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The Q & A is a place where you can ask a question about the Adventures in Odyssey universe. AIOWiki editors will try their best to respond to your question within a few days.


Please note the following guidelines before asking any questions:

  1. AIOWiki has has an expansive database. Before asking your question here, use the search engine above. For example, if you want to know if Connie was ever kidnapped or if Nick ever became a Christian, type in "Connie kidnapped" or "Nick Mulligan". You can find out most of the information about a character on their page.
  2. No one who answers questions on here is from the Odyssey team. If you suspect that your question can only be answered by the Odyssey team, don't ask it here.
  3. If you're wanting to ask about upcoming episodes/albums, please see future seasons; everything we know will be posted there.
  4. Any questions deemed unnecessary will be deleted. Please use proper grammar and do not create "spam" questions.

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Past questions

So far 510 questions have been asked and 510 of them have been answered.

It appears that all questions have been answered, hurrah!

A list of all questions.
Please note that this list is only updated every week.

1. Where is Hal's Diner mentioned in "Something Old, Something New, Part 1"?
2. Personally, do you think The Chairman will appear in the future?
3. Listening to "Unreleased Episodes"?
4. In what episode is Max on Candid Conversations with Connie?
5. Do you think Renee Carter will appear in episodes outside the AIO Club?
6. What episodes feature Odyssey kids in some kind of "job for a day" program?
7. What do you think the next big saga will be?
8. Personally, do you think more AIOClub exclusives will be released outside the Club?
9. When is the next Get in the Show contest
10. If Whit is the most important character in AIO, and Connie is the third, who is the second?
11. Is Jillian Marshall the friend that Jason Whitaker's supposed to meet in the new album?
12. When is Connie's birthday?
13. Do you think Whit will ever get married again?
14. Has AIO aired "Prisoners of Fear parts 1-3" this year?
15. Was the revealing of Whit’s scottish heritage a reference to there being a new scottish character later that year?
16. Why did they start making half-length albums?
17. How long till Album 65: Expect the Unexpected is available on the Adventures in Odyssey Club?
18. Does Jason swear in the search for whit Part 1?
19. A new Mr. Whitaker?
20. Who is returning and when?
21. How long did it take for AIO to find a new actor for Whit after Hal Smith died?
22. Why didn't Connie marry Mitch?
23. Why didn't they air "Popsicle Kid" this year?
24. How many albums have been produced again in the Gold audio Series, and why did they stop?
25. Is the name "Dalton Kearn" (from cover of darkness and the top floor, parts 2 and 3), a reference to "Duelin' Dalton Darkheart" (from wonderworld) ?
26. Why isn't the entire novacom saga in the novacom saga CD set?
27. Are Connie and Tom swearing in The Nemesis, Part 2?
28. Who is the Jack Lester guy playing Whit in Electric Christmas? I thought there were only three voices for him.
29. How old would Jerry have been if he was still alive?
30. Who is the youngest person that the AIO official podcast has interviewed? Who is the oldest?
31. What does the original sketch for album 50 look like?
32. Why does Emily Jones blackmail people? Is that not setting a bad example?
33. Did Trent move away with his brother when Jared moved away suddenly?
34. Does the money Issac Mortan found on Gower's field have anything to do with Album 53 or is it just a coincidence?
35. Isn't it weird and funny how Connie and Monty are like the same age in the Green Ring Conspiracy when she once mentored him when he was a little boy?
36. Where did Eugene and Katrina go during the Novacom Saga?
37. In which episode was it stated that Jared DeWhite suddenly moved away from Odyssey?
38. Is Eugene's mother's maiden name Mushnik, or is it his grandmother's maiden name?
39. Why is there such a lack of Asian characters in AIO?
40. Why weren't the episodes where Jason was in South America in the Novacom series?
41. What does the new art of album 25 look like without the boarder around it?
42. Who was the person at the begining at "The Owlnapping"?
43. Do you still got the bonus features in split albums?
44. How many episodes have Edwin and Regis Blackgaard appear in the exact same episode?
45. Who was Bruce Day (real person, not an Odyssey character)?
46. Why is Whit's wife Jenny's name start with a "J" if "Jenny" stands for "Gwenevere"?
47. What's the name of the episode where a movie is made in Odyssey?
48. What font does the Odyssey staff use for albums such as Album 52?
49. How many episodes are there where Chris gives a warning for listeners not to do something that happened in the episode?
