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Sarah Keimig
Podcast Appearances 3
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Sarah Keimig is one of the hosts for the Unofficial Podcast. She works alongside Chris Poon usually over a phone recording due to the fact that she lives in Virginia and Chris lives in Canada. They did unite for the Birthday Bash, where they worked with Bob and Jesse on the Official Podcast interviewing guests.


About Sarah

Sarah Keimig has been a Christian for most of her life. Born blind, due to cataracts, just outside Denver, Colorado in the mid 1980's, Sarah grew up with her parents and younger sister in Vancouver, Washington. After several surgeries as an infant, she was able to see with the help of very thick glasses. Growing up in the church, she always prayed that God would heal her eyes. While He didn't do that the way she had hoped, He did keep her vision stable throughout her childhood and early adult years.

In 2010, Sarah married her wonderful husband Eli (who happens to be blind in his right eye, so he totally gets her), and they made Central Virginia their home.

In 2014, Sarah learned that her corneas were failing, causing her to slowly go blind yet again. On February 1, 2018, she had a cornea transplant in her right eye - improving her vision dramatically, and changing her life and faith forever.

When she isn't sharing the amazing things God had done in her life, or the lessons He has taught her through her transplant, she can be found reading (and sometimes reviewing) ridiculous amounts of Christian Fiction, enjoying dark chocolate, traveling to see her family in Washington State, listening to Adventures in Odyssey, or watching Full House and NCIS.


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