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Vance King
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Vance King is a bully. Whereas Rodney Rathbone's schemes (pre-Vance) were usually funny and ridiculous, Vance's are calculating and malicious; he does not flinch at the thought of causing someone else very real pain or loss for the sake of his own personal benefit. Each week he picks someone to bully all week long just for the fun of it. Unlike all the other bullies on AIO, Vance is actually a good student in school and gets A's. In accordance with his high intelligence, Vance is a slick con-artist who is willing to double-cross if the price is right, betray what few friends he has, and blackmail them if it suits his purpose.


Vance made his debut in #659: “Target of the Week”. In it, Vance selects Matthew Parker for his weekly target of the week pranks and proceeds to bully him with the help of his friend Jay Smouse. After a number of pranks, Matthew has enough and pulls a revenge prank against Vance, but it backfires. In addition, Vance is sentenced to detention for his "Target of the Week" pranks. The episode ends with Vance and Matthew coming to an understanding; however, Vance swears vengeance against him when his detention ends.

In #673: “The Owlnapping”, Vance speaks with a student from Connellsville Middle School, who hires him to distract the Odyssey Middle School basketball team in order to keep them from winning their last three games. He proceeds to steal the owl mascot and distracts the team with messages for a ransom. After one botched ransom attempt, he distracts Ryan Cummings the night of the last game and finally gives him the owl afterwards. Although he initially gets away with it, his messages are traced back to him, and he's caught; he is forced to return the ransom money, reminded that he could have been brought up on criminal charges and sentenced to twenty-one days of detention under Coach Chang Fang.

In #707: “Mistaken for Good”, he blackmails Jay into conning Helen Wilson out of money by constantly visiting her with gifts on the premise that they are her grandson and cousin. However, Jay develops a conscience and begins feeling guilty about the whole scheme. They are both discovered when Jay intentionally sabotages their scheme and allows himself to get caught in the act; both of them are sentenced to community service painting the retirement home, and Vance resorts to entertaining himself by flicking paint at him.

Though he doesn't actually appear, he's mentioned in #723: “Groundhog Jay”. Jay mentions that upon seeing a brand new bike, Vance orders him to steal the bike or else experience physical pain. Although Jay eventually owned up to the act and was probably grounded for it, it is not mentioned if Vance was punished in any way.

In Album 58: The Ties That Bind, Vance appears repeatedly as a primary antagonist, though he is somewhat removed from much of the action until the later episodes; only then is his true role explained. It is revealed that he is connected to the "Perilous Pen," an internet website the publishes "the scoop" about upcoming comics before anyone else knows. Through Vance's rather unwholesome influence on Jules Kendall, the two of them successfully hi-jack information about an upcoming publication by Wooton Bassett called Sleuth Family Robinson. In the process, he arranges for Buck Oliver to be beaten up in the park after Buck walks Jules home. Also, Vance's efforts (combined with the comedic fumbling of Hadley Bassett) keep Wooton in complete terror and dismay throughout most of the album as Wooton struggles to comprehend how the Perilous Pen can know so much about his new comic. In arguably his most dangerous scheme of the entire album, Vance tries to pin the blame for several disasters around Odyssey on Buck, threatening Buck's new-found freedom, his reputation, and even his budding faith in a God that can truly change people.

Vance has also been in several issues of Clubhouse Magazine. In these, he has pulled-end-of-school-year pranks, stolen video games, and written in green ink all over Matthew Parker's homework, among other things.

The episode #779: “A Big Commitment” demonstrates how much his bad behavior has been influenced by his father who was pulling a scam at Odyssey Bank. Vance turns on his father Vince when he tries to pin the scam on Vance.

Vance is finally caught and taken into custody in #781: “Out of the Woods” when Detective Polehaus, Buck and Eugene catch him admitting to several of the scams and other criminal activity.


He has a father named Vince King, who was employed as a loan officer at Odyssey Bank, but was later arrested. He also has a mother but her name is unknown. Any other family he may have is unknown.


Vance King: Tell him what he's won, Jay!
Jay Smouse: Well Vance, Matthew has won seven unforgettable days and nights of degradation, denigration and humiliation!
Vance King: That's right, Jay! You'll be poked, pranked and prodded by some of the best in the business! You'll also receive physical harm at no extra cost!

#659: “Target of the Week”

Vance King: You want information? Well, tell them to watch the owl.
Murray (c): Watch the owl? That's it? Not watch for the itching powder I put in their shorts before the game? Or watch how their best player gets handcuffed to a fire hydrant in Albuquerque?
Vance King: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's amateur stuff. We're dealing in advanced psychology.

#673: “The Owlnapping”

Vance King: I thought that was you! ye- what did you do to your eye?
Jay Smouse: Uh, freak spit ball accident?
Vance King: Huh?

#707: “Mistaken for Good”

Vance King: I thought I was intense. This is going to be a long detention.
Chang Fang: Yes, it will be. Repeat after me. Wax on, wax off.

#673: “The Owlnapping”


Vance King has appeared in 10 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 89.4%.

All (10)  · Jason Earles (2010-2015)  · Jason Marsden (2010-2015)

Vance King has been mentioned in 10 episodes.