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Erica Clark
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Erica once wanted to be grown up, so she could get to do all the things adults do, which she felt were fun to do. But after an adventure in the Room of Consequence, where she got to experience a week in the life of a twenty-two-year-old, Erica learned the hard way that with adulthood comes enormous responsibility — getting and keeping a job, paying bills, being on time, eating properly and managing finances. The lessons Erica learned were difficult. In the end, she realized that there is a good reason she’s still a kid. Erica wasn’t ready to be an adult yet.

Erica was once obsessed with the soap opera Medical Center of Love, until she found out what it was really like after taking an adventure in the Room of Consequence as her favorite character, Holly. When the other characters robbed, cheated and betrayed her, Erica decided she had had enough of both Medical Center of Love and soap operas in general, and decided not to watch the show anymore.

Her primary friend is Courtney Vincent.

Although her participation during the struggle is never heard, Courtney is mentioned by Billy MacPherson as being a member of The Israelites during the Darkness Before Dawn saga (along with others including Charles Thompson).


Erica has one sibling: Hayley. We don't know much about her parents, except for the fact that she does live in a two-parent home and gets along with them fairly well.


Erica Clark: I did what any self-respecting, red-blooded girl would've done: I beaned him with my Life Sciences book!

#225: “Count It All Joy”

Holly Donahue: ...Derek will never love me!
Erica Clark: No! Not again! Derek loves you -- he just doesn't communicate it very well!
Holly Donahue: Victoria? Get me my travel agent. I want a one-way ticket to Alaska.
Derek (b): Hang up that phone, Holly.
Holly Donahue: Derek! What are you doing here? I thought you were in the hospital!
Derek (b): I ignored doctors' orders, ripped out my own IV and jogged two miles to say this to you: Holly, I love you.

#295: “Soaplessly Devoted”

Erica Clark: Uh oh, Pharaoh's men have me cornered.
Jason Whittaker: Part the Red Sea! Part the Red Sea!

#296: “Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos”

Bernard Walton: You mean to tell me you've never heard the story of Jacob and Esau?
Erica Clark: Will I get in trouble if I say no?
Bernard Walton: No.
Erica Clark: No.
Bernard Walton: And they wonder why society is going down the tubes.

#272: “Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 1”

Erica Clark: I got asked out on dates by old men. Can you believe that?
Sherri: Ew, like how old?
Erica Clark: I dunno. In their twenties, I guess.

#247: “Why Don't You Grow Up?”

Erica Clark: Now, before I go in, Mr. Whit's son...
Jason Whittaker: Please, call me Mr. Whittaker.

#295: “Soaplessly Devoted”

Erica Clark: Who cares? He gave away wealth and power for a little bit of stew. What was he? Nuts?
Bernard Walton: Well, it might seem that way, but the Bible puts it differently. It says Esau despised his birthright.
Erica Clark: What does that mean?
Bernard Walton: Well, he didn't have much respect for his family. And he made it even more clear when he went out and married two women his parents didn't approve of.
Erica Clark: Two women? I thought that was illegal!

#272: “Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 1”

Erica Clark: People sure did a lot of running back then.
Bernard Walton: Well, they had to. Their cars were in the shop.

#273: “Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 2”

Kim Peterson: Are you going to Whit's End?
Erica Clark: Yeah, if I don't get hit by a car on the way.

#225: “Count It All Joy”

Courtney Vincent: If I'm elected I think my first job will be to create a new committee.
Erica Clark: What kind of committee?
Courtney Vincent: A student council ethics committee.
Erica Clark: (laughs) Good call.

#284: “The Election Deception”

Erica Clark: So Rebekah came through again. Pretty sneaky.
Bernard Walton: Maybe. But you need to understand that none of this happened by chance.
Erica Clark: It didn't?
Bernard Walton: Nope, there was a greater power working here. The Lord God.

#272: “Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 1”

Bernard Walton: Just remember, God can heal the worst of relationships between brothers and sisters.
Erica Clark: Yeah.
Bernard Walton: Meanwhile, you need to be patient and loving. And the next time Haley does something bad to you, short sheet her bed.
Erica Clark: Really?
Bernard Walton: No. Kid believes anything I tell her.

#273: “Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 2”

Erica Clark: Before you go, would you like to try our little paperclip contest?
Mr. Lucas: Uh, your what?
Erica Clark: If you guess how many paperclips are in this jar, you can win a pizza party for your class.
Mr. Lucas: My class doesn't need any pizza.

#339: “Do, For a Change”

Erica Clark: Can I have that piece of pie now?
Bernard Walton: Sell me your birthright for it?
Erica Clark: No way!
Bernard Walton: Good girl. Take it.

#272: “Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 1”

Erica Clark: I'm trying to be full of happiness!
Kim Peterson: You sound more like you're full of hot air!

#225: “Count It All Joy”

Erica Clark: I don't have any secrets.
Derek (b): Are you sure?
Erica Clark: I'm in the seventh grade. What kind of secrets would I have?

#295: “Soaplessly Devoted”

Holly Donahue: Oh, Derek! <sigh> But... what about Hailey?
Derek (b): Hailey? I never loved her.
Holly Donahue: Oh, Derek! <sigh> Wait a minute... what about Alexandra?
Derek (b): Alexandra means nothing to me.
Holly Donahue: Oh, Derek! <sigh> Oh yeah... and Lillian. What about her?
Erica Clark: Oh no! She mentioned... Lillian!
Derek (b): Lillian? We're just friends. Besides, she moved to San Francisco, too long of a commute.
Holly Donahue: Oh, Derek! You're so... practical. <sigh>

#295: “Soaplessly Devoted”


Erica Clark is voiced by Erin Love, has appeared in 16 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.9%.

Erica Clark has been mentioned in 1 episode.