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Melanie Jacobs
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Melanie "Mel" Jacobs is a sensitive girl who cares deeply about people in general and animals especially. She once went crazy about when she thought she had the second coming of Jesus all figured out (using a formula from a television preacher named Henry Fernbank), but soon got over it when she realized it could be any minute.

In #704: “The Labyrinth, Part 2”, Ann Jacobs notes that Melanie has moved out of the house.


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Melanie is the younger sister of Robyn, and the daughter of Ann and Dale Jacobs.


  • She once wanted to be in a modeling contest.
  • She once got upset at Robyn when she read Melanie's diary and told her friends what Melanie wrote.
  • Melanie once thought she knew the coming back of Jesus, but she soon found out that it wasn't true; her father tells her that Jesus' second coming could be any minute.
  • She had a pen pal, Jenny Roberts, who she later met in #206: “Pen Pal”.


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Melanie Jacobs is voiced by Erin Bolte, has appeared in 10 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89%.

Melanie Jacobs has been mentioned in 3 episodes.