50. How old was David Griffin when he first started AIO?
51. How did Jason survive in "Accidental Dilemma, Part 2"?
52. Why weren't the episodes: The Hoax's on You, Fads, Turning Paige, BTV: Bible and One-in-Ten released?
53. What album has the episodes where Bernard and Eugene take the road trip?
54. Isn't Connie's middle name Mildred? If not, what is it?
55. Other than the map from a fan shown in AIO's Official Guide, is there an 'official' map of Odyssey?
56. How many episodes are there where characters get saved?
57. Why was the name changed from Odyssey USA to Adventures in Odyssey?
58. In which episode intro does Whit say "Well what do you know. It works!"?
59. Was that a mistake I saw on "The Underground Railroad" Sampler?
60. Are they ever going to make any more Kidsboro episodes?
61. Was Mary, from the Novacom Saga, a part of the plot or was she just a pawn?
62. Why does AIO swear sometimes if the Bible says not to?
63. Why hasn't the topic of homosexuailty ever been mentioned on AIO?
64. If you have an AIO Wiki account, can you answer questions in the Q and A section?
65. How old is Jason Whittaker currently "supposed" to be?
66. How many mayors of Odyssey have been mentioned in the show?
67. Are there human magnets as heard in "The Chosen One"?
68. If Lucy's last name is 2nd biggest AIO goof, then what is the 1st?
69. How old is Connie Kendall currently "supposed" to be?
70. Why was the attraction between Donna Barclay and Jack Davis played up when he ends up marrying Lucy?
71. What's the deal with the number 47 reappearing over and over in AIO episodes?
72. Why did they have to change the theme music? I like the other one better
73. Has Jason and Mitch ever been in an episode together?
74. Is Agnes Riley gonna get out of the mental institute?
75. Why were characters like Grady, Mandy, Trent, Tamika, etc. all dropped after Album 50?
76. In which episode did the romantic attraction between Jack Davis and Lucy spark up?
77. Is there any episode with Whit orginal mother in it?
78. What instrument does grown Courtney play in "For Thine Is the Kingdom"?
79. What episodes have not been released in the audio series?
80. What is the longest episode? What is the shortest? Longest album? Shortest album?
81. Is it true that the two endings to "My Girl, Hallie" are in the album?
82. Why haven't AIO used the Room of Consequence recently?
83. How many episodes feature a "go get your parents" reminder?
84. I heard there was a sample of the first commercial. Where can I find it?
85. How many episodes has Dr. Dobson given a parental warning?
86. Why were the last two episode titles in Album 62 changed to 'Legacy'?
87. Is the Washington Secret Word Contest still open?
88. Who is the boy on the ablum cover of ablum 31: Days to remember?
89. When will album 61 release In the OAC?
90. Does anyone know where the image Bernardwalton-video.jpg came from? This scene doesn't exist in The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner, Bernard's only video.
91. Am I missing something? Why was Rodney in the dumpster in Buddy Guard?
92. Earl Boen or Jess Harnell?
93. It says that the list of episodes on the character pages are messed up. Is that why Eric Myers is missing an episode?
94. If you are a member of the Odyssey Adventure Club, which unreleased episodes do you have access to? Is Sticks and Stones one of them?
95. How long was Buck in JD?
96. Are there any kids in odyssey between the ages of 14 and 16?
97. Does Bart care more about his money or his family?
98. Could Odyssey be in Missouri?
99. Why did Katrina ask Buck if Mr. Skint ever visited him in Juvenile Hall if Mr. Skint was in prison?
100. Who is the girl on Album 58?
101. Why is Album 42: No Way Out not on iTunes? Every other album seems to be on there!
102. Why do you think Album 59 will be shorter than other albums?
103. When is the November poll coming out?
104. How do you answer questions on here?!?!
105. In what episode dioes connie quits working at the Timothy Centor
106. Where is Odyssey???
107. When Wooton and Penny were at comic conelsvile was the "Doctor Whovert" He refered to a spoof of Doctor Who?
108. Why didn't Connie just call Bernard or Eugene to tell them that Whot was leaving?
109. I Dave Madden and Dacid Griffen both played played Bernard Walron then why don't they just have Davod Griffith play Bernard?
