoming Novacom Saga collection has been posted, it can be heard here


New Pictures

March 03, 2009
New pictures of the upcoming AIO: LIVE! and Novacom Saga collections have been added!


Called On in Class

January 29, 2009
The 61st edition of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast is a free copy of the episode Called On in Class, after the episode there is a bonus feature with Bob Hoose about how Trent DeWhite received his name Listen!


Days to Remember
January 22, 2009
The new cover art for album 31 has been released, it should be available in stores in March. For more information on the repackaging project see here



January 14, 2009
A special sampler CD of the Kidsboro episodes will be released in June with a coupon for $3 off the The Truth Chronicles, which will also be available in stores in June


Official Podcast 60

January 14, 2009
Hear an interview with Steve Burns, the voice of Robert Mitchell and Rodney Rathbone Listen!


Novacom Collection

January 09, 2009
A special trailer for the upcoming collection is now available, it can be viewed here


Episodes Currently Airing

January 06, 2009
After months of not being updated, our listing of currently airing episodes has been redesigned brought up to date, and in the future it will be updated daily, to access it click all under recently aired episodes in the sidebar.


Official Podcast 82
November 17, 2009
Come along as Brock steals the camera and tries to escape Bob and Jesse while showing top secret video and secrets behind the scenes of Album 51.

Official Podcast 64

March 10, 2009
Bob and Jesse interview Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker and Nathan Hoobler about the upcoming season as well as the AIO: LIVE! set. Listen!


Cover Art for Darien's Rise
July 07, 2009
The second concept art for the dramatized version of Darien's Rise has been released.


Rating System

July 07, 2009
We have changed the rating system for albums, now the rating displayed will be the average rating of all episode included in that collection. We are still missing ratings for a number of episodes so log-in and vote today


More Art
July 09, 2009
Today cover art for AIO Encore Collection and Fletchers Rebellion has been released. Both are planned to be released in September.


The Secret Word Contest

July 11, 2009
Don't forget to listen to today's episode, then go to the Whit's End blog and type in the secret word to acess bonus content on the website.


Adventures in Odyssey Day
July 14, 2009
On July 23rd, Focus will be hosting and "Adventures in Odyssey Day" at Raging Waves Water Park in Chicago (more)


Official Podcast 73
July 15, 2009
"Go behind the scenes of 'Sunday Morning Scramble, plus the explanation for the Snowflake Incident" Listen!



July 18, 2009
The schedule for October is now up.


Official Podcast 74
July 29, 2009
"The Washington actors answer questions from fans submitted on the blog, including questions about their families and their favorite episodes." Listen!


Cover Art for Darien's Rise
July 30, 2009
A new version of the cover art for Darien's Rise is now available, the collection is due for release early next month.


Album 51

August 01, 2009
Some new spoilers have been posted for the upcoming album, including the tentative name.


New Artwork
August 03, 2009
Several new album images have been released. These include the back cover for Darien's Rise, and Welcome Home, along with the front and back of Lost and Found, and the 3D image of AIO Encore Collection.


Town of Odyssey Upgrade
August 03, 2009
The Town of Odyssey has upgraded their site with new features and a new look!


Official Podcast 75
August 06, 2009
The 75th official podcast includes information about the new actor playing Whit in the upcoming season. Listen!


New Whit
August 07, 2009
Officially announced today on the Official Podcast, Paul Herlinger will be stepping down as the role for Whit. His replacement will be Andre Stojka, who will début as Whit and the narrator for Darien's Rise.


The Secret Word Contest

August 15, 2009
You definitely want to check out the bonus content featured on the secret word contest today. Just listen to this episode, and enter the word here.


It's Coming

August 16, 2009


The Ultimate Passages Fan Scavenger Hunt!

August 18, 2009
Three Fan sites are putting together a contest for the upcoming release of Passages, see here for more information


Official Passages Trailer
August 19, 2009
A trailer for the upcoming Darien's Rise release can be see here.


60,000 edits

August 21, 2009
At 02:22, August 21, 2009 (UTC), Natedude24 made our 60,000th edit. We've also surpassed 1.5 million page views (over 80,000 on the main page), 1,200 full content pages written, and 900 files uploaded.


