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Jana Whittaker-Dowd
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Jana Whittaker-Dowd, had two brothers growing up - that is until Jerry died in the Vietnam War and after this, Jana's father John Whittaker, took favouritism of the only other son he had, Jason. Because of this, Jana grew up feeling not as loved. And because of that, Jana and Whit's relationship was not as close. Jana and Whit's relationship did not get better until the episode A Member of the Family, Part 2. It's also mentioned in the same episode that in response to Jerry's death she threw herself into antiwar protests regarding the Vietnam War.


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Jana was married to Phil Dowd, but they got divorced. They had two kids, Monty and Jenny. She was the daughter of John and Jenny Whittaker. While she respects her father, the two of them don't often see eye to eye. Her brothers are Jason and Jerry.

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Jana Whittaker-Dowd has appeared in 10 episodes, has been voiced by 4 actors, and has received an average user rating of 86.8%.

All (10)  · D.J. Harner (1987-2016)  · Jessie Flower (2005)  · Ariel Winter (2005)  · Courtnee Draper (2005)

Jana Whittaker-Dowd has been mentioned in 24 episodes.