110. Why does it say Lucia Ortaga is in Finish What You...?
111. Why do some kids in AIO, like Isaac, Lawrence, and Norton want to join a gang like the Bones?
112. In DBD, why didn't any of the Bones stand up for Rodney against Jellyfish?
113. Why does Gary Locke wear 2 pairs of glasses at the same time?
114. I may be really dense, but what is the joke about Reggie Fingers' name? Is it just a funny name?
115. In DBD, why did Richard Maxwell create a diversion and let Rodney Rathbone escape?
116. Does Rodney Rathbone have any good character attributes???
117. Besides The Officer Harley Collection, can you list the unreleased episodes that are in the OAC?
118. In DBD, why was Rodney Rathbone not informed of the Bone's plan to vandalize the Electric Palace?
119. Everett Meltsner is not in a lot of episodes why?
120. Is there an episode of Odyssey when Jesus is tempted in the desert?
121. When did "Candid Conversations with Connie" come to Odyssey?
122. What were the five unreleased episodes that fans got to vote on to show on the Official AIO podcast?
123. In what episode does Connie get confused about her faith after going to a meeting
124. Is there a way to listen to "Lights Out at Whit's End"?
125. In what episode do Connie and Eugene like each other?
126. Is the Imagination Station a capsule like object or an entire room?
127. Why all the change in Odyssey? I liked it the way it was!
128. Where can I listen to "The Case of the Missing Train Car"?
129. Are there any unreleased episodes that I can listen to in a podcast or something else?
130. What was the last episode which mentioned the state that Odyssey is in?
131. What is the episode where a girl moved from Philadelphia to Odyssey?
132. Why was "Doing Unto Others" never released in the audio series?
133. Why was Rusty's book being sold at the Electric Palace?
134. If Rodney Rathbone continued as a character on Odyssey, where do you think he would end up as an adult?
135. Why does Bart list two phone numbers in "The Electric Palace Do-Dah Song"?
136. If you join the Odyssey Adventure club in a given month (e.g. March), are the earlier exclusive episodes (e.g., from January and February) still available to you?
137. If Rodney was trying to manipulate Mandy into going with him to return the answer key, than why did he begin to protest when she insisted he go with her?
138. In Aloha Oy! did Mr. Iowa perform CPR on Rodney after the surfing incident?
139. Has Ben Warren written any reviews for Album 57? If so, where can I find them?
140. In Changing Rodney, why did Mandy help Rodney Rathbone return the answer key, even though it would have been better for him to have done it himself?
141. Who is this Ginger Rodney dreams of?
142. Why did Alex and Cal go down to the creek, even though they suspected Rodney's act was a trick?
143. In Snow Day, was Rodney really in the creek or was that all a trick?
144. It is revealed that Rodneys middle name start with a P., any ideas on what it could be?
145. Is the character in Thank You God Rodney Rathbone?
146. Who are the four kids found on the cover of the "Truth Chronicles"? Or are they random children?
147. Rodney used to call his father Dad, but then he changed to Pop, why?
148. What color of hair does Rodney Rathbone have?
149. Who came up with the "Unreleased episodes" cover? Is it official? Or was it made by this website?
150. What is Jason Whittaker's middle name?
151. Whoever makes the polls can you please make a new one? The current poll has been here for several months, and the polls are supposed to be monthly. Thanks!
152. Can you tell me why episode Sticks and Stones was never aired? Thanks!
153. Why do we scarcely hear of Doris Rathbone?
154. In the episode titled Family Values, what is the strange sound heard in Rodney's room during the lullaby scene?
155. Why did AIO remove Rodney from the show?
156. Does Rodney Rathbone have any siblings?
157. How come Wally Haggler and his brother Archie have different accents?
158. Why don't the Odyssey Adventure Club episodes have episode numbers? I tried editing the episodes by giving them numbers (like OAC1 and OAC2) but another editor erased my work.
159. How do you add A Mission for Jimmy to the AIO schedule? It's airing next week!
160. Has it been confirmed that there will only be one regular album a year?
161. Why did they get a new voice for Camilla?
162. I know Caroling, Caroling is included in Album 15, but it's the shortened version. Caroling, Caroling is also in the Christmas Classics album. Is it the shortened version in the Christmas Classics album also, or is it the complete version?