Official Podcast 76

August 26, 2009
A free episode, Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion, Part 1, is given away, plus an interview with sound designer Rob Jorgensen and special surprise! Listen!


New Artwork
September 01, 2009
The new cover art for album 51 and the reframed version of album 43 have been released. For more information on the repackaging project see here. Only seven left until all the albums are drawn by Gary Locke and are properly framed.



September 04, 2009
A new summary for Album 51: Take it From the Top has been put added, and the official site is having a new contest.


Ultimate Passages Fan Scavenger Hunt

September 05, 2009
All of us from AIO Wiki, Odyssey Scoop, and The Unofficial Podcast would like to congratulate Erin S., our grand prize winner. She will receive a free copy of the audio adaptation of Passages: Darien's Rise. For more info see here.


Schedule, Official Podcast Contest, and Official Podcast 77
September 10, 2009
The schedule for November 2009 is now fully up, the contest to have your voice on an upcoming episode is coming to a close (see here for more details), and 77th official podcast has come out. Listen!


Darien's Rise
September 11, 2009
Darien's Rise is now shipping from CBD. If you've pre-ordered you should be receiving it very soon, and if you order it now, it should show up in a few days.


Rating System

September 11, 2009
We are pleased to announce that anonymous users are now able to vote on episode ratings.


Darien's Rise, Part 1

September 19, 2009
Darien's Rise, Part 1 airs today and can be heard here. After listening please rate the episode.


Official Podcast 78
September 23, 2009
Jim Cummings, voice of King Lawrence in Darien's Rise and voice-over legend talks about his background, unusual projects, and playing an insane person. Listen!


News feed

September 24, 2009
Want a more efficient way to catch up on AIO news? Now you can subscribe to our news RSS feed. Subscribe here or copy the following link into your RSS reader:

Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2

September 25, 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2 has aired, and can be heard here. After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode. Also, the Odyssey Scoop has just posted a new interview with Marshal Younger, which can be found here.


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 3

October 03, 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 3 has aired, and can be heard here. After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode.


Official Podcast 79
October 08, 2009
Pete Reneday, voice of dozens of Adventures in Odyssey characters, talks about recording Passages, his favorite characters, and his voice in DisneyWorld.


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 4

October 10, 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 4 has aired, and can be heard here. After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode.


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 5

October 17, 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 5 has aired, and can be heard here. After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode.


Official Podcast 80
October 20, 2009
Hear an interview between Paul Herlinger, the former voice of Whit, and Dave Arnold as they discuss acting, escape from Europe and vocal foley.


December Schedule

October 21, 2009
The schedule for December has now been released, you can check it out here


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 6

October 24, 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 6 has aired, and can be heard here. After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode.


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 7

October 31, 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 7 has aired, and can be heard here. If you can not listen on the internet, you can find a radio station here After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode.


Official Podcast 81

November 04, 2009


In this special video edition, Bob and Jesse look at the finalists in the Darien’s Rise art contest. Watch to see our favorites and then vote to tell us who should be the winner! Watch!
Also in the podcast there is a brief shot of the script for The Inspiration Station; it can be seen here.


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 8

November 7,2009
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 8 has aired, and can be heard here. If you cannot listen on the internet, you can find a radio station here After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode.


New Logo 2009

November 10, 2009
We are having a contest for a new logo for the site. Anyone with a registered account can enter! For more info, see here.


Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 9

November 14, 2009
The finale to the epic saga, Passages: Darien's Rise, has aired and can be heard here. If you can not listen on the internet, you can find a station here. After listening visit the episode page where you can help us fill in the details and rate the episode. If you enjoyed this collection of Passages episodes, you can own it yourself by ordering it here.



November 24, 2009
The daily schedule for January 2010 has now been posted


Glimpse of the future

November 27, 2009
Here is a quick look at what's coming up soon in the world of Adventures in Odyssey. Albums 1-15 will be repackaged without the Gold Series title and be replaced with the familiar more colorful look of albums 16-50, first up is album 3, soon afterwards, the repackage of album 26 will follow. A re-release of Passages books is coming up in the future, with new covers and color pictures. Also album 52 has entered the production process with work beginning on the first 6 episodes.


