The Imagination Station (Game)

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The Imagination Station (Game)

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Enter the Imagination Station, and travel to the past, present, or future in search of chips that make up the Diamonds of Virtues. Your children will have hours of fun playing this exciting new board game from Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family - while learning about love, truth, faith, forgiveness, self-control, loyalty, courage, and trust! Ages 6 and up.


  • This was Odyssey's second board game in which players could see a new side to Whit's End. It is said that there is very little correlation between the audio series and the board game. The game just features the Adventures in Odyssey brand name on it.
  • This was not the first board game that Adventures is Odyssey produced. The first and original board game was: At Whit's End.
  • Use Whit's cool inventions to search for Diamonds of Virtue
  • For 2 to 4 players or teams; ages 7 years and over
  • Contents: game board, 4 decks of cards, 8 odyssey playing pieces, and instructions.
  • Players try to collect three different cards to complete a diamond jewel they collect from landing on special spots. Movement is determined by dice and by landing on time warps that allow moving to other parts of the board.