163. Who is the cowboy with glowing eyes seen on the covers of albums 15 and 24?
164. Is Katie Leigh married?
165. Where are the new aio episodes? Today's the 20th.
166. What is Bennett Charles's Prison Number. Is it said in "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?"
167. Is it true that "The Launch" (Album 58?) will only be avalible to the Odyssey Adventure Club?
168. Is it true that the Odyssey Adventure Club will cost 180$ per month?
169. Do you think it's even possible for Connie and Jason to end up together? It seems to be leading up to that. I mean, Mitch leaves, and in comes Jason, and according to Connie, she's really missed him. What d'ya think?
170. Whats the name of the prison Bennett Charles was put into in "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" Is it in Odyssey? Thanks!
171. If whit's wifes name was guinivere why was her nickname jenny instead of ginny?
172. It says lily grahm has been in 7 episodes, yet it only lists 4. why is that?
173. I've read that Emily Jones is twelve years old, but I've also read that Barrett Jones is as well. However, he's the older brother, so this couldn't be right. And if it isn't right, then how old is Barrett?
174. Who's the older sibling, Tamika or Marvin?
175. I have never heard the Kidsboro episodes and was wondering: do they include Ryan's secret about his dad, as in the books?
176. What is the best aio album?
177. Are there more episodes like darians rise i love them!
178. How old is matthew
179. How old is Shona and what grade is she in
180. I have an account on this website, but I don't know how to make a page for myself. How?
181. Is Monty comming back to AIO?
182. Why did Olivia Parker's voice actor change (it was back in 2010)
183. Was Chris's ending on 'for the birds' an ad lib?
184. Will there be more passages books?
185. Her reviews?
186. Which part of "A Thankstaking Story" alludes "Elf"?
187. Will Connie get married and have a baby?
188. Are there any books with Connie and Eugene in them?
189. Does Shona Kennedy have an acount on aiowiki?
190. Does anyone know if Mark Forbes and Tasha Forbes are related?
191. Now seriously, does anyone knowwhat the practical joke Wooton played on his cousin involving a whiffle bat?
192. What was the practical joke Wooton played on his cousin involving a whiffle bat?
193. What was the practical joke Wooton played on his cousin involving a whiffle bat
194. In What episode is it revealed that Whit sky-dives?
195. In Connie's trivia section, it says that she's 5 ft 9 ins tall. Where does it say that in the official guide or an episode?
196. Did Captain Absolutely replace PowerBoy? I don't think it has been mentioned, but I thought I'd try here!
197. In which book and what part does the front cover of Compilation 03: Point of No Return take place?
198. In which book and what part does the front cover of Compilation 02: Danger Lies Ahead take place?
199. In which book and what part does the front cover of Original Novel
200. What time will the live "get in the show" show air?
201. Who are the 3 finalists for Get in the Show?
202. When did trent's voice change?
203. Is there a way i can listen to the green ring conspiricy for free.
204. When can we buy the new album CD from online?? Say on Amazon or Focus On The Family??
205. What day in October will the album 56 come out on DVD? And what specific date will it come out when it has bonus features?
206. Isn't there an official podcast that has a video of Whit dancing? Where can I find it?
207. Why, in "Bethany's Flood", did Aubrey say she hated history when in "Blackgaard's Revenge" she told Dr. Blackgaard she loved it?
208. When does album 56 come out?
209. Are Adventures in Odyssey episodes still available on itunes? (All I can find is podcasts)
210. Will these question's ever be answered!?!
211. In, Tales of a small town thug, did Connie know that it was Eugene who reported the gas leak?
212. How do I download the free MP3 episodes? When I click the link, all I get is a new tab with the episode playing
213. Who is Wooton's Mom? Have they ever talked about her before?
214. Will there be a video of the 2012 Birthday Bash?
215. Why did Margaret Faye and Katrina Shanks propose? I thought the guys were supposed to propose... not the girls! (For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll).
216. What street does Jared DeWhite live on?
217. Exactly who is going to be at the 25th Anniversary this Saturday? (By who I mean actors, actresses and producers and stuff.) Could you give me a list of them?
218. Will they be selling merchandise at the 25th Anniversary in Dallas, TX this Saturday? If so, what will they be selling?
219. Why is Live At The 25 in album nine?
220. In BTV: Compassion it talks about a story in the Bible about "Andriclese and the lion" (sorry for miss spell). Where in the Bible is that story?
