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Traci Needlemeyer
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Traci Needlemeyer was friends with Donna Barclay, Robyn Jacobs and Monica Winters.

She built a model train car that was good enough to be entered into the State Fair.

She also played the pitcher on the Stingray's baseball team, coached by Bart Rathbone.

Her other activities include ice skiing, swimming and relay racing.


Any family she may have is unknown.


Traci Needlemeyer: Quick! Call the police! The FBI! The National Guard! Somebody call 9-1-1!

#118: “What Happened to the Silver Streak?”

Robyn Jacobs: I can hit anything you can throw any day of the week!
Traci Needlemeyer: Yeah, right. Keep thinking that, Robyn, and maybe one day it'll come true — when I'm 90.

#124: “The Winning Edge”

Connie Kendall: Traci, there's a brick in here!
Traci Needlemeyer: <mischievously> I know.

#146: “Emotional Baggage”

Traci Needlemeyer: Whooa! Puppy love alert! Puppy love alert! [...] You're acting all silly and dazed [...] loony, wacky, giggly and goofy. And what were those other dwarves' names?
Donna Barclay: He's sooo nice. He helped me up that time I fell down. Then he helped me up again, the other time I fell down.
Traci Needlemeyer: In some countries you'd be married.

#99: “The Barclay Family Ski Vacation”

Traci Needlemeyer: I didn't have any cavities! Of course, I never do.
Curt Stevens: My grandmother's that way. She doesn't get any cavities, either.
Traci Needlemeyer: Really?
Curt Stevens: Yeah. She has false teeth.
Traci Needlemeyer: How fascinating.

#118: “What Happened to the Silver Streak?”


Traci Needlemeyer is voiced by Brooke Bellessi, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.8%.