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Kat Cressida
Episode Characters Played 8
Episode Appearances 4


Kat Cressida voices Felicia, a minor character on Adventures in Odyssey (Living in the Gray). Kat Cressida guest-starred in several television shows and was featured in a few films before moving into voiceover full-time in 2000. She is notable as a top celebrity voicematcher, impersonating top female stars for Disney, Dreamworks, and gaming companies, among others. She is noted for being the first female to do live announcing for ESPN's coverage of the 2010 NFL Draft, as well as announcing for several other shows for ESPN, NBC Sports, and Versus. She is famous as the voice of Dee Dee on the Cartoon Network program Dexter's Laboratory, Uta in the F/X animated series Archer, as well as for voicing the first new character added to Disneyland and Disney World's The Haunted Mansion since its inception in 1969, as Constance, the Black Widow Bride. She can also be heard in other attractions throughout the Disney Parks, including Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Epcot Character Spot. She has been featured as a lead and featured voice for several game titles, notably several Lucas Arts games, EverQuest, Titan Quest, Dragon Age, and World of Warcraft, among others.


Kat Cressida has played two minor characters.

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