221. Who is the boy on the cover of Days to Remember?
222. At the end of B-TV: Live, what does Chris mean when she says, "Our expected father is Christopher Diehl"?
223. Was the guy on line 1 in Something Old, and Something New, Part 1, was that Rusty Gordon?
224. Why did they bring back Mitch if he wasn't going to marry Connie!?!?!?
225. When does Album 55 The Deep End come out so that we can order it? And please answer this quickly!
226. Why isn't there a page for Dr. Julius Schnitzelbonker?
227. In the Official Guide (pg. 85), it says they changed KYDS radio to Kids' Radio. You're page is titled KYDS. Shouldn't you guys change that?
228. What is June Kendall's job?
229. Is the article Danny Schmidt messed up? Some of the things on there don't exactly make any sense... I might just be confused though.
230. In the Official Guide, on page 448, it says: "Silent night has the first reappearance of Jenny, Whit's wife, since The Mortal Coil." But this is wrong, because Jenny appeared in the episode The Triangle! Was this a mistake?
231. They have not stated what David Parker's job is yet, correct?
232. Is there a page where you can see all the AIOwiki members?
233. How do you make a page?
234. In the Bart Rathbone section, everytime I click on Steve Burns or any of the others, it doesn't show me anything... Can someone fix this, please?
235. Is Whit's Computer room the same thing as the control room?
236. Where are the results for the Logo Contest?
237. What happened to Robyn Jacobs?
238. Why do you have to be member to ask questions now?
239. Wikipedia by itself isn't very reliable. How do we know this isn't any different?
240. Is it possible to change your username?
241. In Family Values, Bart comments that he has stuff "he wouldn't want the wife to see." What is he referring to here?
242. Who else knows about Whit's "Secret" computer room?
243. In "The W.E. (episode)", when Whit says, "You remind me of someone," to Mary Hopkins, is he talking about his wife since (I think) they're played by the same person?
244. In The Battle part 2, right before Richard comes in with the level 2 "password", who is Blackgaard talking to on the phone?
245. Why is John Fornof sometimes called "John Beebee"? Is it a typo?
246. How do I put a picture on a charactor page?!?
247. What happend to Robyn Jacobs?
248. Aren't they making a new official guide? Do you know when it's going to come out?
249. I was just watching the social shout out march 2nd and I saw saw something on the desk were Evan and Brock were sitting. What was it?
250. When editing on this site, how do you link to a character just by their last name? (example: linking Miss Kendall to Connie's page)
251. What ever happened to Aubrey and Lisa's friendship after "Blind Grils Bluff?"
252. Who is Maureen??? And why don't the spoiler buttons work for me???
253. What happened to B-Tv? And Bernard Walton?
254. How do I get a ToO account?
255. Is the name of the episode "The Poor Rich Guy" a reference to the Shirley Temple movie, "The Poor Little Rich Girl"?
256. What is Eugene's cell phone ring in The Busyness of Business?
257. Does John Fornof still write for AIO?
258. How old is Sue(sewer rat)?
259. What did Dr. Blackgaard do with Greg Kelly?
260. I can't wait any longer!! Please tell me everything about "Something Old, Something New"
261. Is Mitch in Album 55? or is it like a cameo?
262. What's the disturbing news about Eugene and Katrina in the Album 55: The Deep End
263. If Jared did pranks on Mandy and Liz, and suggesting that they were in the same class at school, how is it that Jared's baby brother marries Mandy? Don't you think she's like 10 years older?
