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Bill Myers
Episode Characters Played 3
Episode Appearances 10
Episodes Written 4
Episodes Directed 4
Video Characters Played 1
Video Appearances 1



Bill Myers has played three characters. He directed four episodes and wrote four episodes, all of them starring the Mulligans. He is currently a writer of Christian books for kids and adults, such as the McGee and Me series, the Wally McDoogle Series, and the Bloodhounds series.


Characters Played

Episodes Written (4) · Episodes Directed (4) · Acting (10) · Characters (3) · Video Acting (1) · Video Characters (1)

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Bill Myers has written 4 episodes with an average rating of 91.5%
Bill Myers has directed 4 episodes with an average rating of 93.8%
Bill Myers has voiced 3 characters
Bill Myers has acted in 1 videos with an average rating of 87%
Bill Myers has voiced 1 character