Gloobers (video game)

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A Gloober action figure appears in the Wooton’s House Mural at Whit's End (Colorado Springs).

Gloobers is an action game played on the computer. It probably is a first person shooter. It is similar to Zapazoids. Gloobers are a human-sized blob, blue in color (as well as heavy on the slobber). Jared and Dwayne had an obsession with Gloobers, which prompted Eugene to modify the Room of Consequence into a full Virtual Reality Room, in order to convince the two that there is more to life than just playing video games. The modified Gloobers Program was designed by Gregory, and programmed by Eugene and Whit. Insectoids (Escape from the Forbidden Matrix) is based on this.


  • Blue Gloobers
  • Blasters (Power indicator, Rapid fire mode)
  • Gloober Patrol on Level 4
  • Anti-Gravity boots
  • At least 12 levels
  • Giant Brain

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