264. Are there any companies (besides FoF) that sponsor AIO?
265. What's the age diffrence between Connie and Jason?
266. Did Connie and Eugene know that Jason was really alive in the episode where he faked his death
267. How ca my account be suspended, when as far as I know, there's no way to have an account ?
268. Is Maureen in "Something Old, Something New"? I haven't got the episodes yet but I really want to know!
269. How do you put a link in a answer!?
270. If Duncan Mathis is Monica's Stone's brother... then why do they have completely different last names??
271. Wait... what?! Mitch left for a girl named Maureen? Who in the world is Maureen?
272. Will Maureen and Mitch return in album 56? Will Mitch come to his senses and realize she is not right for him!?
273. Is there a radio station that plays AIO in the Westerville, Ohio area?!?
274. Is Connie actually going to get married!!!!???!!!???
275. Can we watch a video of the live show that was on one of the newest podcast?
276. How Much Do The Birthday Bash Tickets Cost? We've Tried To Look For It But Couldn't Find Anything Helpful.
277. How do I learn how to link pages when edting?
278. Is the song from the newest podcast a real song?
279. What's the approx age difference between Mandy and Trent?
280. What is the download date for Album 55?
281. Is Connie's puppy Kitty a boy or girl?
282. Does Emily Jones have a crush on Matthew Parker?
283. Why did Steve Burns leave AIO?
284. What flavors of ice cream were used in"The Life of the Party"
285. I read the Kidsboro books, and I think they're amazing--- and then I listened to the audio version. Why did they have to change it so much?? The plot story isn't even the same! And where's Ryan's best friend, Scott? I loved him!
286. Liz seems to have a lot of best friends. Julie Zeeke, Sarah Pratchett, and then finally Mandie. I know she ended up with Mandie, but why with all the confusion?
287. Is there a place where I can buy AIO themed stuff (poster's, calanders etc. etc.)?
288. Connie said she had a dog named Kitty. Whatever happened to that? Did the idea just get old?
289. How do you become a member of this website?
290. If Agnes is Tom's second wife, and Timmy died before he remarried, why does Agnes always talk about Timmy as if she knew him? Like in Novacom when the medical treatment backfired.
291. When is the 25th anniversary?
292. Is Focus on the family going to hold any event for the 25th anniversary? Please answer
293. Does Bernard have any kids?? I've never heard him talk about them, but it would be interesting if he did.
294. What is the age difference between Eugene and Connie? And did the Odyssey crew ever consider having them marry?
295. Does Emily Jones have a crush on Sam
296. What is the diffrents in age of Eugene and Everett
297. Did Blackguaard go to when he died?
298. Does Eugene play a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukelele?
299. What's the difference with becoming a member, and not becoming one? What I mean is, what would I gain from being one?
300. What episode did Eugene find out Bernard was his cousin?
301. Is there a way to see the dates of all the albums? As in, when it was released.
302. Why exactly did AIO relaunch?
303. How do you answer these questions? I might have the answer's to some, but I don't know how to answer!
304. Is Penny Wise a Christian?
305. Is there any episode that talks about Nick's real parents?
306. How did Tom Riley know that the Novacom tower was going to blow up when it wasn't him?
307. How come Mr. Whittaker and his daughter, Jana, don't see eye to eye? What happened? I never did figure this out....
308. How come Jimmy Barclay said in the Triangled Web, that he had just left Pokenberry falls a month ago, when in album 41-42 he was living in Washington D.C
309. Which AIO article states that Mitch will not be coming back??? I mean, I know Kathy Buchanan said that, but is she in charge of Odyssey? She's only one writer. What do the other's say?
310. Supposedly, how old is Bernard?
311. Is there an odyssey character who uses the phrase "Rutabaga!"? Who, and what episode?
312. Who exactly runs this website?
313. In what episode did Agnes become sick?
314. How come Eugene made a full pamphlet of electron jokes, when he hates Jokes!??!
315. Why doesn't Hope Levy play Olivia any more?
316. Where's the page where it show's you all the episodes you can listen to from different sites? I tried to search it but I just could not find it!
317. Is Bernard's wife ever seen on the show? I know they talk about her sometimes, but do they ever actually show her voice?
318. About album 55, who is the boy in the background? jumping from the diving board?
319. In the Green Ring, the detective goes to a store and questions a the man at the counter (if I remember correctly, I think his name was Andy Jackson, but I could be wrong). Isn't he played by the same actor who played Jack Allen?
320. What characters are named after colors?
321. What exactly DOES Applesause do? Like they're always talking about how powerful it is, but, what does it do?
322. What is the password for level 2 for Applesause?
323. Are the rathbones Christians?
324. Are the Duggar kids really in one of the AIO episodes?
325. Race thingy where it talks about "the house that Jack built...." Then it has a lot of different sound effects. What fairy tale is this from?
326. Do the Johnsons have a cat? Because I always hear meowing in Family Values when they are talking about what the rathbones did.
327. How come Tasha says she's Jason's fiance in The Search For Whit Part 1, when they broke up in A Question About Tasha?
328. At there are pictures of the characters. However, there are no pictures of Priscilla or Barrett or Jay. Are they going to put pictures of them in there soon? And why haven't they already?
