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Steve Harris
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Episode Characters Played 4
Episode Appearances 6
Episodes Written 14
Episodes Directed 39
Episodes Produced 73
Episodes Post-Produced 7
Episodes Engineered 5
Video Characters Played 1
Video Appearances 1
Podcast Appearances 3



Steve worked at Focus on the Family in the 1980s as head of the Special Projects department. Special Projects was a research and development team that worked on the early versions of many Focus on the Family radio programs, including Adventures in Odyssey.



Episodes Written (14) · Episodes Directed (39) · Episodes Produced (73) · Sound Design (7) · Episodes Engineered (5) · Acting (6) · Characters (4) · Video Acting (1) · Video Characters (1) · Podcasts (3)

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Steve Harris has produced 73 episodes with an average rating of 86.2%
Steve Harris has voiced 4 characters
Steve Harris has acted in 1 videos with an average rating of 85%
Steve Harris has voiced 1 character
Steve Harris has appeared in 3 podcasts