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George Barclay
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As head of the Barclay household, George wants to lead his family in a responsible manner, but sometimes fumbles. He’s a loving, well-meaning husband/father in his early forties and a hard worker, until he was laid off. After that, he answered a call to the ministry and now pastors a church in the small New England town of Pokenberry Falls.


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George is the strong head of the Barclay household, with three children (Donna, Jimmy, and Stewart Reed), and is married to Mary Barclay. His father is Grandpa Barclay. He takes exception to the family's dog, Normal, but doesn't seem to mind the cat, Ferguson. In #123: “Castles and Cauldrons”, we learn that his brother, Bill Barclay, has a son: Len Barclay. We know from #191: “Moses: The Passover, Part 2” that George is the oldest of his siblings.


George tries hard to understand what his kids are going through, and attempts to lead them in a responsible manner. He fumbles occasionally, but isn't afraid to admit it, even to his kids. He often has self-doubt, but manages to make those around him feel secure, and generally finds his foot-hold soon. He was a hard worker, until he was laid off of his job. After that, he answered a call to the ministry and now pastors a church in the small New England town of Pokenberry Falls. He dearly loves his family and cares for them the best way he knows how.


  • George's name was a purposeful reference to George Bailey in the film "It's a Wonderful Life." In fact, the names of the entire Barclay family were references to that film, as revealed in an interview released on CD. Numerous other It’s a Wonderful Life References appear throughout AIO.
  • In the episode Our Father, after Lawrence breaks some flowerpots sitting on the Barclays’ front lawn, George recognized that Lawrence needed a father figure in his life. He tells Lawrence that he knows how Lawrence feels about not having his dad around, and then explains why: when George was a kid, his father (Grandpa Barclay) wasn’t around very much either (which could be a reason why George wanted to be there for Jimmy and Donna whenever they needed him).
  • George once lost his job and his wife and kids all got their own jobs to help out on their first interview in the episode Our Daily Bread.
  • George once hummed a wedding tune for Connie Kendall and Robert Mitchell's wedding rehearsal.
  • George was the Interim Pastor at Odyssey Community Church for a while before taking the job of Pastor at Pokenberry Falls.
  • He dislikes the Burger World restaurant.
  • In #99: “The Barclay Family Ski Vacation”, George jokingly says that his full name is George Rand McNally Barclay. He said this just before admitted to getting lost, and right before he asked Mary to hand him a map. Rand McNally is the name of a map publisher.
  • Despite being portrayed as being a terrible but enthusiastic DIY handyman and mechanic in his first appearance, George is portrayed as resorting to handyman and mechanic work after he was laid off to help the family make ends meet. However, this may not be a continuity error as it's simply possible that George's DIY skills improved over the years.


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George Barclay has appeared in 67 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 89.3%.

All (67)  · Chuck Bolte (1988-2008)  · Roger Scott (1988)

George Barclay has been mentioned in 7 episodes.



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