329. I watched a video or heard somewhere that there were two people in AIO that definitely weren't returning in Odyssey. One of the people was Glossman... I can't remember who the second person is, any ideas?
330. Do Barrett and Priscilla like each other?
331. How old is Barrette?
332. Why can't people from outside the US download Adventures in Odyssey episodes?
333. Who is the artist for the Imagination Station Books?
334. In Welcoming Wooton, Wooton seems to have a secret. What is it?
335. Where can my family listen to "For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll" part 1 and part 2 and part 3! We want to listen to them but don't know how. Please, answer.
336. In Love Is In The Air Part 1, why does Jason introduce Connie AND Eugene to Tasha, when Eugene already knows her??
337. Is Connie an only child?
338. Why does Bill Kendall have lots of wives when the Bible says not to?
339. Who played Melissa Cyphers in Wooten Knows Best? And is Melissa Cyphers areal Christian singer?
340. Why has Hope levy stopped voicing Olivia?
341. Was Connie ever in a movie?
342. Who is the gospel band that sang in 'The Jubilee Singers'? i love their sound and i want to buy their music!
343. In Club House magazine, Wooton has a dog named Sam. But how come in the show, "Sam" is never even mentioned?!
344. Did the actor who played the detective in The Case of the Missing Room play detective Poulhouse? (Sorry about my misspelling!)
345. Which episode did Connie have a crush on Jason??
346. Did Jason ever have a crush on Connie?
347. How old is June Kendall?
348. How old was Mitch when he almost married Connie?
349. How much older is Eugene than Connie? She's always been like a little sister to him, so I'm guessing maybe a good seven years!
350. Has Eugene ever been kidnapped?
351. Did Isaac Morton have a crush on Connie?
352. Why does Connie never mention Mitch after he leaves?
353. Is there a picture for every major AIO character? If so, where can I go to see them?
354. What does FD stand for?
355. Is there a place where you can listen to free episodes? Like, not just seven or ten or twenty but like all of them?
356. Is Tasha Forbes and the Forbes family (Jean, Bob, Mark, and Emily) related?
357. Did the actors who played Mandie and Trent actually get married like the actors who played Lucy and Jack did?
358. Are Craig Moorhead in The Life of the Party, Related to Sheriff Moorhead Mentioned in Recollections?
359. How many women has Jason had a crush on?
360. Any chance that the chairman and Mr. Groat are the same person?
361. I want to voice an AIO character! How?
362. When Whit introduces himself, he always says "John Avery Whittaker." Why does he say his middle name, too?
363. Does Whit play the violin?
364. Can Whit speak French?
365. How many men have had a crush on Connie?
366. How many men has Connie had a crush on?
367. Why is Connie always "the bait" when a villian wants something from Whit and kidnapps her?
368. In "Hear Me, Hear Me" Eugene says Mitch's name in a voice full of disgust. Why?
369. What is the age difference between Connie and Donna?
370. How many times has Connie been kidnapped?
371. Has Eugene ever had a crush on somebody besides Katrina?
372. Has there ever been as big of a change as there was for album 52?
373. What are all of the Adventures in Odyssey websites?
374. How old is Jay?
375. What is Jason's middle name?
376. In I Slap Floor, Whit talks about his new invention, a giant balloon thing. Do the producers and creators ever talk about that? I think it'd be interesting to hear what they say about it.