Ask the Producers
November 27, 2009
You've heard the Passages dramas. You've seen the video podcast and preview of album 51. Are there questions about Passages, album 51, or Adventures in Odyssey in general that you've been dying to ask? Ask away in the comments, and we'll choose some of these questions to answer on our next podcast!



November 30, 2009
The daily airing Schedule for February 2010 has now been posted.


New Passages Book Cover Easter Egg
December 02, 2009
If you look at the computer screens behind Brock in the photo featured in the latest podcast, you can find the some of the new Passages book covers.


Official Podcast 83
December 02, 2009
The producers answer fans questions about passages, album 51 and more! After listening, feel free to update the 2010 Season.


New Samplers
December 09, 2009
Today we are pleased to present to you an exclusive preview of an upcoming sampler scheduled for release in summer of 2010, The Underground Railroad. But before that, the the Welcome to Whit's End sampler will be released in March, and used as an introduction to the show for new listeners, in preparation for album 51.


A "PopUpisode" on The Official Podcast

December 11, 2009
The Official Podcast has released A Capsule Comes to Town as a "PopUpisode". Watch!


Album 50 Recap

December 12, 2009
As has been mentioned before, the new season, album 51, and The Inspiration Station, Part 1 will air on March 6th, 2010, the first Saturday of that month. For these next 12 weeks before that date, Adventures in Odyssey will re-air album 50, to the end of The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 1 (where Connie pushes that famous red button), and a lead in to the beginning of album 51. Until then, be sure to be on the lookout for new details about the coming season and while the episodes in album 50 re-air, be sure to listen to them and rate them.


Official Podcast 84
December 16, 2009
Hear from Torry Martin, creator of Wooton Bassett about a new Wooton page in Clubhouse magazine, his grandma's influence on his writing and more.


Suspicious Finds PopUpisode

December 19, 2009
The Official Podcast has realeased another PopUpisode with the episode Suspicious Finds. Watch!


70,000 edits

December 24, 2009
At 05:37, December 24, 2009 (UTC), Stop Wooton Around made our 70,000th edit by uploading this file. We've also surpassed 2 million page views (over 112,000 on the main page), 1,300 full content pages written, and 1000 files uploaded. A BIG thanks goes out to all our contributors!


Logo Contest Voting

December 27, 2009
Voting for the logo contest starts now and ends on the fifth of January. Click here to cast your vote! If you have any questions, post them over here.


Album 28: Welcome Home!
June 22, 2009
The new cover art for album 28 has been released. For more information on the repackaging project see here.


Official Podcast 71
June 16, 2009
"The Washington family actors tell how they started acting, plus 'The Secret Word Contest'" This episode of the podcast is no longer available.


Episodes Numbers

June 07, 2009
Redirects have now been created for every episode's number to find an episode page faster. For example, type in 535, and you'll arive at Living in the Gray, Part 1.


Adventures in Odyssey: Live!

February 07, 2009
More details of the bonus features that are to be included in this collection have emerged, see here for complete details.


Character Intersection

February 08, 2009
Character Intersection - A method of finding episodes with multiple characters in common - has received a total make-over, now with different levels of details, a variety of sorting methods and drop down lists with characters, be sure and check it out here today.


Adventures in Odyssey: Live!
February 09, 2009
The cover art for the upcoming collection, Adventures in Odyssey: Live!, has been relesaed. See here for complete details.


Official Podcast 63

February 25, 2009
Two stars from "Adventures in Odyssey" – Jerry Houser and Danielle Judovits – continue their conversation together, with insights into their other acting roles, what it's like inside the recording studio, what inspires them, and much more. Plus, don’t miss the long-awaited "Library Rap" from podcast host Jesse! Listen!


A Time of Discovery

February 26, 2009
The new cover art for album 18 has been released, it should be available in stores in May. For more information on the repackaging project see here


The Changing Times
January 08, 2009
The new cover art for album 22 has been released, it should be available in stores in March. For more information on the repackaging project see here


Welcome to Whit's End

November 09, 2009
Evidence of a new sampler album has been discovered of the Tyndale site, It is due to be released in early 2010.


Official Podcast 62

February 11, 2009
On the 62nd edition of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast one of Adventures in Odyssey's favorite father/daughter pairs – Ben Shepard and his daughter Aubrey – talk together in this joint interview with actors Jerry Houser and Danielle Judovits Listen!