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Rachel Straussberg
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Rachel Straussberg is the loving matriarch of the Straussberg family, who came into particular prominence as a character when she began struggling in her marriage to her husband Stephen. The two were separated for a time, and Rachel began struggling both to make ends meet and to care for her daughter, who took the separation particularly hard. During a women's prayer retreat, which she attended with Elaine Washington, she realized that the reason why her marriage with Stephen soured was because they had stopped praying together--they had stopped putting Christ at the center of it. After Mandy was hit by a car, Stephen and David flew in from Chicago, where Stephen had been attempting to find a job and a house, and Stephen and Rachel had a chance to talk. Both of them came to the conclusion that what they needed was not divorce, but to begin focusing their marriage back to where it was supposed to be--aligned in the love of Christ--as well as plenty of counseling. Eventually, the two of them repaired their marriage, and the family was back to normal.


She is the mother of Mandy and David Straussberg and wife of Stephen Straussberg. Trent DeWhite will be her son-in-law upon her daughter's marriage, and she will have at least one grandchild and two great-grandchildren.


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Rachel Straussberg has appeared in 9 episodes, has been voiced by 6 actors, and has received an average user rating of 90.6%.

All (9)  · Shari Belgeau (2002)  · Diane Michelle (1998)  · Vanessa Marshall (2006-2007)  · Linda Fontaine (2000)  · Kathy Buchanan (2000)

Rachel Straussberg has been mentioned in 7 episodes.