377. How old is Robby Bruce?
378. What does 418 in TA-418 mean or stand for?
379. How old is Barrett Jones?
380. Is there a real Ruku Virus?
381. Did they replace the Imagination Station with the Inspiration Station? Is the Imagination Station ever coming back?
382. Why are there two animals in the church on the cover of album 29?
383. In the album where Jack gets introduced to odyssey why did you make Whit leave the show for that album?
384. Is the actor who plays Eugene really in his seventies?
385. Why did you decide to change the themesong?
386. Who did the second voice of Mitch in "Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips"?
387. In Hollowed be thy name who did the voice of BEAVRS
388. What is the age difference between Donna and Lucy?
389. Is the "Q" Document real
390. Wasn't Principal Vogler mentioned in Album 52?
391. How old is Buck Oliver?
392. Is Mrs. Kendall a Christian?
393. Who is Mickey Marcus?
394. Where is Odyssey?
395. Is there a picture of Richard Maxwell?
396. Who plays the stewardess in Aloha, Oy!, Part 1?
397. Is there any chance of a live action Odyssey movie?
398. Is there a picture of Tasha Forbes?
399. In what episode do the Barclays get robbed?
400. What happened to Connie's uncle?
401. What's the ToO?
402. Is the Barclay family coming back?
403. How old is Mitch?
404. How old is Everett Meltsner?
405. Where's Eugene's brother and father?
406. How old is Richard Maxwell?
407. What happened to Edwin Blackgaard?
408. Does Jared DeWhite come back?
409. What was the snowflake incident?
410. What is Rodney's middle name?
411. Why did Mitch leave?
412. Why is Emily so disrespectful?
413. Did Mandy get married to Trent or Max Hampton?
414. Where was Trent during the Novacom Saga?
415. How much older is Jared and Mandy than Trent?
416. How old is Vance King?
417. How old is Jimmy Barclay?
418. Is Bethany Shepard a Christian?
419. Is Andre Stojka a Christian?
420. Question about Album 11
421. Is Carson McKay a Christian?
422. How old is Bernard Walton?
423. How did Paul Herlinger die?
424. Was Hal Smith in the 1969 show Scooby Doo?
425. In the Novacom Saga who is Mr. Potato Head?
426. Did Hal Smith play fiddle?
427. Was Hal Smith a Christian?
428. Why did AIO stop making videos?
429. How can I listen to Officer Harley episodes?
430. What is the most popular album of AIO?
431. Is Edwin Blackaard a Christian?
432. Is Tammi Smith-Hammer a Christian?
433. Did Connie graduate from college?
434. How old is Bart Rathbone?
435. What are AIO shorties?
436. Is there any Civil War episodes?
437. Is Connie ever going to marry?
438. Is Liz Horton a Christian?
439. Why is another person doing Whit's voice?
440. What episode is Chris Anthony NOT in?
441. Who is the founder of the AIOWiki?
442. How old is Jason?
443. Who won the "Odyssey Sings" contest?
444. Have the characters from Odyssey made a movie?
445. How many 3-part episodes are there?
446. What is the most unpopular album of AIO?
447. How many encyclopedias has Whit researched for?
448. In how many episodes does Jenny appear?
449. What is the first Twilife Zone episode?
450. How many episodes has Whit narrated?
451. When did AIO Wiki make its 100,000th Edit?
452. Why are they getting rid of Edwin Blackgaard?
453. How old is Jason Whittaker?
454. Is Connie going to get married again?
455. How many times have they broke the fourth wall?
456. What is the population of Odyssey?
457. How many Odyssey fan websites are there?
458. Why did AIO decide to get rid of Connie's book?
459. How many times is Chicago mentioned?
460. Does anyone have transcripts of past episodes?
461. How many AIO characters are in wheelchairs?
462. In what episode is mentioned that Whit skydives?
463. Where was Whit born?
464. How old is Jack Allen?
465. How many episodes have there been in the series?
466. Who married Jana?
467. Who is Red?
468. Why was David Harley taken out of the show?
469. What is the last episode in the Novacom series?
470. How many episodes have a Christmas theme?
471. When was Whit's Flop first aired on the radio?
472. What is Gloobers?
473. What is the Room of Consequence?
474. What does I Slap Floor mean?
475. How old is Emily Jones?
476. How old is Eva Parker?
477. How old is David Parker?
478. How old is Camillia Parker?
479. How old is Olivia Parker?
480. How old is Matthew Parker?
481. How old is Mandy Straussberg?
482. When did AIO Wiki Start?
483. What is the color of Eugene's eyes?
484. How many people have played Whit?
485. How did Jenny (Whit's wife) die?
486. In what episode did Katrina and Eugene get married?
487. How old is Wooton?
488. When did Whit's begin?
489. How old is Tom?
490. Is there a episode named after a video episode?
491. Who's the person on the back of Album 30?
492. What does Wod-fam-choc-sod stand for?
493. Is Whit's End a 1, 2, or 3 level building?
494. Who has appeared more, Whit, Connie, or Eugene?
495. In what episodes is the Vietnam War mentioned?
496. In what episode is Phil Dowd mentioned?
497. Was John Whittaker an only child?
498. How old is Eugene?
499. What is the Imagination Station?
500. Did Darien ever marry Princess Michelle?