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Full protection


A fully protected page can only be edited by administrators. The protection could be of a limited duration, such as 7 or 14 days, or indefinitely. Pages with full protection are indicated by a golden lock. To propose a change to a fully protected page, put a comment on its talk page or at the town hall.



Semi-protection prevents edits from anonymous users (IP addresses) and users who registered only a few days ago. Semi-protection may be for a temporary period of time or indefinitely. Pages are usually semi-protected because of repeated vandalism. A silver lock indicates a page is semi-protected.

Applying protection

Only administrators can protect pages, but if a page is protected and lacks a lock, use the protected template. Place

at the top of a particular page. The template will automatically assign the correct color lock. If the page is not edit protected, nothing will appear. Remember to put the template in <noinclude></noinclude> tags on template pages.