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Courtney Vincent
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A typical teenage Odyssian who is friends with Sam Johnson (her next-door-neighbor) and Jenny Roberts. She has a good heart, but occasionally pressures others into going along with her. She once ran for class president in The Election Deception. She wanted to be a ballerina, until a tragic accident (see For Thine Is the Kingdom) injured her knee. She also had a longtime rivalry with her cousin Hannah.

Although her participation during the struggle is never heard, Courtney is mentioned by Billy MacPherson as being a member of The Israelites during the Darkness Before Dawn saga (along with others including Charles Thompson and Erica Clark).


Courtney is an only child. Her parents are Elaine and Andrew Vincent. Her cousin, Hannah, moved to Odyssey in Top This!.


Courtney Vincent: Aren't there any stories about love?
Connie Kendall: They're all about love. The whole Bible is about it: God's love for us!
Jenny Roberts: Not love, Connie. Love.
Connie Kendall: Oh, love. You mean romance.

#360: “Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1”

Courtney Vincent: Sorry we're late Connie. We would have been here sooner but someone lost her cane.
Jenny Roberts: I didn't lose it. My brother was using it to play pool.

#361: “Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 2”

Courtney Vincent: I've gotta get my notebook back.

#284: “The Election Deception”

Courtney Vincent: If I'm elected I think my first job will be to create a new committee.
Erica Clark: What kind of committee?
Courtney Vincent: A student council ethics committee.
Erica Clark: (laughs) Good call.

#284: “The Election Deception”

Sam Johnson: Why didn't they play cards on Noah's ark?
Courtney Vincent: Why?
Sam Johnson: Because Noah sat on the deck!

#298: “I Want My B-TV!”

Connie Kendall: Oh, time! Sorry, but I gotta get back to work.
Jenny Roberts: Work? But you can't just leave us hanging.
Courtney Vincent: Yeah, you have to tell us the rest of it.
Connie Kendall: Oh, I will.
Unknown: When?
Connie Kendall: Tuesday night, at our Bible study!

#360: “Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1”

Sam Johnson: What man in the Bible had no parents?
Courtney Vincent: I give up.
Sam Johnson: Joshua, the son of Nun!

#298: “I Want My B-TV!”

Courtney Vincent: We have forty-seven different kinds of cookies.
Jack Allen: Forty-seven? Oh, boy...maybe I should just pull up a chair.

#313: “Top This!”


Courtney Vincent is voiced by Sara Buskirk, has appeared in 15 episodes.

Courtney Vincent has been mentioned in 3 episodes.